Tips to catch hold of fast pace fitness Industry: Health Guru Mickey Mehta
Growing awareness of health and wellness has propelled the fitness industry into a multi- million market globally and is the largest growing industry following the success of IT and Biotech industries. With consumer awareness and consumer forces pushing its growth, the wellness industry now enjoys a position of importance and is no longer a passion for the affluent alone.
The sky is vast and there is sufficient space for this industry to boom and grow further. There are excellent opportunities for jobs as well as for foreign and domestic companies to invest in. Way back, financial constraints, poor standardised procedures and poor vision and planning were the hurdles that one faced to set up a wellness studio or a gym. Now, establishing one has become relatively easy and is a more organised industry.
With growing urbanisation, better awareness and better spending opportunities demand for this market has gone up especially through franchises not only in the metro cities but also in smaller towns and cities. Electronic and print media, fashion industry, corporate companies, and the movie industry are also responsible for its growth.
Companies and corporate organisations have recognised the role of good health and wellbeing of their employees. To improve employment productivity, their morale and to improve overall wellness many companies are seriously looking into setting up fitness and wellness centres in their premises in the form of workshops on nutrition, in house exercise facilities, outdoor sports/indoor games etc and even memberships in health clubs in metro cities where space is a constraint. Healthy employees enhance productivity and create a strong work force team.
With its growth, this industry now offers great opportunities and a secure future for trainers, nutritionists and other health therapists. With demand for competent and trained professionals in this field, it is now touted as a respected and sought after profession.

It is heartening to note that we, Indians have become extremely fitness conscious. Passion for body building, new age workout trends, availability of modern state of the art equipments, setting up home gyms and the growing health and fitness awareness are the key players that have made major contributions in terms of its growth. Seeing this trend and seeing the growth in alternative health, wellness, beauty and anti aging solutions I can vouch that it is going to remain a big industry for a long time to come.

Wellness begins with the body and the mind. Wellness addresses you in 360 degrees perspective and lays the foundation for holistic well being. To be content, secure, relaxed and emotionally sound requires certain lifestyle corrections. This ensures all aspects of being healthy-physical, emotional, spiritual and physiological transformation.
Today, people take wellness seriously enough to pursue healthy lifestyles. The concept of exercises has evolved to a great extent due to the introduction of newer trends like dance, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, calisthenics, functional training classes, zumba etc. Each one them has become popular and sought after due to its recreational and creative aspects taking away the boredom of doing the same repeated gym routines.
Living a disease free life, longevity and feeling of vitality and exuberance and improved immunity have become a way of life for most people. With a plethora of options available sustaining an exercise routine has become easy. When people get bored of the gym workouts exercises like yoga, Boot camp, walks, swimming etc are pursued. They break the monotony, require no expensive equipments and are imaginative and enjoyable.

For me, organic health is the ultimate in wellness and wellbeing. And you need not to resort to extreme measures to achieve it. Proper planning, regularity and certain degree of discipline are crucial for this with emphasis on the wellbeing of the entire body, mind and spirit.
Our focus, in my wellness temples, is on lifestyle correction and empowering all our members to break free from depending on any equipment for fitness and workouts through Functional exercises. In my wellness temples, it is a trainer that trains you and not a machine. Even a workout must be organic.
Breaking away from the tried and tested starvation and fad diets is as important as exercises for complete wellbeing. Eat right and your body will reward you with better energy, strength and immunity. Eat without counting calories.
Incorporate foods that are alive, fresh and wholesome, foods that are seasonal like fruits, vegetables, nuts & sprouts. Combine a healthy, balanced diet by including whole grains, sprouts, beans, fruits, vegetable, salads, herbs, nuts and seeds with regular exercises to be disease free, maximised and Mickeymised!

At Marine Drive in Mumbai, it’s yoga by the bay
While many are getting bent out of shape about International Day of Yoga, renowned holistic health guru Mickey Mehta suggests doing it the right way at Yoga by the Bay. To be held on Sunday morning, this event will call forth thousands of people to practice yoga along Marine Drive’s picturesque promenade. All in celebration of International Day of Yoga, an initiative on June 21, introduced by our PM Narendra Modi to propagate and practice this ancient Indian discipline.

Starting from Chowpatty all the way to Nariman Point, the promenade will be entirely devoted to anyone wishing to do yoga between 6 to 9am. There will also be 150 yoga instructors, positioned at regular intervals along the stretch, who have been trained by Mehta. Kicking off this unprecedented event is a flag hoisting ceremony at 6.30am, to be attended by major dignitaries and Bollywood stars, followed by a brief demonstration of poses by Mehta himself on a small stage. A signature campaign will be there asking people to pledge and adopt yoga for healthy living.

This is a joint initiative by I Love Mumbai, The Art of Living and the Equal Streets Initiative, supported by The Times of India. “In today’s stressed out life there are two aspects to keep in mind. You have to love yourself and really believe that health is wealth. And the second and most important is to love your city with as much vigour,” said Shaina NC, whose father Nana Chudasama founded city-centric NGO I Love Mumbai on this very principle of bringing the city together around social causes.

“Yoga transcends the boundaries of nations, communities and religion. It is by itself so potent and complete, we need not add any unnecessary flavour to it,” said Mehta. Others like him avow for the benefits of yoga, including Arjuna award-winning national player and captain of U Mumba team in the Pro Kabaddi League, Anup Kumar who has incorporated yoga into his workouts. “My whole body started feeling recharged and concentration during the game went up,” he explained. So it’s no surprise that he will be practicing yoga on Marine Drive’s promenade with his teammates.

Alongside them will be Naaznin Husein, who has experienced first-hand the power of yoga as a trained yoga instructor for the last 17 years. “Yoga is a way of life and it’s one of the few forms of exercise that helps us connect inward also. Every physical posture is good for the body while also teaching an attitude management,” said Husein, who is also a trustee of the Equal Streets Initiative.

“The practice of yoga is finding more and more acceptance worldwide considering its tremendous impact on mind and body,” added Krishnakumar Nair, a trustee of The Art of Living India.

There is limited parking in the area so arrangements should be made to park either at Nariman Point’s INOX or Chowpatty. But most importantly, be sure to carry a yoga mat, an umbrella and some rainwear in case of cloudy weather, and also according to Mehta, “an attitude of universality, to make wellness a religion first and foremost.” Adding, “There should be no antagonizing, simply humanizing and energizing.

8 Yoga Poses For Better Sex
Yoga can not only help improve your physical and mental well being, it can also help you turn into a master in bed. There are a number of poses that can help improve blood circulation and strengthen muscles in the pelvic area. We asked fitness experts Bharat Thakur and Mickey Mehta to suggest easy poses that can help people scale peaks of ecstasy.

“What should be a creative act (sex) has become mechanical and routine for a few minutes of stress relief,” says Bharat Thakur. “Yogic postures make you supple and relaxed, so your body functions beautifully. Yoga helps your sensual, mental and physical aspects together to work in harmony.” Mickey Mehta agrees: “The benefits of yoga in enhancing sexual energy and libido (especially in men) have been well documented. Yogasanas like pelvic lifts, and suryanamaskar improve blood circulation and are crucial for sexual function.”

Both recommended the cobra pose or bhujangasana, saying that it’s back-strengthening abilities also extend to stimulating the body’s sexual chakra, improving the individual’s sexual performance overall.

Thakur also recommends mula bandha (or root lock) that is similar to a Kegel exercise. “This neuromuscular lock balances your sexual hormones while simultaneously exercising your inner muscles, giving you a better control over orgasms.” Mehta says that at a more advanced stage, this exercise should be performed during most yogic postures.

Here’s how to do it: Sit with your back straight, and legs folded in. Place your hands on your knees and exhale. Now hold your breath. Imagine having to stop passing urine while in the middle of doing so. Squeeze your genital-anal muscles and hold for 5-10 seconds. Slowly release while inhaling at the same time. Repeat 3 times.

Here are a some yoga moves that Thakur and Mehta recommend to improve your overall sexual performance. “These are long-term exercises, not quick fixes. Most importantly, they create an awareness of your body, and how to discipline that awareness in the right direction during any act,” says Mehta.



This posture unblocks your whole body by opening your hips and spine, building better endurance. It also helps in de-stressing your whole system — you’ll feel lighter and relaxed, yet energetic enough to perform better in bed. Directions: Stand on your knees, and slowly grip your heels with your hands pushing your hips forward, arching your back and dropping your head backwards. Breathe normally holding the posture for 10 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times.


A supple spine goes a long way in experimenting and lasting longer. This move helps build spinal strength and relaxes the lower back. Breathing rhythmically in this position, will also aid harmonising your breath with your partner — a popular tantric move to connect better. Directions: Place your knees and hands perpendicular to the ground, on the floor. Now inhale slowly while arching your back towards the floor. Hold for a moment and slowly exhale arching your back away from the floor, upwards like a cat. Repeat this cycle 10 – 20 times in a slow rhythmic fashion.



