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We are here, to change the way the world perceives health and wellness. We want to determine the future well-being of this universe. We don’t want to be doctors, but we simply want to heal, while we realize, understand and feel. Today’s man is a paranoid humanoid. We wish that he again becomes a human being. From believing to seeing, this transformation is what we want to trigger. Let wellness and wellbeing on this earth get bigger. Our mission: to make this world disease free. So come, please join Dr. Mickey Mehta’s wellness revolution for human evolution.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s tips for Healthy Eating Habits
Follow these tips to lead a Complete, Accomplished & Wholesome life to get Energized, Naturalized, Regularized, Specialized, Maximized to Get #Mickeymized !!!


  • Energetic all day Long!

    I am very happy with the results. Thanks to all the trainers and nutritionist. Dr. Mickey Mehta's Yo Workouts has helped me to energize, maximize, optimize and Mickeymize!
    Priyanka Jhaveri
  • Slim and healthy!

    I am very happy to join Mickey Mehta Wellness 360 Wellness Temple and am very proud of myself to reduce so much of weight specially thanks to Snehal, Azin and more special thanks to Dimple Madam for the nutritional chart and goal setting that was very good. Our group trainer Sonali's Yo Workout sessions are good as I have become more flexible. I am motivated to continue my workouts and manage my weight in order to reach my ideal goal!
    Sneh Mody
  • Feeling well

    Dear Trainers, nutritionists and team Mickey Mehta. You push me out of my comfort zone and train me till I moan! You make my mornings compulsory! In the end everything falls together. It makes me better & stronger. Thanks for pushing me beyond my limits. Only because of all wonderful trainers I made it.
    Anita Shah