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  • How do I get a clear, healthy and glowing skin n tone up my tummy? – asha

    Ans: Drink 8-10 large glasses of water. This will help to cleanse your system. It will also help detoxify, remove dead cells and reproduce new cells. Generally it happens every 45 days, but due to insufficient water intake your system does not follow this process of producing new cells every 45 days. However you loose the glow of your skin. Have at least 3-4 servings of fresh fruits in a day. Add lots of raw vegetables in your meals like salads, sprouts instead of having cooked vegetables. Try and minimize the intake of fried foods, junk food, sweets, alcoholic and carbonated beverages. Exercise regularly or take a walk at a park or beach or any other place, which is less polluted for 30min 5-6 days a week. If you follow this sincerely you will shape up well and see a natural glow on your skin.

  • Please recommend some effective ways of staying young.

    Ans: Practice regular pranayama. Its essential for the body’s oxygenation

    Do breathing exercises regularly. These work wonders for the face & ease marks of stress and age.
    A flexibile and supple spine is the key to a youthful body. Practice asanas like surya namaskar, bhujangasan, dhanurasan, halasan, naukasan and shirsasan.
    Get 8 hours of peaceful sleep every night as all healing processes are heightened during sleep.
    Keep yourself well-hydrated with 2 litres of water everyday.

  • Is it advisable at this age to be restless?

    Q. am 53 yrs old (but looking like 48 or so) working lady. I get up at 6 and till evening 10.30 I work without taking rest. But I never feel tired. I think this is because of my positive attitude as I never think negatively. Is it advisable at this age to be restless? I am a bit obese. Otherwise I am leading happy life (domestic front is good) without any problems. Kindly give advice. vijaya

    Ans: No, not at all. You should never be restless. And for your age you are leading a perfect lifestyle. Practice some yoga asanas and pranayama with perfect breathing pattern.

  • What dietary regime is recommended for expectant mothers?

    Ans: Folic acid, calcium, iron are extremely important for expectant mothers. Folic acid supplements should be taken 6 months before planning a pregnancy. Its very crucial during the first trimester. Pregnant women should have at least 3 servings of calcium-rich foods like paneer, milk and yoghurt. The diet should have adequate quantities of iron to prevent anemia.

  • What kind of diet is recommended for healthy skin?

    Ans: For healthy and glowing skin have a diet which is low-fat, moderate-carbohydrate in the form of vegetables, fruits and whole grains and moderate protein. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water (not diet soda, coffee, or juice) a day to help maintain proper hydration — this can have amazing results on the skin. Those who follow this diet not only find improvements in their skin appearance, but they lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, and have amazing individual results.

  • Is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet a healthy way to lose weight?

    Ans: This is not at all a healthy way to lose weight. These diets can cause rapid weight loss, but most of it is water and lean muscle mass and not fat. This can make you dehydrated. You will become dehydrated and have bad breath. Diets like these can make you feel nauseous, tired, weak and dizzy.

  • Are zero-fat diets the quickest way to lose weight?

    Ans: Fat is an essential component diet and serves a number of functions in the body. Fat is required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Essential fatty acids derived from plant sources are required for structure and functions of cells. One-third of your calories in your diet should come from fat.

  • What diet do you suggest for healthy hair?

    Ans: The nutrition that we gain through our diets affect our hair. Adequate protein intake is necessary for healthy, shiny and bouncy hair since our hair is primarily made of proteins. Follow a low-fat, high-protein diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Carrots, beets, curry leaves and greens prevent premature graying of hair. Limit the intake of coffee, tea, alcohol and other fluids that increase water loss as they dry the hair. Drink at least 2 litres of water daily

  • What exactly is the ‘saatvic’ diet?

    Ans: ‘Saatvic’ diet is raw, unaltered food consumed in its natural unaltered form. They are unprocessed, unpreserved and unrefined. They deliver energy to the body and simultaneously heal irregularities and the state of ‘dis-ease’. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, sprouts, roots and nuts are common ‘satvic’ foods. They help detox, cleanse, rejuve, refine, purify and regenerate at the cellular level.

  • Do carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice) make you fat?