This posture primarily opens the hips and the inner thighs, increasing your endurance and your flexibility (in the groin area) to try more positions. Directions: Sit with your back straight and bring your feet together. Gently press your knees with your palms stretching the groin region and try to bring your knees all the way to the floor. Hold for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Setu Bandhasana


This pose strengthens your pelvic muscles and your core. It will also ensure a rush of blood to your genital area as it stimulates the basic chakra in your body, increasing your libido. Attempt to perform Kegel’s exercises in this position to strengthen your pelvic muscles further. Directions: Lie on your back with your knees bent, and bring your feet as close to your buttocks as possible. Squeeze your thighs and buttocks, then lift your torso and press down on your feet. Try to lift your navel as high as possible. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and work your way up to 3 minutes. When you have completed the set, slowly lower your back to the mat one vertebra at a time until you are flat on your back with knees still bent. Repeat the exercise 3 times.



Aside from stretching your thighs, this position strengthens your pelvic floor. The weight bearing on your pelvis will increase the blood flow to the area, aiding cellular regeneration (a process that slows down as you age, reducing your libido). It also helps increase your balance capabilities for standing postures. Directions: From a standing position, step your right leg forward a few feet, and bend your right knee keeping your left leg straight. Your knee should be at a right angle to the floor. Do not allow your knee to extend past your ankle. Your arms can rest on your hips or if you need support, place them on either side of your right foot. Feel the stretch in your inner left leg and the strengthening in your right leg. Take 10 slow deep breaths as you hold the position. Return to the standing position, and do the same on the other side, bringing your left foot forward into the lunge.



Staying in this asana takes some endurance, which will stand you in good stead when trying a position you are not comfortable with. It helps build flexibility in the groin and thigh area as well. Directions: Stay on the mat in a table pose. Keep your ankles behind your knees and turn your feet towards the sides. Keeping your palms pressed to the floor lower yourself on the elbows and arms. Exhale and press your hip backwards to feel the stretch in your hips and thighs. Breathe in and hold for 30 counts. Rock your hip forward as you relax your breath. Come back to normal position and repeat.

The Fitness Guru Who Believes in Balance

Bengaluru: 22 June 2015 In a fast-paced and competitive city like Bengaluru, health and well-being often get neglected. There is an undeniable need to strike the right balance between life and work. Mickey Mehta, one of India’s leading holistic health gurus, tells us how to find the right fitness routine and just how simple it is to have a balanced lifestyle.

Mickey Mehta began his career almost three decades ago and strives with passion to advocate wellness. Excerpts from an interview:

How it all began..

For three decades, I have been working to promote a healthier world and I strive to reach out to people to heal and improve their wellness quotient through my regimes that have equipment free exercises, yoga, boot camps, calisthenics and natural nutrition. I began my chain of wellness centres in 2004.

How we can stay motivated

Exercise should be an integral part of a person’s lifestyle and when kept creative and interesting, it will really motivate us. It is very easy to maintain and sustain one’s exercise regime as long as the exercises are varied.It should never be forced. Exercises must have recreational value to stimulate you.

Choose from calisthenics,yoga, pilates, aerobics, swimming, dancing, walking or anything that works for you. Plan a course that is workable and sustainable. What is needed is discipline, consistency and support or guidance to obtain desired results. So first, set your mind on your goals and you will find yourself becoming receptive to the thought of exercising. If time is a constraint, one can do stretches, strengthening exercises like squats, side-bends, ab crunches, yoga stretches, pranayam etc at home or go for brisk walks daily.

The right regimen

The right exercise schedule and eating habits will surely reward your body in a couple of months. Keep experimenting with new exercise formats to boost motivation and set realistic goals to give your best. Our bodies are adaptable but prone to injuries when exercises are done aggressively. However, if you have a physical issue or health condition, it is recommended that you consult your doctor and work out under supervision and guidance.

How to begin..

Start with warm-up exercises like spot jogging, arm, shoulder, neck rotations and side-bends to improve circulation and lubricate your joints and to improve flexibility for 5-10 minutes.

Stretches like tadasan, twisting, toe-touching and five rounds of suryanamaskars are great.

Strength exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups, oblique crunches and Yoga asanas like bhujangasana, naukasana and dhanurasana are great for overall fitness.
Lastly relax in shavasana and spend a few minutes doing deep breathing exercises.

All of this will take about 30-40 minutes and does not require any equipment. It is recommended that you do these under guidance initially.

My mantra is to optimise what you have, maximise your health with planning and effort and transform and evolve to a more energised you.

What is wellness..

Wellness is more about feeling good and healthy by eating right, exercising and getting good sleep. Only when all these boxes are ticked, can we truly say that we are on the path to complete wellness.

One’s focus must be on lifestyle corrections for enhancement of health so that optimum health in mind, body and spirit can be experienced.

The effects of such a lifestyle can be felt in many ways -improved circulation, hormonal balance, lowered blood pressure, improved digestion, emotional wellness, mental equilibrium and a heightened immunity. These are simple steps towards transformation, evolution and freedom from diseases.

A positive attitude, discipline and consistency are the prime motivators for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Go ahead, change your life.

Mickey Mehta’s training transformed me into a winner: Anjana

Anjana Padmanabhan from Bangalore bagged the coveted title of Indian Idol Junior.

India’s youngest champion and the winner of the first season of Indian Idol Junior received constant support and positive reaffirmation in this challenging competition from India’s Leading Holistic Health Guru, Mickey Mehta, to help her become India’s reigning and youngest singing sensation.

The young star attended Mickey Mehta’s “Grow Taller” program aimed at making the juniors of today into heroes of tomorrow.

The top four contestants Anmol Jaswal (Jammu), Nirvesh Sudhanshubhai Dave (Ahmedabad), Debanjana Karmarkar (West Bengal) and Anjana Padmanabhan (Bangalore) put in their best at the Grand Finale and the competition came to a standstill as Amitabh Bachchan announced Anjana Padmanabhan as the winner.

Over the past few weeks, Mickey along with his team of experts had designed Grow Taller programs for each of the shows contestants, with the aim of facilitating the growth of the children’s height with the support of specific exercises, nutritional advice, and lifestyle changes like – appropriate rest, deep breathing, meditation and time to time positive affirmations. This program not only guides you how to grow taller just in height but also teaches you to grow taller in stature with a good positive attitude, good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

Elucidating about the support received from Mickey Mehta, Anjana Padmanabhan said, “Mickey Sir with his great enthusiasm transformed us into extraordinary, vibrant, radiant and integrated wholesome individuals. The training helped me increase my confidence, grow tall, increasing focus, memory and attention span and pushed me every step of the way to achieve the title of Indian Idol Junior.”

Mickey Mehta is a philosopher, a life coach, an author, a brand that has interwoven the philosophies of Zen, Tao, Tantra and Ved, and blended the disciplines of exercises such as calisthenics, functional training, boot camp, agility drills, tai chi, pilates, yoga, swimming etc. He promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science explicitly. Mickey is a revolutionary personality constantly re-inventing himself and redefining the concepts of Holistic Health and Wellness.

Mickey Mehta Conducts a Fun Filled Workshop to Shape the Contestants of Indian Idol Junior to Become Future Achievers

Mumbai, 29th July, 2013: India’s leading Holistic Health Guru, Mickey Mehta has joined hands with Sony Television’s Indian Idol Junior to become the official wellness coach. Mickey Mehta held a training session for the young contestants at his Babulnath centre. Over the past few weeks, Mickey along with his team of experts has designed Grow Tall programs for each of the shows contestants, with the aim of facilitating the growth of the children’s height with the support of specific exercises, nutritional advice, sensible and effective supplementation, lifestyle changes like – appropriate rest, deep breathing, meditation and time to time positive affirmations.

The top eight contestants included Anmol Jaswal, Jammu, Nirvesh Sudhanshubhai Dave, Ahmedabad, Debanjana Karmarkar, West Bengal, Sonakshi Kar, Kolkata, Akash Sharma, Haryana, Anjana Padmanabhan, Bangalore, Priyam Borpatra Gohain, Assam, Sugandha Date, Maharashtra. This specially designed program, which is available across all of Mickey Mehta’s 360° Gyms, has been researched and developed with scientific inputs by Mickey Mehta himself, along with leading physiotherapists, spine specialists, strength and conditioning experts and Ayurveda physicians.

Talking about the session Mickey Mehta said “It’s an absolute pleasure to be given this opportunity to work with Sony Entertainment Television and Indian Idol Junior. I completely support the show’s beliefs and salute them as they provide opportunities and create a platform for so many talented individuals like these kids to showcase themselves. I could not wait to go back and train this immensely talented group, their enthusiasm and positivity will definitely make them future achievers and I wish them all the love and support.”

About Mickey Mehta: He is a philosopher, a life coach, an author, a brand that has interwoven the philosophies of Zen, Tao, Tantra and Ved, and blended the disciplines of exercises such as calisthenics, functional training, boot camp, agility drills, tai chi, pilates, yoga, swimming etc. He promotes the healing systems of meditation and prayer science explicitly. Mickey is a revolutionary personality constantly re-inventing himself and redefining the concepts of Holistic Health and Wellness.

If you wish to know more about Mickey Mehta:

Jr idols’ day out with trainer Mickey

Tanya Arora
Mumbai: Top eight contestants of the Indian Idol Junior recently underwent a fitness training under India’s well known fitness expert, Mickey Mehta.

The fitness programme was especially designed by Mickey’s team to help children grow tall as well as help them keep their vocal qualities entact. The regime was a mix of deep breathing, meditation and various asans.

