1. You are behind the fitness and good health of numerous people and celebs. What is your fitness mantra to keep yourself fit?

I do not see myself as separate from my fellow brothers and sisters and therefore I have a set of 10 commandments, which reign me in every time I stray from my fitness goals. They are as under:

  1. Stretch hands up – Reach for the sky
  2. Marching – Walk towards objectives
  3. Arms to the side and back – Reach out wide to everyone
  4. Circle arms – Life revolves in circles. Move in awareness
  5. Circle arms bend down touch toes – Breathe out your ego and breathe in humility
  6. Make a tight fist – Juice your life and have a firm grip on it
  7. Deeply breathe in – Breathe in strength and breathe out fears
  8. Hands to the side of your chest and push forward – Push negativity away from you
  9. High kick – Kick up in life
  10. Hip rotation – Gravitate to earth


2. Please let us know about your fitness and diet regime in details. How many times do you workout in a week?

I consider working out a celebration of my physical form and not as a chore and therefore exercising daily is a matter of course for myself. As food is to be eaten daily we similarly need to exercise daily as well. I like to stretch, jump, tumble and keep my vital energies active at all times. Lots of dynamic and subtle breathing, inversions, mahabandhas, desi dands form the majority of my daily workout. I ensure that I remain focused in my practice as this discipline holds me in good stead to deal with the various challenges I might face during the course of the day.

I consider diets to be faddish and believe in nourishment and nutrition. Being a vegetarian myself, it would be hypocritical of me to promote otherwise but one rule of thumb I generally follow is to eat when ever hungry and satisfy my hunger needs without overeating leaving my body feeling light and energetic.

I consider our bodies to be intelligent enough to know what is good for it and what isn’t but convincing the mind to follow suit might be a different story. Fine tuning and listening to the body is very important.

Get Naturalized, Get Mickeymized!!


3. Keeping your busy schedule in mind, you might need to skip a day’s exercise. Does it happen? How do you handle this?

Like I mentioned earlier working out is as important to me as eating food and I ensure that my work commitments and the frivolities of life do not come in the way of my daily workout regime, but incase if that happens than I will fit in at least fifteen minutes to stretch my muscles before starting with the day.

Let your life Get Prioritized, Get Mickeymized!!


4. There are so many parties and events, which somehow compel you to deviate from your normal diet routine and time also. What do you do in this case?

Mostly I avoid parties and in case if it is socially compelling I eat and go. Yes of course once in many moons if I don’t get a chance to eat early I will eat a small meal later but will ensure it is light.

May your life be simplified, get Mickeymized!!


5. What is your secret of graceful ageing and staying fit?

I believe we never grow old. Only when we stop growing do we become old. Of course life has a beginning and an end, so age has to progress and progressive ageing is living with universal laws. As long as we are working out daily, breathing in rhythm, celebrating your sleep, laughing a lot at yourself and eating life enhancing foods, age does not appear as foreboding as to the average individual.

Get Humanized, Get Mickeymized!!


6. Being mentally fit is also an important aspect. What is your way to stay away from stress and anxiety?

As I mentioned earlier life and living should be progressive ageing and not regressive and certainly not aggressive. Progressive ageing is recreating your self and recreating really means re-creation.

Get Immunized, Get Mickeymized!!

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