    Ans: Carbohydrates are the major source of energy. What matters is the quantity in which you eat them. Have a well-balanced diet wherein all nutrients are getting supplemented and there is no excess of any one particular nutrient. Those who are insulin resistant put on weight because of carbohydrates.

  • What are the health benefits of a vegan diet?

    Ans: Vegan fare reduces the risk of illnesses. Kicking the meat will help cut the risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes. Milk and milk products are linked to a host of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. These findings are backed by medical research.

  • What diet is recommended for hypertension?

    Ans: Salt contains sodium which affects blood pressure. You can cut back on your sodium by cutting back on salt and salty foods and seasonings.Most people consume too much salt. Healthy adults and children need only small amounts of salt to meet their sodium needs – less than 1/4 teaspoon of salt daily. Those who have chronic hypertension should cut back on the salt that they consume. Use low sodium salts. Cut down on the hidden salts as well. Avoid chips, papads, pickles, sauces & ketch-ups.

  • Vitamin E is an important antioxidant. Can you name some foods rich in Vitamin E?

    Ans: Foods that are rich in Vitamin E include: spinach, cabbage, asparagus, beets, plums, mangoes, guava.

  • It is said that it is more beneficial to eat fruit rather than drink the juice of the same fruit. Why is that so?

    Ans: The main reason is that juice does not provide the fiber that whole fruit does. Fiber’s nutritional benefits are well documented as important to our health. Many people also drink large amounts of juice without regard to the calorie content, thinking that since it is juice and good for you, that the calories can be disregarded. This is a way many children and adults are consuming excess calories without realizing it.

  • Can you recommend a diet for the prevention and control of diabetes?


    Eat plenty of wholegrain breads and cereals, green leafy vegetables and fruits;
    Eat a diet low in fat and, in particular, low in saturated fat;
    Maintain a healthy body weight by balancing physical activity and food intake;
    If you drink alcohol, limit your intake;
    Eat only a moderate amount of sugars and food containing added sugars; and Choose low salt foods and use salt sparingly.

  • Can exercise help to make your skin glow?

    Ans: The markets maybe flooded with skin-care products but its exercise that really makes the difference to your skin. The best thing you can do for your skin is meditation. When you are in deep relaxation, your skin glows as your circulation improves dramatically. Do an hour of yoga regularly. It will increase flexibility and make your skin radiate with health. However, don’t go overboard with any exercise as it will cause the breakdown of newly built muscle leading to dull & tired looking skin.

  • What are the benefits of aqua aerobics

    Ans: Aqua aerobics improves tone, stimulates the nervous system, is kind to the ligaments and facilitates strength in injured muscles and joints. It gives you a complete relaxing and refreshing feeling.

  • How does one benefit from meditation?

    Ans: Meditation helps improve clarity. It also gives a lot of inner strength which helps transcend mind over matter. Meditation improves spontaneity, increases relaxation and cleanses the mind of emotions such as resentment, anxiety and phobias.

  • What exercises are safe during pregnancy? Which ones should be avoided?

    Ans: Yoga, stretches, sit-ups, meditation, walking, swimming are the best bets during pregnancy. Low impact aerobics can also be done. Do whatever exercise makes you feel comfortable. Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. Weight lifting, twisting and jarring movements are a strict no-no.

  • How does one benefit from Suryanamaskar?

    Ans: Suryanamaskar combines 14 asanas and pranayama followed in a particular sequence with a specific breathing pattern. It gives a complete body stretch and if done more than once serves as a cardiovascular work-out reducing fat overall and toning the entire body.

  • What are the advantages of free-hand exercises?

    Ans: Free-hand exercises incorporate calisthenics, yoga, pilates, military drills, Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls, resistance tubes, single and parallel bars. These exercises are creative, imaginative and have recreational value. They increase strength, stamina, agility, flexibility and tone. They promote wellness, well-being and aid in improving immunity and defense mechanism.

  • What are the benefits of weight-bearing exercises for post-menopausal women?