The top eight contestants included Anmol Jaswal (Jammu), Nirvesh Sudhanshubhai Dave (Ahmedabad), Debanjana Karmarkar (West Bengal), Sonakshi Kar (Kolkata), Akash Sharma (Haryana), Anjana Padmanabhan (Bangalore), Priyam Borpatra Gohain (Assam) and Sugandha Date (Maharashtra)

Apart from fitness tips, Mickey Mehta also gave his best wishes to all the contestants on the show.

The show is judged by singer Shreya Ghoshal, music composer Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani.

Kids learn ‘big’ lesson in Mickey’s workshop

They might not have gone home taller but the 20 lucky kids who attended holistic health guru Mickey Mehta’s ‘Grow Taller Workshop’ on Sunday at his Babulnath gym in association with MiD DAY, truly enjoyed the experience.

This was what the workshop, a part of Mickey’s ‘Swast Mumbai Mast Mumbai’ campaign for MiD DAY, aspired to do. It gave the young participants a new and big perspective of life. The youngest participant was a five-year-old boy and the oldest a girl of 18 years. With their parents watching them keenly, these participants and the others joined an energetic Mickey in specialised exercises to stimulate height.

These included wall climbing, imaginary swimming and breathing exercises to achieve focus and concentration. There was Yoga for posture correction. They also did a session of pranayam and gave 100 per cent to the exercises.

Mickey interacted with the parents and advised them to encourage their children to play outdoors. He advised the parents to be patient with their kids even when they fail, as failures are a learning experience for them.

Certificates were distributed to Vihit Shah, Asra Vaid and Madni Vaid who successfully completed the Mickey Mehta Grow Taller programme that was held earlier. They achieved a two cm height growth in two months.

Wellbeing from a different light

Braille book Garbh Gyan by Mickey Mehta, which is written in Hindi, is a boon for visually challenged pregnant mothers

In order to spread his knowledge about holistic living among the visually challenged, fitness expert Mickey Mehta recently released Garbh Gyan, which he claims is the first book in the world in Hindi language, written in Braille.

“The fact that the visually impaired have no access to a lot of information on the Web or regular books, prompted me to write this book. Also, when visually impaired women get pregnant and are beginning a new life, they didn’t have books or guides with necessary information that they would need at the time,” says Mehta, who has been a health guru for over 25 years now.

The book was released at the National Association for the Blind (NAB), Worli on January 4 as the day was Louis Braille’s (the inventor of Braille) birth anniversary. Presently, one can procure copies from NAB, but it will be available online soon, free of cost on Mehta’s website.

The book talks about the principles of Ayurveda and nutrition. It also stresses on the importance of sunshine, fresh air, appropriate exercise and optimism in life. For pregnant women, it has tips like how fruits, nuts, dry fruits and herbs provide nourishment. The book also mentions dos and don’ts for lactating mothers.

“Writing the book wasn’t easy. The challenge was that we needed to write in appropriate context without leaving the gravity and meaning of the book and its purpose,” recalls Mehta, who has trained celebrities such as Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta.

Mehta plans to create an audio CD of the book and get his Braille book translated in many other Indian languages. “Also, the National Association for the Blind will get support to learn yoga, vitality and do yoga exercises with a lady trainer from my gym, along with a nutritionist who will visit them, periodically, to inspect their cooking habits and educate them,” informs Mehta.

Garbh Gyan, Mickey Mehta. Available for free at National Association of Blind, Worli

Mickey Mehta’s Tips for teens

MORE and more teenagers are hitting the gym with a vengeance. There is an increasing consciousness of an acceptable image in the society. The boom of reality TV shows and the desire to make it big also boosts the gym-going tendency. Therefore, it becomes necessary to make the teens aware of the pitfalls and the options available to them.

India’s leading holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta says, “Teens and their obsession for unrealistic fitness goals, size-zero figures (Read More)

Mickey Mehta: There is no strict fitness schedule or regime that I follow

Fitness guru Mickey Mehta asks, how does a fitness instructor keep fit? Does he follow his own teachings or does he give it a skip? I believe one has to lead by example. Holistic health happens to be my business and is also my passion. Hence, I have interwoven the ideologies, philosophies and essence of Yoga, Vedas, Ayurveda, Zen, Tao etc and I use these applications to help heal and transform lives and lifestyles for the better. My prime objective is to liberate the human society from diseases, ailments and traumas and to fill their life with love, peace and harmony.


Health is nothing but organic wellness. Sound health allows one to fine-tune with one’s natural inner biorhythms and the outside environment, to enjoy a perfect balance of energies, which indirectly help to bring about good health and general wellbeing.

I incorporate in my lifestyle intelligent food habits; conscious breathing, productive physical activity, meditation, prayers, rest and relaxation which are the best…

Read More

You can be your own bodyguard

Mickey Mehta on how to stay fit and heal oneself
Bina Trivedi

India’s leading holistic health guru Mickey Mehta says each individual can be his own bodyguard. “If you follow a complete wellness lifestyle by eating, sleeping and exercising well you can heal and strengthen yourself. With prayer, breathing right, a positive attitude, creative thoughts and responsible behaviour, you can improve immunity and become your own bodyguard,” says Mickey, who has a good following among health and fitness enthusiasts and some leading B-Town stars.

Incidentally, in the film Bodyguard, Salman Khan used Milon, the exclusive circuit training luxury fitness equipment from Germany, of which Mickey is the brand ambassador.

Mickey, meanwhile, is also busy with his recently launched Heal The World initiative online, where he urges people to reach out to and make some less fortunate person’s day. “Once you have healed yourself, you can heal the world. It could be with a biscuit packet to a beggar at a signal, it could be with ration, education, medical aid or clothes to people who work for you, it could be just a smile to a distressed stranger and a ‘thank-you’ hug to your own domestic staff.”

INDIA’S TWO BEST BODYGUARDS! Mickey Mehta and Salman Khan

Going strong at 60

Age is no longer a factor as senior citizens go all out to stay healthy and look fit, says Shreya Shukla

It’s the defining age – 60. And people past this milestone can have vastly divergent perspectives: one suggests that the best part of life is over and it’s time to take the backseat. Another brighter perspective, looks forward to a brand new chapter in a very fit way. The rush of a mad 9-to-5 routine may be firmly behind them but the best is yet to come.

And to gainfully use spare time post-retirement, many are turning to keeping fit as fiddles. No surprise then, that the gym is no longer a place where only 20-, 30- or 40-year-olds pump iron and sweat it out. Now those in their 60s, 70s, and at times, even their 80s, are determinedly making their way to top-class gyms to keep those joints well-oiled and the body toned.

“An increasing number of senior citizens have been hitting the gym recently,” says Leena Mogre, director, Leena Mogre’s Fitness, Mumbai. Agrees Rahul Narang, personal trainer and owner of Olympia Gym in Delhi: “The number of 60-plus people frequenting gyms is on the increase.” He now has about 25 senior citizens working out in Olympia.

According to Sumana Dutta Burman, fitness expert, Karma Gym in Calcutta, working out regularly helps raise the metabolic rate and improves bone density. “Training keeps the metabolic clock ticking,” says Burman. Preetom Mukherjee Roy, fitness and nutrition advisor at Gold’s Gym, Alipore, adds that the basic goal for most senior citizens is to maintain or improve their hand-eye coordination, flexibility and muscular strength.

The first step, is designing a personalised fitness programme based on the client’s medical history. While Mogre’s gyms test everything from respiratory capacity to muscle endurance and flexibility, others maintain a record of client ailments. Anwar Wahhab, strength coach and owner of Awe Fitness, Calcutta, puts his clients through a structural balance test which has simple tests like standing on one leg while he observes the side on which they lean once they lose their balance. This reveals weak areas that need work.

Roy eases clients into a fitness schedule. For the first two to four weeks they do 10-15 minutes of cardio on the treadmill or recumbent bike (which has back support), one set each of exercises such as leg press and chest press with light weights, freehand exercises, and stretching. The workout then gets intense with cardio for 25-30 minutes and three sets of each exercise.

“For muscles, you either use them or lose them,” says Narang. He recommends a 45-minute workout, three days a week, for senior citizens. He makes beginners do circuit training, which targets all muscle groups, stretches and flexibility exercises. After a month, they concentrate on one muscle group a day with 12 sets instead of two or three.

On the other hand, for the first six to eight weeks, Wahhab’s clients do full-body workouts with resistance bands, improving balance and muscle co-ordination. He slowly raises the resistance of the band. In the next 12 weeks, the band is used for warm-ups, while the person works out with light kettlebells and barbells.

While Wahhab recommends a 20- to 30-minute workout three days a week, Burman believes it shouldn’t exceed 45 minutes, three to five times a week. She targets the problem areas first, putting people with knee, shoulder or back problems through “rehabs” strengthening muscles. The knee rehab, for example, exercises the joint with a cable crossover machine. Strength training is next. A key part of these workouts is flexibility training, which helps joint and muscle flexibility.

“Nothing beats yoga and swimming for senior citizens,” says fitness expert Mickey Mehta, who uses the Surya Namaskar and asanas like Bhujang Asana and Hal Asana. Stretching, with 20 repetitions each of forward, backward, side bending and twisting, is also part of the one hour workout, six days a week, that he recommends. According to Mehta, regular oil massages help circulation while passively increasing the metabolic rate and improving flexibility.

