Dr. Mickey Mehta – Global leading holistic health guru / Corporate life coach


India Week at Harvard University


In the year 1962 (56 years young today) born to a lower middle class family in grant road (in the heart of the red light area) Mumbai.

Today with 36 years in the field of holistic health, he’s been a pioneer with many firsts to his credit. A Life Coach to billionaires , politicians , bollywood , miss worlds and miss universes .

Having spoken at the Harvard , the IITs , IIMs of the world including many other countries.

As an institution personified, Mickey has interwoven the philosophies of Zen, Tao, Tantra,Ved and many more. He has developed holistic health systems that can heal you, transform you & transcend you. He also has an indebt understanding of all religion.

He has a Double Honorary Doctorate in Holistic Health and Life Sciences from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines. He’s on national TVs ,national radio , a leading social media influencer of Asia .

Awarded with the economic times wellness icon of India and has been awarded the hundred most influential health exponents of the world .

His Yoga International Day initiative has initiated close to 4,00,000 people into wellness over the last four years.

MOTTO = Fulfilment

MISSION = Initiative for a disease free world.

VISION = Let wellness be the religion number 1

SLOGAN = Wellness revolution for human evolution.

OBJECTIVE = Go green, get Naturalised, get Revolutionized, get Mickeymized !!!


Economic Times Award


The Shoonyam Quotient

His corporate workshops in India floods his diary and people just want more of his book(the shoonyam quotient) tour . He also trained personnel of The Army, The Navy, The Air force , The Maharashtra State police , The Customs Department and The immigration Department .


Please join me in celebrating the visionary , the brand, the institution, the philosopher, the poet, the author, the most sort after dream life coach, the legendary Dr. Mickey Mehta !!!

Awarded as Health and Wellness Icon of India by Economic Times.

Awarded as one of the Worlds Top 100 impactful Wellness leaders at the world wellness Congress.


Mickey Mehta’s Profile: Click To Download


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