    Ans: Research has shown that weight-bearing exercise can reduce the rate of bone loss in postmenopausal women. Weight-bearing exercise includes activities such as walking, running, and resistance training. You can benefit from weight-bearing exercise at any age. Consult your physician to educate yourself about your bone health. Your physician can order a test to assess your bone density and give you information about supplements and nutrition to reduce the mineral loss from your bones. It’s never too late to improve the health and strength of your bones.

  • What are the benefits of Pilates?

    Ans: While it’s much unlike traditional workouts, many find that the benefits of Pilates exercises outweigh the benefits offered by more traditional forms of exercise. Pilates exercises focuses on adding strength and flexibility without adding a considerable amount of bulk.

    For that reason, many pop culture icons have turned to pilates in order to keep their bodies fit and tight. In addition to strengthening muscles, those who are experienced in Pilates exercises have a greater awareness of their bodies coupled with an increased level of flexibility.

    Also, since breathing control is one of the key aspects of Pilates exercises, many find it to be a important source of stress relief and a great method for loosening up.

  • What are the benefits of yoga?

    Ans: There are many benefits of practicing yoga, here are a few:
    You’ll feel more relaxed and learn to stay relaxed.
    Your overall muscle tone improves as well as alignment.
    You’ll add vitality to your spine, improving all systems of the body, especially the glands and nerves.
    Digestion improves; gas and bloating lessens.
    Your lungs expand, increasing oxygen intake.
    You’ll sleep better.
    You’ll be less tired during the day with higher energy.
    Your immune system will strengthen.

  • Why is it necessary to warm up before exercising?

    Ans: Warming up, as the name implies increases the body temperature by increasing the blood circulation in the body as cold muscles and tendons are more prone to injury than warmed-up ones. The temperature elevation reduces the potential of muscle and connective tissue injuries. Also the blood flow to the muscles aids the delivery of fuels required for muscle performance.

  • Which asanas & breathing exercises help relax the mind?

    Ans: Slow deep breathing with meditation music put on or chanting omkar mantra will help to release stress and will relax your mind clearing away all thoughts helping you to increase your focusing power. Few simple yoga postures like Vajrasana, Tadasana, Paschimottasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Matyasana, Anuloma-viloma asana, Kapilbhatti Pranayama along with stretching will help in stabilizing the mind and will reduce stress levels.

  • How does one improve energy levels?

    Ans: To improve energy levels exercise regularly. Include a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts in your diet. Also cut down on your intake of white sugar, white flour, white bread and fried food-stuffs. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Dehydration can also make

  • Can a woman exercise during her menstrual period?

    Ans: For many years there has been a prevalent misconception that women should not exert too much during their periods. In fact, medical studies indicate that all kinds of premenstrual, menstrual and menopausal problems ca be eased or eliminated with proper exercise, yoga and pilates and a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and beans.

  • Why should one refrain from eating just before exercise?

    Ans: During exercise the large skeletal muscles are activated. Therefore they require a rich blood supply that provide nutrients and removes waste products. To do this, the blood supply to the stomach and intestinal tract is reduced as the blood is mobilized to the activated muscles. Food in the stomach at this time may cause vomiting or nausea or uneasiness. So its best to eat a meal 1 ½ to 2 hrs before your work-out

  • Is it true that you lose more body fat if you sweat more during your workout?

    Ans: How much you sweat is not a great measure to see how many calories you are expending. If you exercise in hot conditions, you sweat more and lose some weight. But this weight loss represents only water loss not fat loss. Factors like humidity, lack of air-conditioning, body composition and temperature also determine your perspiration. Weight loss is determined by a sensible moderate eating plan and quality workouts

  • I am 50 years old and forgetful. My mind is feeling very tired sometimes. Loss of concentration etc. Please advise.- Rodha Garg

    Ans: Conscious deep breathing in and breathing out the basic of Pranayam 15 minutes 4 times a day with eyes shut will certainly help. Also sit by the sea or in a park or in a temple everyday and meditate and pray with eyes shut. This will bring freshness, confidence and improved memory and concentration.