So, what keeps people over 60 motivated to train regularly? Narang believes regular exercise results in an overall sense of wellbeing that prevents them from quitting the gym. Burman, credits their motivation to the adrenaline and “happy hormones” released during workouts.

While Mogre believes that people hit the gym to look good, irrespective of their age, Roy believes that in India fitness still tops the priority chart for the elderly. But since regular workouts also act as an anti-ageing agent, who’s complaining?

‘Follow your heart for a good career option’

Mickey Mehta relives his days as a collegian, while advising youngsters to choose their careers wisely

I always found studies grueling. I attended two colleges; that is Siddharth and Narsee Monjee. I took up Commerce but despite my penchant for figures I was bad with accounts. Both colleges were well-known for their academic standard. The ambience in both the colleges was very studious and high profile. The students were academic and intelligent types and the other extreme there were high society stylish boys and girls and since I was from a typically middle class family I had a complex. Also I was a little nervous because when I changed from Siddharth college to NM college. It was a big culture shock for me.

My friends’ circle was pretty boisterous and mischievous group. We were always going for movies and having a lot of outings and fun. Our favorite haunt was Rasraj Hotel at Parle. I used to just love their vegetarian pulav and dal fry. As a matter of fact it used to be my staple lunch. Perhaps you are wondering why I preferred dal fry? You will be surprised to know that with regards to my food habits, I prefer vegetarianism and I enjoy natural, wholesome and seasonal foods. I am a teetotaler. Shocked, are you? I keep away totally from alcohol, smoking and processed foods. Do you know that all these three elements are known to be harmful and bad for health.

I hardly attended college as I was always in canteen playing pranks with others. To be very honest I used to ogle at beautiful girls. My most embarrassing moment was when the principal called for my father and I took my cousin (sister) and dealt with the situation and thereafter when the situation could not be curtailed I had to take my father and you can imagine the situation I was in.

Studies did not interest me much. I am more of an outdoor and fitness type of person. I liked activity very much. These things interested me a lot. I loved the outdoors, and anything connected with physical fitness.

Today students concentrate so much on their studies and not on their complete all round development. They are always running from one class to the other because there is so much of competition. Everyone focuses only on studies and I can understand their plight and situation. Our entire social and work front focuses only on studies. Today, students have no time for extracurricular activities. These activities also play a very important role in shaping the personality of the individual.

Today, students are far more stressed out. They face so much of pressure from all sides – their families, teachers and professors, society at large. They do not have a vent for their stress. They need to exert their energy too and let out steam by indulging in sports and other hobbies, for which they hardly have any time.

They should also think of other options rather than the usual courses offered by colleges. There are many other fields waiting to be explored. Career options should be much wider. It is important to pursue a career in a field that you like rather than what is fashionable. I am glad I followed my likings.

One has to keep one’s options open. Look at other career options. The system is very mean to those who are not interested in studies. One has to be strong and pursue your goal. Today things are changing a lot. There are many morecareer options. Look at what you like to do and train in that field. Back then when I was in college hardly anyone thought of a career as a fitness expert. Today my profession is the in-thing.

Besides college I pursued several other activities like a Black Belt in karate, yoga nutrition and dietician’s course,naturopathy, massage therapy courses etc. These studies have stood me in good stead and have come very handy to me as a fitness trainer. Holistic health happens to be my business and is also my passion. Hence, I have connected all the ideologies, philosophies and teachings of various branches of Yoga, Vedas, Ayurveda, Zen, Tao etc and use them to heal and transform lives and lifestyles for the better. My prime objective is to fill peoples’ lives with love and peace. Despite the fact that I was not very good in academics, I thank God for my success.

(As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira, courtesy Afternoon Despatch & Courier, March 30, 2011)

17.5 minutes to super fitness: ‘milon’ to re-define fitness culture in India

milon, Germany’s #1 Fitness Brand, today announced the appointment of Wellness cult figure – Mickey Mehta as its Brand Ambassador for India. milon will be India’s first premium and luxury fitness brand that promises to offer 30 percent more effective results in just 17.5 minutes with its easy to use, safe and time efficient circuit training model.

Available for experience only to the top elite in India, this super premium wellness system is set to change the way people work out in India. milon will be exclusively marketed by India’s leading sports goods manufacturer and exporter STAG International.

Announcing Mickey Mehta as milon’s ambassador for India, Mr. Rajiv Chadha, Managing Director, STAG Distribution said “The milon brand stands for qualities of innovation, advanced technology, holistic fitness and excellence in performance. Epitomizing the same outlook to fitness and well-being, Mickey Mehta too believes in holistic health and thus was a perfect choice for our brand in India. His depth of work in the fitness domain has made him a much respected health philosopher and counsellor today. We are indeed very proud and privileged to have him as our Brand Ambassador”.

While milon brings a new body and mind to wellness in India, Mickey Mehta adds soul to the brand. Mickey Mehta is known as India’s leading Holistic Health Guru for over 25 years with a successful 13 years old association with Femina Miss India. He is a philosopher and life coach to some of the leading industrialists, models and Bollywood stars. Mickey Mehta also has his own popular DVD called ‘Metamorphise- a wellness workout’ and is also a renowned author. A brand – an institution personified, Mickey Mehta runs several gyms under the name 360 Degree and has been associated with various popular shows and events like Grasim Mr. India, Channel V – Get Gorgeous, Fame Gurukul on Sony Entertainment Television Channel, Zoom Style Guru among others. Mickey with his truly radical personality has re-invented the concepts of Holistic Health and Wellness.

Talking about his association with milon, Mickey Mehta said, “It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the milon family in India. The brand’s commitment to provide effective results in a time efficient and safe manner has taken the exercising concept to newer heights. I have always associated myself with brands that I truly believe echo the sentiment of holistic wellness and milon is no exception with its advanced training systems that assures guaranteed fitness and wellness in just 17.5 minutes on its circuit.”

Entering the Indian market with a view to redefine the concept of fitness and wellness, the milon circuit is a scientific and intelligent training system based on the most advanced technology of electronically controlled resistance. Using superior innovation and technologies such as Electronic Resistance, Fully automated machines, Smart Memory Card and many more milon will challenge and improve upon all traditional fitness equipments and concepts available. Being the pioneers in providing electronically controlled training systems and use of smart memory cards, milon’s greatest achievement to date has undoubtedly been the development of a fully automatic memory function. The experience on the milon circuit will be like that of an astronaut on a space shuttle – exclusive & out of the world experience.

milon fitness equipment has been designed to automatically switch to the appropriate settings based on the user’s physical profile and personal exercise programme, as soon as the smart card is inserted. The brand’s three innovative developments- the smart card, the electronics and the memory function combined in a space-saving circuit concept are unique in the world.

milon is all geared up to launch its innovative and advanced circuit training equipment in India by the second week of March’11.

About milon

milon believes in ‘Smart training begins in the mind’ and started with this thought to make fitness equipment safer, more comfortable and more effective back in 1986. milon (in those days under its original name miha) was the first provider of electronically controlled training systems and were among the pioneers in Europe to use smart cards. Another major asset of milon is the practice-oriented consulting. Milon is not merely an equipment manufacturer but equally a solution provider for the health market. This approach has firmly established the company in the industry. In the German speaking territory, milon has a market share of about 30 percent of training equipment sales. In the sector of smart card controlled equipment, milon is the market leader. Milon has a sales presence in 17 foreign countries based on their own distribution organization. It is the milon circuit which creates growing interest internationally since there is no comparable training system existing at present.

About STAG International

A history of over 75 years, serving more than 152 countries, STAG is India’s leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Sports Goods and Equipment. The most “Exported” brand of sports goods from India, STAG has the highest exports of Table Tennis equipment and is amongst the top 10 Exporters of Sports Goods from India. A leader in the table tennis table market, approved by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), STAG has an unmatched global exposure and experience to represent leading International Sports and Fitness brands for the Indian Market. STAG will bring international innovative brands like milon-Germany’s # 1 Fitness brand based on circuit training, Tunturi (European market leader in Fitness – Personal / Commercial Use) and Victor – a global leader in badminton to India this year. STAG also has association with some of the esteemed people of the sports fraternity: Mr. Peter Karlsson, 5 Times World Table Tennis Champion and European Champion and Mr. Kamlesh Mehta, Arjuna Awardee and Olympian National Coach & Selector as the Brand Ambassadors.


When dreams come true!

Go ahead and make a wish, we will fulfil it for you. Every Sunday.

Flab to fab

Kanika Maheshwari wanted to start the year with a healthy and toned body. Mickey Mehta gave her tips on how to stick to her resolution

Twenty six-year-old Kanika Maheshwari has a very busy schedule. Juggling between various clients and meetings, this public relations executive has no time to exercise or have a proper meal, which has led to weight gain over time. She mailed us her resolution to lose weight and have a fitter body this year. We took her to holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta.

When we reached Mickey’s Hughes Road gym, he welcomed us warmly. Before he could ask what she was looking for, Kanika said, “I wish to lose my flab and look good. I end up eating out often, which is not very healthy.” After quizzing Kanika about her daily schedule, Mickey assured her, “We’re going to help you address it in a natural way.” He said he was going to offer her a holistic program, complete with a diet plan, breathing exercises and workouts. Kanika was delighted. Apart from cardio, he recommended a daily session of power yoga.

After evaluating her diet and meal timings, Mickey said, “You need to lose at least 10 kgs and tone up a lot. Apart from regular gymming, you need to do lot of stretching, breathing exercises and Surya Namaskars. Try working out in the morning when your body is rested.” Kanika asked if she is supposed to eat anything before exercising and Mickey replied, “Have a few raisins or a few slices of an orange, nothing more.”

For someone who cannot do without tea in the morning, this seemed like a tough diktat. Mickey advised, “Try green tea and if it is too bland, add ginger and pepper. Have your last meal by 7 pm and stay away from diet aerated drinks. They contain high amounts of acid and caffeine which does no good to your body.” Kanika’s face fell on hearing that (she’s an addict).

Kanika enquired about the diet that she would need to follow. Mickey replied, “Include a lot of vegetable juices, green tea,fruits, nuts and sprouts.”

Before the session ended, Mickey added, “If you are sincere, you will lose weight in three months and have a fitter body.” The look on Kanika’s face said she was looking forward to the new year.

TIPS » Keep your body hydrated » Drink 1-2 glasses of fresh vegetable juices daily » Sleep for at least 7- 8 hours » Include plenty of raw vegetables, greens and fruits »Have dinner by 7pm » Have fruits whenever hungry »Include some form of physical activity in your daily routine

As he gives her diet tips, Mickey Mehta is amused by Kanika’s addiction to aerated drinks

A perfect way to usher in the New Year

By Mickey Mehta

The New Year always brings hope. It’s a time to forget the trials and tribulations of the year gone by and look forward with renewed spirits. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon could not have been scheduled at a more appropriate time, because it is one single event that espouses all the positive values and attributes which equip a human being in the endeavour to tackle the New Year with vigour, good health, selflessness and amidst communal harmony.

The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, now in its eighth year, has transformed Mumbai into one of the leading sporting destinations of the world and its citizens into a sporting populace. The huge response it elicits is evidence enough that that a sporting culture is slowly creeping into families that hitherto treated healthy living and fitness as alien concepts.

It has also brought to our doorstep some of the world’s best athletes, besides some of the leading brands associated with the health and fitness industry and one would miss out on a huge opportunity if they did not take advantage of this unique synergy.

The event has also developed into the single largest platform to raise money for charity, having generated around Rs 43 crore over the past seven editions and I am proud to be contributing my bit to this noble endeavour through the eighth edition of this event on January 16, 2011.

Being a holistic and wellness Guru for the past 25 years, I understand the meaning of true wellness. True wellness lies in the good and well-being of all around us, be it from any part of the society. Hence, I am participating in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon to raise awareness and funds for a project of self Employment Scheme for the Blind who come from the low income groups. This project is spearheaded by MN Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind and I appeal to all to come forward and extend their support. And on this platform, I would like to share my fitness ideology with all. To me, health and fitness are synonymous and encompasses a wide spectrum of aspects that include physical fitness, spiritual growth and mind science. Sound health is the pinnacle of wellness and a healthy and fit mind translates into a healthy body.

This becomes an inspiring force!

I have registered as a Dream Wizard for the M N Banajee Industrial Home for the Blind (MNB), which translates into me making a commitment to raise a minimum of Rs 5 lakh for their cause of raising funds for its Self Employment Project for the Blind. The basic object of the scheme is helping in the economic rehabilitation of illiterate and semi literate visually challenged persons coming from low income groups. The beneficiary is given financial assistance under the scheme to continue or expand any small trade or business which is gradually increased as his/her business stabilizes.

This project has successfully touched a large number of visually challenged persons since 2006 from Mumbai and various districts of Maharashtra.

Philanthropy with an angle of self employment brings deepest satisfaction to one’s soul and can fulfill our very purpose in life. Sharing and caring with compassion can be soothing and healing.

I sincerely hope that everyone will join me and extend their support and do lots more for humanity!

Health trends that ruled

Health guru Mickey Mehta talks about the spiritual trends that gained in popularity this decade


I believe this is the best form of holistic exercise you can practice. It is a personal, internal process with no external distractions. Through meditation, you can heal yourself physically and psychologically. It enhances your immune system, keeps blood pressure in control and soothes your nerves. Meditation is inspiring as well.

Pranic Healing

Pran here means energy, the life force that keeps you alive. Energy is present in this universe in abundance. The source of this energy is the divine. A pranic healer taps the free flowing energy in the universe and passes it on.


This also works on the principle of transferring the energy. It involves the seven energy chakras of your body. Through Reiki, you can ease pain and energy blocks in the body.

Sweet 16 at 60!

Fitness and spiritual expert Mickey Mehta on what it takes to reverse the ageing process and embrace life all over again…

One never grows old, but when one stops growing, one becomes old. People take ageing as a very natural process. Old age simply means that you have lived long, and are experiencing a decrease in energy, poor blood circulation and breathing, diminishing immunity,muscular atrophy etc. These are the sole reasons why people at 60 end up looking like 90! But one can be a sweet 16 even at 60! It is not age that counts, but the way one lives and maintains the balance of generation and degeneration of cells through a healthy lifestyle. It is always important to have Quality of life and not Quantity… and if one follows a certain level of self-discipline,the later stages of life also will be led in total independence.

The process of growth involves the constant renewal of cells in our body. There are over a 100 trillion cells, which constantly renew and multiply creating a new series of cells every nanosecond that later become a part of our biological system, and our whole being. Constant growth and repair of the body takes place at its own pace in perfect rhythm. The body just knows how to heal itself from dis-ease! The capacity to heal spontaneously lies within each cell thus making our body the most unique biological machine ever. A constant renewal system occurs in the body causing it to undergo a balanced seamless change in a time period of a minimum of seven days to a maximum of one year, year after year!

Anything subjected to time, matter, space, light, motion, mass, causation and effect degenerates and disintegrates. We as mortals are vulnerable to adverse effects of psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual abuses and traumas. This brings about a state of orderliness breaking into a state of disorderliness called as the force of Entrophy. This force has to be countered with a well-balanced, multipronged approach towards life for feeling like a sweet 16 even at 60! This bliss could be achieved by following the below mentioned points:


Connecting with your inner self by dropping all old mental conditioning and regressive attitudes towards life; by ways of meditation, conscious breathing techniques, learning to relax in the midst of stress;and, finding mental solace by pursuing hobbies like art, painting,music, dancing, reading, etc.


By giving your body the proper exer-tivity (exercise and activity) and also proper rest. This constantly creates a demand for growth and makes absorption of nutrition optimum after activity. Rest ensures maintenance,repair and healing. So, to maintain your youth and vigour, one must exercise everyday and also take adequate rest.


Eating wholesome and vibrant foods with exciting colours and soothing fragrances provides nourishment to the body by cleansing, regulating and fortifying it. A cosmic perspective which influences the physiology of the human body is the nourishment derived from sunshine, energy of ocean waves, fragrant flowers, and electromagnetic field of the universe.


The need to experience life in its fullest with love, by building relations with family, friends, colleagues, the environment, and most importantly by forgiving yourself and everyone around you. This sets you free and liberates you, giving you the power of infinity and keeping you high in energy.


By shutting the world around you and connecting with your own being. Remember, your relationship with your being is the most powerful relationship ever. It requires a lot of love in yourself. Changing paces and phases of life weigh you down and throw you out of gear. Instead of getting consumed by life, lets begin to consume life!

Sweet 16 at 60 is all about an attitude, thought and responsible behaviour in place. Its not important what you are but its certainly very important how you are. Death has no right on life; its only the culmination of your inappropriate lifestyle! One can simply pass away in sleep but not die to a dis-ease.

– Mickey Mehta, Fitness Instructor

Mickey Mehta: There is no strict fitness schedule or regime that I follow

The fitness guru talks about how he stays fit and how nature plays an important part in his life

As told to Monarose Sheila Pereira

Posted On Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fitness guru Mickey Mehta asks, how does a fitness instructor keep fit? Does he follow his own teachings or does he give it a skip? I believe one has to lead by example. Holistic health happens to be my business and is also my passion. Hence, I have interwoven the ideologies, philosophies and essence of Yoga, Vedas, Ayurveda, Zen, Tao etc and I use these applications to help heal and transform lives and lifestyles for the better. My prime objective is to liberate the human society from diseases, ailments and traumas and to fill their life with love, peace and harmony.


Health is nothing but organic wellness. Sound health allows one to fine-tune with one’s natural inner biorhythms and the outside environment, to enjoy a perfect balance of energies, which indirectly help to bring about good health and general wellbeing.

I incorporate in my lifestyle intelligent food habits; conscious breathing, productive physical activity, meditation, prayers, rest and relaxation which are the best healing techniques that will help one attain holistic health.

Regarding my fitness regime, there is no strict fitness schedule or regime that I follow. I incorporate a lot of stretching, yoga postures and meditation along with breathing exercises to stimulate my entire body. I do not follow the exercise regime of the aggressive kind of workouts. I have a back problem and I am trying to overcome it with gentle exercises.

When it comes to food habits, I prefer vegetarianism and I enjoy natural, wholesome and seasonal foods. I am a teetotaller and abstain totally from alcohol, smoking and processed foods; all three elements are known to be harmful and unhealthy.