  • I have a lot of stress and a sleeping problem. Please help me! – Rajesh

    Ans: Slow deep breathing with meditation music put on or chanting omkar mantra will help to release stress and relaxing your mind clearing away all the thoughts helping you to increase your focusing power. Few simple yoga postures like Vajrasana, Tadasana, Paschimottasana, Sarvangasana, Halasana, Matyasana, Anuloma-viloma asana, Kapalbhatti Pranayama along with stretching will help for stabilizing mind, relaxing muscles and joints, endure sleeping and reduce stress level.

  • Can you suggest some stress busting tips


    Get a massage
    Say a prayer to boost your spirits
    Indulge in a long good bath
    Eat nutritious food
    Try some exercise
    Mingle with positive people
    Do yoga, pilates and meditation on a regular basis

  • I am under stress, sometime my headache increase a lot starts from morning onwards. – preet

    Ans: Try to understand the cause of stress. Go to the roots of it and try to handle it by keeping your mind calm and quiet. With the quiet mind observe your thoughts, analyse that and solve the cause of stress. There are lot of techniques to calm your mind. Do pranayam, meditation, asanas or any other form of exercise. You can do simple rhythmic breathing and focus on inhalation and exhalation. Have a good nourishing diet like, fruits, raw vegetables, dates, black dry grapes [which is excellent to prevent acidity which can aggravate headache in stress. Have 4 small meals per day. This holistic approach towards it will surely help to get rid of your problem.

  • Help me to have a peaceful life. – saj

    Q. I am always worried about even for small things. My sleep gets disturbed if a small thing happens in business or at home. How can I come out of this state? Even though I know the thing is not that serious, unnecessarily stress disturbs me. Please give me an advice. Help me to have a peaceful life. – saj

    Ans: Peace, contentment and fulfillment always comes from inside. One must know the real inner nature of human beings, which is creative and intelligent. You must rely on your inner nature and not get disturbed with minor issues as there is nothing which cannot be resolved with the spiritual strength and mental intelligence.

  • Is it true that stress also cause obesity

    Q. I am 27 yr, married, good-looking guy. Is it true that stress also cause obesity? I behave strange in stress I feel like hitting someone or smashing something. What to do? zahoor ahmed

    Ans: Stress creates digestive and metabolic disorders. So, certainly it will lead you to obesity also. Stress is nothing but fear, panic and anxiety in any situation which could be an emotional hurt or pain also. There is no problem which a human being cannot resolve if he applys a mind and integrity to it. You must exercise well, follow healthy diet, meditate and take proper rest.

  • What should I do to keep calm under any circumstance

    Q. I am easily provoked. What should I do to keep calm under any circumstance? Also I am unsettled when ever I am in public. Too much self-consciousness is killing me. Please help. kitty

    Ans: To keep calm under every circumstance one must know that every problem has a solution. And if you have confidence in your own self with faith and trust in lord almighty, it will bring a lot of calm and relaxation. But still in any difficult or a tough situation when you do lose balance take 10 deep breaths and blow out through your mouth one after the other. After doing it for the tenth time you will be relaxed and feel completely calm.

  • I get tensed with very petty issues pertaining to my work.

    Q. I get tensed with very petty issues pertaining to my work. I am working as DGM in one of the MNCs in Bangalore. I have been away from my family for almost 2 years by now. I keep going to them once in 15 days but still that is not enough. I am now days not at all feeling confidant about my self and my work. I am a very enthusiastic person but all energy goes down drain the moment some nonsense happens in my office. How to over come this syndrome? Please help. Regards Krishna Kishore

    Ans: Is it not possible to get your family with you? It seems you become home sick, staying alone. Well, yoga will help you a lot. Learn meditation and pranayams like Bhramari. Keep contact with your family every day on phone or chat, for some days. Make good friends at your work place, to share your free time. Try to develop your hobbies. Remember, empty mind is a devil’s place.

  • Can yoga practices be learnt through reading books?

    Ans: They can be understood by reading books but to practice them correctly is very important, so its better to practice them initially under the guidance of an instructor.

  • What is the best time to practice yoga?

    Ans: Early morning is said to be the best time to practice yoga. But anytime on an empty stomach is fine. Earl morning is the best time for pranayam and to practice asanas in the evening is good because the body is more loose and relaxed after the whole day’s movements.