I start my day with green tea, warm water with ginger juice and loads of fruits for breakfast. Lunch consists of jowar rotis or brown rice with lots of vegetables, salads and sprouts I have dry fruits in the evening with some more green tea.

I also enjoy fresh vegetable juices made from lauki, carrots and tomato. I eat an early dinner with just some sautéed veggies and soups. Sometimes I binge on some dark chocolates or some sweets but in controlled quantities.


I strongly believe that attitude is the key to manage disturbing issues and it goes a long way to help me lead a stress free life. I advocate that one must believe and must have tremendous conviction in what one does. Stress is a normal part of life. It occurs when people feel rightly or wrongly, that they are being overwhelmed by events or circumstances that exceed their personal resources. Stress is hazardous to our health. It has disintegrating and degenerative effects on our minds and bodies. One has to make a conscious effort to break this cycle. So what do I do to distress? When I feel the need to unwind or feel calm I meditate and pray. Very often I remain silent in retrospection. This gives me a chance to reflect and de-stress myself.


Personal traits also play an important role in helping one distress and feel good. I believe love, caring, sharing and philanthropy are part of my personality. They have very soothing, healing powers and bring deepest satisfaction to our souls. Health without spirituality goes for a complete toss. I don’t know how many of you are aware that we all should live with social responsibility and do our bit for people who need our help- in some way or the other by sharing all that we have – knowledge, wisdom, experience, wealth, joy, passion and be so ever forgiving!”

So in short, I believe fitness is about harnessing various techniques and philosophies to generate positive energy and good health in me and in others too. Fitness is A Perfect balance of energies.

I love nature, the sounds of the ocean and the chirping of the birds, the green grass, and the smell of flowers. My philosophy is simple. I wake up with the sun and I surround myself with cosmic energy to recharge my system. I enjoy the sunset too, as much as I enjoy the sunrise.

Fortunately, I train a family who stay 200 feet above sea level at Breach Candy and I get the opportunity to see the sunset from their house. This stunning phenomenon can make one forget his/her ego, which is the only barrier between you and nature. The best gifts to mankind are the sun, sea, sky and the earth. I absorb a lot of energy and nourishment from nature.

– Mickey Mehta, Fitness Instructor, July 06, 2010

Germs in your gym bag

Most of the time one catches infection due to the lack of personal hygiene. When you are going for a swim, it is important to be clean. The goggles have to be washed with running water before you use them in the pool. There is a lot of stagnant bacteria which needs to be cleaned. The earplugs too should be cleaned because they cause infection. But keep in mind that ear infection can be caused due to water clogging also. And remember to take a shower before a dip.

– Mickey Mehta, holistic health expert ,Mumbai Mirror, 29 March 2007


Their choice for the World Cup winning team may vary, but soccer buffs are all set to watch the World Cup final

Italy should win. The Italian players are more charged, aggressive, strategic and committed. I feel that their fitness levels are also higher. I hope to catch the game on Sunday night.

– Mickey Mehta, Fitness Instructor, AFTERNOON, 8 July 2006


Leading holistic health therapist Mickey Mehta has launched 360* Gym…without a single piece of equipment. This revolutionary concept guarantees to keep you motivated about your workouts and decreases the chances of injury. But what can one do without machines? Calisthenics, yoga, Pilates, military drills, swimming…the list is long. But the promise is the same: A healthier, fitter you!

At 360* Gym, 804/A Ghamat Lodge,
Dr Ambedkar Road,
Dadar, Mumbai – 14
Inquiries, (022) 55242388

– ELLE, July 2006


Mickey Mehta a leading holistic health therapist and internationally acclaimed health and fitness icon of India, has inter-woven the ideologies, philosophies and the essence of the Vedas, Zen, Yoga, Tao, Tantra using the applications to help transform lives and lifestyles for the better. This has been done detailing gender specifications, constitution, occupation and lifestyle specific conditions which have helped understand the subjectivity and mysterious unknown and unique nuances of health. Mickey Mehta has launched his first 360* Gym with a revolutionary equipment-free concept in Dadar TT Equipment training can cause sprains, strains, spasms, muscle fatigue, joint injuries, strokes, cardiac arrest. It also leads to monotony and boredom leading to a high failure rate.

– FEMINA BUYOLOGY, 21 June 2006


Experts say that actual physical illness could be the last stage of fatigue

So you think you aren’t stressed out until you pass out? Think again. Active enthusiasts will know the nuances of a burn-out and how it affects one’s life, but for the majority of us, stress is something that happens to someone who looks tired, doesn’t laugh too much or collapses one day.

“Stress is either driven by anxiety, fear and phobia or by lust and desire,” says fitness guru Mickey Mehta. He adds that physical manifestation is only the final mark of stress. “Stress is entirely conceptual, more psycho-somatic than physical. And it works both ways – if you are physically stressed out, then it will show in your mental state. And if you are mentally stressed out, then your body will be immuno-compromised,” he adds


  • Get a massage
  • Say a prayer to boost your spirits
  • Indulge in a long good bath
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Try some exercise
  • Mingle with positive people

 (Mickey Mehta, fitness guru)

– After Hours Correspondent, DNA, 19 June 2006


Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta offers his stay-young tips:

  • Begin with yoga or swimming (great cardio-vascular drills) and move on to calisthenics or equipment-free drills.
  • Proper breathing is essential for the body’s oxygenation. Pranayam’s a great cardiovascular exercise.
  • All breathing exercises work wonders for your face, easing marks of stress and age.
  • A flexible and supple spine is the key to a youthful body. Practice suryanamaskar (for the whole body), bhujangasan, dhanurasan, halasan, halasan, naukasan (for the spine) and shirsasan (to flush out toxins and rush blood to the brain).

– MIRROR BUZZ, 10 June 2006


Mickey Mehta brings to Mumbai an ‘equipment-free gym’ to exercise to acquire good health rather than physical fitness.

‘What’s a gym without exercise equipment?’ one would wonder. It is a place where one can workout the mind, body and soul with creativity, imagination and high recreational value.

Mickey Mehta, the world renowned fitness trainer, who trained many celebrities and prominent personalities, has introduced a whole new approach to fitness with his revolutionary equipment-free ‘360* Health Beyond Fitness Gym’. “Equipment creates monotony and it is injury prone. Gyms filled with equipment have no creativity, no imagination and no recreational value – the one which would achieve with yoga, zen, gymnastics and athletic exercises,” Mickey explains.

“Its more about good health rather than physical fitness,” says Mickey, “We are promoting a new physical culture and physical refinement.” The gym combines the ideologies and essence of Vedas, zen, yoga, tao and tantra to transform lives for the better. The fitness regime will increase and improve strength, stamina, flexibility and immune system to heal the body.”



Health guru Mickey Mehta has opened a health centre at Dadar where more than 250 members have already enrolled. He is looking at expanding through franchising.

There will be new centres mushrooming all over the country of 1000-1500 sq ft with an investment of Rs 15-20 lakhs only targeting around 500 members per gym. The preferred location should be of high visibility and high density populated areas. Return of investment is expected within 12-24 months.

These will be equipment free centres. It is creative, imaginative and has recreational value as well. This increases strength, stamina, tone, flexibility, agility, ideal body-fat ratio, high immune system, defense mechanism, looking good / feeling good syndrome. It promotes wellness and well-being.

For more details, contact Mickey Mehta’s 360* Gym,
804/A, Ghamat Lodge,
Dr Ambedkar Road,
Dadar TT,
Mumbai – 400 014
Tel: 5524 2388 / 89
Cell: 922 3405929

– MID DAY, 11 April 2006


“I feel fabulous especially because I’ve won two sub contests. But this particular one was fun, since it was all about strength training and stamina building. The girl who could do the most bench presses and leg presses won. I managed to do 20 kg of bench press and 90 kg of leg press. I guess what helped me win was my training with fitness instructor Mickey Mehta. It certainly helped me increase my stamina. I feel eating healthy is the most important aspect of staying healthy.”
– BOMBAY TIMES, 21 March 2006


Rushad Khambatta was the 1st runner-up at the Mr. Bombay contest and came in 4th at the Mr Maharashtra contest representing Mickey Mehta’s 360* Gym

The striking note is that he is an absolute fresher on these large competitive forums. Has managed to seek amongst the top positions amidst seasoned body-builders who had 5-10 years of body-building experience. He has attained this feat with just 2 years experience.

He’s had a grueling training schedule. Many times he had to train at 3.30 ? 4 am and be on duty as a trainer at Mickey Mehta’s 360* Gym

According to market pundits, Rushad is blessed with such excellent genetics that he can make India proud. The picture amply suggests this.

– JAME-E-JAMSHED, 26 March 2006


Chandrima Pal plunges headlong into the new pools of indulgence to find out why Mumbai so loves them.

In fact, holistic health and spiritual guru Mickey Mehta, who likes Club Oasis at the Hyatt, Sahar, feels that the four-five hours spent at the spa, is very important to get one into the meditative frame of mind. “Sauna, jacuzzi, chill pool, massage and exfoliation later, you feel thoroughly refreshed, rejuvenated and your frayed nerves are soothed as well,” he adds.