  • Can ladies practice pranayam?

    Ans: Yes, most definitely.

  • Is it necessary to have a bath before yoga?

    Ans: It is not compulsory but having a bath with warm water will ease out the body and mind to practice asanas.

  • Is it necessary to practice asanas to its final stage?

    Ans: Every individual is different. One should practice asanas and pranayams as per your own capabilities and limit keeping in mind the purpose of the asanas one can simplify it as per your own requirements. But the basics remain unaltered.

  • Can we preserve health through pranayama alone?

    Ans: As per the ancient text ‘hathyoga pradipika’. Practising pranayam in correct manner will keep all the diseases away but a wrong practice may lead to diseases. So one has to be careful while practicing pranayams. Pranayams should be combined with asanas and kriyas.

  • For how long should yoga be practiced daily?

    Ans: Half a hour to an hour is sufficient. Suryanamaskar hardly takes 10-20 minutes.

  • For how long should yoga be practiced to get the results?

    Ans: Again every person is different and the results differ from person to person. Its better to practice till you find results. After that keep continuing because your body is a machine and requires regular overhaul.

  • What happens if you stop practicing or take a gap in between?

    Ans: Yoga is a slow and subtle process. It takes time to show results but the reverse process is also very slow so after a gap one can recollect fast.

  • How does yoga differ from other means of exercises?

    Ans: Firstly yoga is meant for relaxation. It involves the mind and has a holistic approach.

  • Can elderly people practice yoga?

    Ans: Yoga practices can be altered according to the age, personal requirements and limitations. It has been said in “hathyoga pradipica” that the young, old and oldest, ill or weak anybody can practice yoga.

  • Can other means of exercises be practices along with yoga?

    Ans: Certainly there is no restriction. But exercise before relaxation or ‘shavasana’

  • How does yoga help atheletes and body-builders or weight-lifters?

    Ans: By regular practice of yoga one develops a fine control on all muscles and body activities, improvement in breathing capacity and muscle toning which are all important factors for atheletes and weight lifters.

  • Can ladies practice yoga during menstruation?

    Ans: Menstruation is a natural process. It is nowhere mentioned even in old texts that one should not
    practice yoga during menstruation. It solely depends on the individual.If there is a lot of discomfort
    one can practice primary asanas and pranayam.

  • Can it be practiced during pregnancy?

    Ans: Yoga should be practiced during pregnancy under the guidance of an expert. It can help maintain good health & help ease labour to a certain extent.

  • Are potatoes fattening, being vegetarian I fill myself on potatoes but not fried or anything so is that fine or will I put on weight? – Shazia

    Ans: Potatoes are starchy complex carbohydrates and are not fattening if eaten in absolute moderation. But filling yourself with potatoes is not a good idea. Like all other carbohydrates, avoid potatoes at night.

  • I want to lose weight. – Jyoti

    Q. I have diabetes which is border-line and at times I do have sweet. I am on ½ a glyciphage before meals. I want to lose weight. Could you suggest something as I have spurs on my legs and can’t walk so please help. – Jyoti

    Ans: A diet that comprises of more vegetables, salads, sprouts, fruits, nuts with moderate amounts of carbohydrates like jowar/bajra or wheat rotis will help in controlling your weight. Make sure you partake in some sort of exercise like pilates, yoga, calisthenics and boot-camp drills. Avoid sweets, refined sugar & flours, fried foods, aerated beverages and alcohol. Drink a lot of water around 2 litres a day.

  • Hi, I have a bit of a beer belly. I want to lose that. What do you suggest? – Akshaya

    Ans: Try to reduce drinking beer or limit to 2-3 glasses per week. Regular exercise will also help. Try and replace dinner by salads and clear soups.

  • Could you give me a recipe of fat free pasta. I love eating it and don’t understand how to make it tasty without butter and oil? – Kirti

    Ans: Make whole-wheat pasta in extra-virgin olive oil with rock salt and lot of fibrous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, carrots. Avoid all sauces. Use pure tomato juice and seasoning.