– MIRROR BUZZ, 28 January 2006


You need to be fit to fly, but flying schedules get in the way of fitness. Three weeks ago, Air India asked 1,600 air hostesses to shape up in two months or ship out. Cabin crew speak to Roshni Bajaj Sanghvi anonymously about weight and other checks.


Sheena Agarwal, 26 years, on the crew since inception.

Weight and watch

Mickey Mehta helps us with fitness including yoga and aerobics. Sabeera Merchant trains our voice and diction and then Vipul Bhagat shows us how to apply make-up. We are trained in safety and service. Our recruitment starts with a height and weight check and after the group discussions and interviews, ends with this training. But not before a final one on one with Dr Vijay Mallya, which is actually very casual and comfortable.

– SUNDAY MID DAY, 29 January 2006

Ace fitness trainer Mickey Mehta’s prodigy Rushad Khambatta was the first runner-up at the Mr Bombay contest. Khambatta stood fourth at the Mr Maharashtra contest representing Mickey Mehta’s 360* Gym.

– MID-DAY, 23 January 2006

Running against time

With six days to go for the Mumbai Marathon, fitness experts provide last minute tips

If you are done with buying the latest pair of running shoes and sports gear, then start training by running at least 30-45 minutes regularly.

Mickey Mehta, health expert and spiritual guru suggests stopping training two days before the marathon. This is important because it helps relax your muscles. His mantra for winning the marathon is the creative-guided visualisation technique. This involves getting into the relaxation mode. He advises: “Start by picturising the pre-start warm-up excercises, the start, mid-process and the best part – the finish.”

Hydration is important. Carry lemon juice, jaggery, diluted orange juice or pineapple juice. Concentrate on your breathing – vary from shallow to deep breathing.

Once you complete your dream run do not forget to do some stretching exercises like calf raises and walking lunges. As they say, it is not about winning but about participating.

All the trainers quoted in this article have reiterated that the advice is for people who are in reasonably decent shape.

– Swati Pujari, DNA, 7 January 2006


From holiday cocktail parties to New Year’s Eve celebrations, this season is the ultimate time glamour time of the year. The season’s festivities require glamour and drama that ordinary parties often lack and it’s a time when people want to have fun and party all night long. Let’s look at a few easy ways of feeling fresh and looking great even with hectic working and looking great even with hectic working hours and crazy party schedules.

Aroma Therapy ? It might look awkward and sound stupid but this is a beautiful rejuvenating technique. Remove 30 minutes in the morning, go to the park and smell fresh leaves, flowers, consciously breathe in the sweet fragrance of wet earth. Every impulse of fragrance and aroma transforms you. All these impulses generate/trigger a biochemistry which is soothing, opening up and balancing the 5 elements within the body.

Diet ? The best way to calm your internal body systems after too much partying and overloading the body by indulging in food and drinks is to cleanse it with liquids. Instead of regular food whenever you aren’t partying consume citric juices or vegetable juices or nariyal pani (coconut water) every few hours. Drink as much water as possible and allow your body to rest and rejuvenate.

Meditate ? Emotional and psychological stress adds to physical stress. The best possible way to combat this is a small 21 minute meditation. Seat yourself comfortably in padmasan in an open space, gaze at the sea/sky and breathe slowly and deeply. Continue breathing in and out while consciously allowing your body to relax and let go.

Yoga ? Suryanamaskar ? Suryanamaskar is the art of solar vitalization. It is a complete meditative technique in itself as it includes Asanas, Pranayama, Mantras and Mudras. It has three aspects ? form, vital energy and rhythm. Suryanamaskar is a combination of 12 different postures, followed in a particular sequence with a specific breathing pattern. It reduces fat from almost all parts of the body, as it stretches each and every muscle and tones it.

– Mickey Mehta, Ace Holistic Health Guru
SWITCH Outsource this!, 16 December 2005 – 16 January 2006

Just One Question…

It’s scientifically proven that winter means weight gain. How does one keep it check?

Holistic health and spiritual guru Mickey Mehta says:

  • Replace meals with fruits or other raw forms of food such as salads and lentils.
  • Skip heavy breakfasts in favour of a fruit breakfast.
  • Exercise twice during winters. The first one should be your regular workout while the second time around you could walk, swim, or do stretches.

– DNA, 1 January 2006.


Magic moments with Mickey Mehta

He’s discreet and he makes it clear. “I hate name dropping!” and yet everybody knows Mickey Mehta is the highest paid and most sought after holistic health therapist today!

From being a Limca Book of Records holder for teaching swimming in 24 hours, to managing fitness levels of high-profile corporate head honchos, Mickey has come a long way!

So what makes this enthusiastic positively charged man tick? What had he got that other fitness gurus don’t? “I want to heal the world,” says the man, adding, “My stress is on health beyond fitness. My prime objective is to liberate the human society from suffering of diseases, ailments, surgeries, trauma of pain, hospitalization and make this life full of love, peace and harmony, globally, through transforming of the gross and transcendence of the subtle!”

A lofty aim, undoubtedly, but can this happen? His own glowing countenance speaks volumes of this unprecedented success and faith – “Good health is a total integration of mind, body and soul. It’s not enough to have those perfect abs or muscles, Health is an exhaustive spectrum of expertise in physical fitness, mind science and spiritual growth. Psychological equilibrium and meditation and prayers are equally important, as they harness the metaphysical and esoteric energies.”

A powerful advocate of pure satvic vegetarian foods he has studied many sciences like the Kundalini yoga, Chakras and Auras nad has received as award from the Zoroastrian International college of alternative medicine and therapies, for popularising and promoting natural methods for wellness, vibrant health and spiritual growth.

He believes in nature and natural healing. By weaving and integrating ideologies and philosophies from the Vedas, Yoga, Zen, Tao, Tantra, Mickey says: “One can tranform lives and lifestyle. It is important to look at people as individuals. One has to take into consideration the specifics of gender, lifestyle, constitution, community, cultural habits and the profession before he’s treated. Our industrialists are simply not power icons, but stand today, as role models as compassionate, highly evolved, well-rounded beings. If leaders are transformed, their teamwork and team relations change. If relations and communication is better, then the organisation gets a boost. Business organisations are extremely powerful today. If they are rejuvenated, if their consciousness is enhanced, then eventually, the planet as a whole gets energized. This is wholesome leadership, a very different paradigm, but the core of my training with hi-fi corporates and managers. If you work from the space of abundance, peace and love, the nature of your work and health will be different. If I am connected to my inner bliss and joy moment, strategies are taken care of. No theory can work today. The only theory which can work is “be theos” that is be the divine!”

Having produced great international winners for India like Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza, Aryan Vaid, Manpreet Brar, Shweta Jaishankar – Mickey remains the only elected trainer to Femina Miss India and personality pagents and is trainer to Coke Channel V Popstars 2003!

– Uma Ajmera, DOWNTOWN PLUS, 29 June 2003


Mickey Mehta says he wants to help people by taking care of their all-round development

Seated behind the car wheel, Mickey Mehta sips a health drink. Next to him is a pile of bananas. But then what else do you expect from Mehta, a holistic health and spiritual guru whose mantra is “health beyond fitness.” He’s come a long way from being a Limca Book of Records holder for teaching swimming in 24 hours to managing fitness levels of high-profile corporate head honchos like Kumaramangalam Birla, Anil Ambani, Vindi Banga and the Miss Worlds and Miss Universes.

“I’m not about weight loss only as it is insignificant in the larger picture,” says Mehta. “My prime objective is to liberate human society from sufferings, like diseases, through transformation of the gross and transcendence of the subtle. The result: a positive metamorphosis. And this involves mind over matter – awareness over mind – and consciousness over awareness which leads to the ultimate alchemy.” In laymen’s terms, that’s all round development of body, mind and soul.

His is a “natural and nature-oriented healing” which weaves in the ideologies, philosophies, and essence of Vedas, Yoga, Zen, Tao, Tantra and looks at transforming lives and lifestyles. But for Mehta, it’s important to look at people as individuals. “One has to take into consideration the specifics of gender, lifestyle, constitution, community, cultural habits and the profession before he is treated,” he says.

– BOMBAY TIMES, 3 March 2003


Where we ask Mickey Mehta, a fitness guru for advice on being cool.

No hi-fi diet, no jargon and no hi-tech equipment are what I believe in. Just simple, responsible living. According to me, rather than concentrating on food, the emphasis should be on the quality of cosmic nutrition, via sunshine and fresh air.

Psychological and spiritual rest is important, as is regulated breathing. Drink clean healthy water, have regular massages, seek out positive and metaphysical energies, and choose foods that are alive and that can give you dynamic energy, like fresh fruit, veggies, sprouts, seeds, nuts, herbs and roots.

These positively influence your mind and body, harnessing your thought processes and attitudes and creativity. Positive physical activity is also very important to strengthen the nervous, glandular, cardio-respiratory and muscular-skeletal systems.

Also one should cleanse the physiological and psychological toxins and impurities out of ones system such as vengeance, aggression, hatred, depression, etc

I believe that more than strenuous and mindless exercise and dieting, the positive and simple methods that lead to good health of mind, body and soul, are most important.