  • I love eating fruits. Could you tell me what fruits are a no-no for a diabetic? – Kinjal

    Ans: The fruits ideal for you are pomegranate, apples, oranges, sweet lime, papaya, melon. Avoid custard apple, banana, chickoo, grapes and mango.

  • Could you suggest a few fat-free desserts I can eat? – Pinky

    Ans: Fat-free desserts like fruit salad and fruit-flavoured yoghurt made from low fat are recommended. Or just have dates and figs.

  • Please tell me what I can change in my diet? – Silesh

    Q. I eat 2-3 slices of white bread in a day alongwith no fried food and less oil and sugar yet I seem to be putting on weight. Please tell me what I can change in my diet? – Silesh

    A7) There maybe other items in your diet causing weight gain. I need to know more about it to know the actual reason like sedentary lifestyle, use of alcohol, soft drinks, sweets, portion size etc. Avoid white bread anyway.

  • Does one get pimples and acne due to oily food? – Shirin

    Ans: Oily foods alongwith heavy intake of sweets, colas, bad lifestyle, lack of exercise and sleep could be the reason for acne.

  • I would like to know how many times one can eat soup and salads in a day? – Payal

    Ans: Twice a day would be ideal. Please make sure that you avoid cream soups and salad dressings with high fat content.

  • I have headache mostly everyday I don’t know the reason for it but I sit mostly with computers.

    Q. I have headache mostly everyday I don’t know the reason for it but I sit mostly with computers. Please advice me on what I should do?- Harish

    Ans: Splash your eyes with cold water twice and again shut your eyes and lie down for minimum 10 minutes at least 3 times a day. This might help or you may be badly constipated. Please drink 2 tablespoons of Isabgul every night for at least 10 days. Then add a lot of fibre in your diet by adding fruits, salads, sprouts and nuts. Please rest well at least 8 hours of sound sleep after a hot shower and exercise with conscious slow breathing everyday. Also meditate and pray.

  • Suggest the ways that I can get the toxins out of the body as well as the diet to strengthen nervous system.

    Q. I am a regular smoker for the past 5 years. I started smoking heavily from the last year and I was under tremendous stress that I did not sleep properly. Now I feel that smoke has ruined my physical, mental health and I feel very numb and weak. Suggest the ways that I can get the toxins out of the body as well as the diet to strengthen nervous system. – Gokul

    Ans: You need to do yoga postures like Bhastrika Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, Shankhprakshalan Kriya and Yognidra which will certainly help you to relax. Also do meditation for 15-20 minutes on daily basis. And to detox your body and flush out toxins follow a healthy diet pattern that includes lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. You may even do fruit diet or stay only on water once a week to cleanse your system.

  • I am not able to put my heart and sole into my work and feel lost many times.

    Q. I am not able to put my heart and sole into my work and feel lost many times. I want to do something more satisfying. I don’t know how to start again on something new that could give meaning to my existence and purpose of my life. Please help thanks- Narendra

    Ans: Firstly Narendra accept the life the way it is with an attitude of gratitude and grace. Also learn that you and only you are responsible for whatever you are today in someway or the other. Exercise, eat right, breathe, meditate and pray everyday to raise self-esteem and self-confidence and spend a lot of time observing silence and look out for inner light. Trust me you shall add a lot of meaning to your life and fulfill the purpose of your living in light.

  • I have been gaining weight steadily. Now, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? Can you help?

    Ans: Weight gain or over-weight is a result of multiple factors like lack of exercise, hormonal imbalance and improper diet. Hypothyroidism is a contributing factor towards weight gain. Please continue your treatment and follow these guide-lines that will help bring down your weight:

    Reduce your intake of refined sugars, fried foods, pastries, cakes, chocolates, ice-creams, aerated waters and fruit juices
    Restrict your intake of fat especially saturated fat
    Avoid cream and full cream milk and milk products
    Include plenty of fruits and vegetables and fibre-rich grains like jowar, bajra, nachni, brown rice, whole wheat and oats
    Include regular exercise in your routine

  • How can I convince to do more walk and exercise?

    Q. My husband does not care about his health. He is over weight (115kg). He goes for 15mins walk and does exercise for 15mins at home. How can I convince him to do more walk and exercise? He eats very little like to play computer games or watch movies. Does that affect his life? He works for 8hrs – neeta shah

    Ans: First gradually ask him to increase walk and exercise time by 5min. Like that if you increase it every 15 days it will come to 30min. Being a wife you can make him grow with incentives of relationship eventually. Its ok if he watches TV or plays computer games but you can encourage him to go for walks in gardens and parks. Make your walks interesting and take an opportunity to rekindle your relationship with your husband and bring in the romance back in your life.

  • What exercise can I do to increase concentration as I can’t concentrate for more than 30mins and easily get distracted?

    Q. Sir I am a student studying in std. 12th. I will be having my boards shortly in 2 months. What exercise can I do to increase concentration as I can’t concentrate for more than 30mins and easily get distracted? Also all my weight increases only on my ponge instead proportionately. I even have a lower-back problem, knee problem and flat-feet. Ankit Khandelwal

    Ans: To improve concentration try observing and practicing silence for 1hr everyday with eyes shut. Even if thoughts interrupt continue with your silence with deep breathing and attention on your breath. For lower-back problem, knee problem and flat-feet resort to yoga under supervision. Every body behaves very differently when it puts on weight. Instead get disciplined by getting into healthy diet, breathing, exercise and meditation.

  • I am diabetic, insulin dependent. What yoga exercises are beneficial to me? – rishi jauhar

    Ans: Do Mandukasana once daily. Also do Ardhpawanmuktasana, Pawanmuktasana and Ardhhalasana. Breathing: Anuloma-viloma and Kapalbhati(20-25 strokes). OM chanting releases the vibrations around the navel and the crown level. The vibrations released around the navel while chanting OM are beneficial.

  • I have been living with schizo-affective disorder for the past 10 years and take medication for it.

    Q. I have been living with schizo-affective disorder for the past 10 years and take medication for it. Could you recommend some yoga asanas and pranayamas that are safe for my condition? Should I do trataka as my concentration is not too good? I go for a brisk walk every evening. – XYZ

    Ans: Doing Shravasana with body and breath awareness for 20 minutes daily will be very helpful. Meditate for 20-25 minutes with proper guidance and more of relaxation. Om chanting 15-20 rounds daily. Breathing: 1]Anuloma-viloma pranayama (alternate nostril breathing), 2]Bhramari pranayama (humming sound during exhalation). For concentration you can do Jyoti(light) Trataka [done with a candle].

  • I’m very emotional person. I can’t see people suffer. I cry all night thinking of them. Please help me.

    Q. I’m very emotional person. I can’t see people suffer. I cry all night thinking of them. Please help me. I’m not able to study due to this. My mother suffers from family trouble, so do many friends with different reasons. Help me. – Naren

    Ans: The world functions on its own with a meaning and a purpose unknown to most of us. We must learn to see everything in larger prospects and every angle. There is always a bigger purpose to be served in nature’s function. Tears of pain and smiles of joy are two extreme polarities. And every ordinary life swings from one to the other. You should not take responsibility for others pain and hurt. Sympathize, empathize, ok. But not to the extent of you feeling the same. It’s a matter of conditioning of self where we accept all circumstances and events as natures being. Trust nature for the same.

  • Orthopedic isn’t a relief can you suggest something fruitful?

    Q. I met with an accident in December. Doctor told me that it’s worse than a fracture. I got a bad jerk on my vein of ankle bone. Now he’s telling me that there’s a blood clot. It looks swollen and aches. What do I do? Orthopedic isn’t a relief can you suggest something fruitful? – richa bajaj

    Ans: You need to undergo rigorous physiotherapy at one of the clinics close to you.

  • I have come to know that in the beginning of Thyroid problems one tends to put on weight.

    Q. I have come to know that in the beginning of Thyroid problems one tends to put on weight. I am putting on weight. Please advise me on the food and how to reduce weight. I am 54yrs. Geeta

    Ans: You are suffering with hypothyroidism. Please visit our website: where you will find diet plans for specific purposes. Follow a diet plan given for thyroid and if possible start with light exercises or involve yourself in some physical activities.

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