– ET VANITIES, Economic Times, 12 October 2002


Mickey’s New Mantra: Hyderabad Times dives into the depths of healthy living as fitness guru Mickey Mehta throws water on myths about vegetarianism

Over 1,200 restaurants across the nation have received a letter urging them to serve more vegetarian cuisine. It comes from the health and fitness guru, Mickey Mehta himself. This time around, he’s on a new campaign for the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) to encourage good health by endorsing restaurants that serve a wide variety of vegan options. “Vegan food is in demand by health conscious comsumers.” says Mehta.

Being a staunch supporter of vegetarianism and a crusader of cruelty against animals, this does not come as a surprise. “The purpose behind the entire drive is holistic health. This is an effort to liberate the global society from ailments and the trauma associated with diseases.” Mehta, a vegan himself, sets an example by eliminating not just meat but also dairy products and eggs from his diet. “Vegan fare reduces the risk of illness,” he says.

Mehta states that kicking the meat will put an end to many health ailments. “This will help cut the risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes. Medical research shows that milk and diary products are linked to a host of diseases like prostate cancer, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. People are by nature lactose intolerant. They outgrow their ability t digest milk sugar after infancy. Lactose intolerant people who consume dairy products suffer from unpleasant symptoms like stomach cramps,” he adds.

But what options does vegan food offer for desserts that predominantly contain egg or milk products? “It’s easy to veganise by replacing one or tow ingredients. Soya milk can substitute for cow’s milk in any recipe. Use coconut milk, almond milk or moong phalli milk. They are great nutritious substitutes. Tofu in honey, jaggery, or crushed extracts of raisins can be used for sweetening.”

The response to his current campaign, he says, has been sizable. “If you’ve noticed, there usually aren’t too many choices for vegetarians at most of the eateries. We wanted to tell people that there are a lot of other healthy options.”

Next on this crusader’s agenda is a drive against tobacco and alcohol. “I’m working with the CATS (Crusaders against Tobacco). I know Hyderabad has passed an act banning public smoking. This is commendable. I am always happy to support the cause of health and take up an anti tobacco or alcohol drive. If your chief minister Chandrababu Naidu wises, I ma most willing to offer my consultancy, free of cost,” he says

– Sangeetha Devi K, HYDERABAD TIMES, 31 August 2002


Fitness guru Mickey Mehta sizes up seven of Mumbai’s top police officers

PICTURE this. Chhota Shakeel’s main man is within reach of the nearest cop. The villain makes a run for it, zigzagging through traffic with diligent gun-toting cop close behind. Then, our hot-shot cop runs out of breath.

Why? Because our heavy-weight has, in all probability, never thrown his weight around one of the spanking new police gymnasiums that have been constructed at considerable expense for his benefit.

We picked seven of Mumbai’s top cops to see if they have the physique to outrun their target or if they’re just potatoes shoved into pants. Fitness expert and holistic health therapist Mickey Mehta was shown photographs of our men-in-brown and rated them on a scale of one to 10 in terms of physical fitness.

Commissioner MN Singh and Joint Commissioner (Law and Order) Javed Ahmed topped the list, while the pot-bellied Deputy Commissioner (Anti Narcotics Cell) Jawahar Singh scored a zero.

Mickey Mehta is a judo instructor, swimming coach and fitness instructor and believes in an integration of spirituality and fitness for a healthy life.

To read the complete article, visit:

– Raksha Shetty, 9 May 2002, MID-DAY

Everything is either too much or too little here

I am not shut to opportunities of settling down somewhere other than Mumbai, but every time I return to the city from somewhere and the plane lands over the slums of Mumbai, I fall in love with the city all over again. The slums, and the skyscrapers that rise beside them remind me time and again about how Mumbai is a city of extremes.

Everything is too much or too little here, some have too much money while some have too little, some places are unfit for living because of the pollution while others have crisp clean mountain air. At some places whole families live in a single room while at others a single person occupies a mansion. It is this extreme character of Mumbai that fascinates me.

With its dirty roads during the monsoons, pollution and slums the city may seem quite ugly at first sight, but it has its beautiful aspects too. The first of course is the sea and the beaches whose beauty, at times, is spell-binding. The parks, gardens, museums and shrines come next. Not many people know it, but Mumbai has some of the best museums and shrines in the country.

That was the physical aspect of the city. When I think of the spiritual aspect, only one word comes to my mind:hyperactive. Mumbaikars, even with their busy schedules, are always ready to help others in need. The spirit of the city is nothing short of magical. In the same way a magician conjures rabbits out of his hat, Mumbai provides unending supplies of money and sustenance to the thousands of people who arrive in the city every day. But one has to know how to deliver the goods for him / her to taste the magic of Mumbai.

But through all this, there is an all-prevading sense of secularism that binds Mumbai and makes it the city it is. Shrines like Haji Ali, Mumbadevi, Mahalakshmi, the fire temples of the Parsis and the churches and cathedrals together form the spirit of Mumbai: Secularism bound by religion.

Mickey Mehta is the self-styled health, fitness and spiritual guru of India

– Mumbai City Info, August Second Half – 2001


What has he got that the other fitness gurus don’t? Priya Pathiyan finds out what makes Mickey Mehta one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the country

“I’m not an outstanding exponent of whatever I do, but by the grace of God, I’m a great teacher,” this, coming from Mickey Mehta, the much sought after fitness trainer, may sound unbelievable, but it explains his unprecedented success.

He started off as a martial arts exponent and health club instructor. “While I was a gym instructor at the Holiday Inn in Oman, I used to teach the residents and staff swimming in my free time. Many of my colleagues came to me over the Thursday-Friday holiday for their swimming from me overnight. That’s how I got the idea for the ‘Learn Swimming in 24 hours’ course that I started at Mumbai’s Hotel Sea Princess.” Apparently, an astrologer had once told him that he would make his fame and fortune from water. “That’s why I took the chance and put my all into that venture.” The fruits of which he is reaping even today. Once he was an established swimming instructor, his metamorphosis into an overall fitness trainer was only a matter of time. And soon, he hopes to have his own television show called Om Nirvana, Om Moksha. “It’s all thanks to four people who’ve influenced me – Osho, Deepak Chopra, Dr Vijaya Venkat and Mahesh Yogi,” he says.

Whether it’s martial arts, swimming, fitness training, spiritual and physical well-being, he’s able to get the message across to his disciples. And disciples there are aplenty – Anil Ambani, KM Birla, Ananya Goenka, Nita Ambani, Diana Hayden, Mr International Aryan Vaid and others.

“I am not interested in people who merely want trainers to help them lose inches. They should have genuine goals,” he says, adding, rather reluctantly, that he does train deserving people who cannot afford his fees, and also gives time to help the disabled.

What’s he got that the other fitness gurus haven’t? The gift of the gab, for one. “I know that I can connect with anyone. I understand people and am able to find ways to make them relate to me,” says Mickey, who believes that if you are balanced and living every moment to its utmost then the question of eating unwholesome, chemically treated foods will just not arise. “When you are tapping into the life force around you, feeling that surge of exhilaration, things like cheese and chocolate will lose their appeal. ”

This enthusiastic, positively charged man, who claims he can see auras has studied many sciences like kundalini yoga, charkas, and more, is a powerful advocate of pure, sattvik food. Mickey claims that he puts his students on the road to a healthier, more spiritually cleansed lifestyle, that allows them to get in touch with the divine. “I don’t promise weight loss, I promise to bring people closer to nirvana and moksha!” says the guru whose own glowing countenance speaks more for him than any before-and-after testimonal.

– Priya Pathiyan, SUNDAY REVIEW, 18 February 2001


When health and fitness guru MICKEY MEHTA says that simply being fit isn’t enough, you can’t help but be surprised. Then he drops the spirituality card, and you know just what he’s talking about. “Health goes beyond fitness, it subtly orients each one of our daily lives,” says this integrated health master who’s recognized as the country’s leading fitness trainer.

Today, as Mr India ARYAN VAID puts his best foot forward amongst over 30 participants from all over the world at the Grasim Mr International 2000 pageant in Jodhpur, its going to be examination time for trainer Mickey as well. “Aryan was not born with an advantageous body frame,” he says. “So I’ve worked on those intricate muscles to get a high level of strength and conditioning on a relatively small frame.”

Then he goes on to tell us about light weights and maximum repetitions to failure, and you realize his passion comes from deep within. So does he think Aryan’s gonna win? “That’s not for me to decide, it’s up to divinity,” says Mickey humbly. “But you can be sure he’s gonna leave a really long lasting impression.”

– BOOMTOWN RAP, Bombay Times, 13 October 2000


Mickey Mehta pledges a harmony of spirituality, vegetarianism and nature’s offerings as the new age mantra for fitness

Mickey Mehta’s philosophy is simple. He recommends rising with the sun, surround and mingle yourself with universal cosmic energy and then use them to charge and translate thoughts, beliefs and convictions into a reality. This is manifestation of mind which is supreme over body. The man best known for the magic he performs on Indian beauty queens and models and top industrialists and powerful media barons, actually prefers not to dwell on his success. At the moment he is consumed with a desire to “transform society”. I am trying to plead people to pledge their service and financial support to start a worldwide campaign against non-vegetarianism, dairy products, smoking, drinking, the use of medical supplements, genetically-engineered foods and any such process which is unethical and abusing the ecology in the name of good health. ”

And the first step in that direction comes from practicing what he preaches. Mickey is not only a pure vegetarian, he also has given up mithai, chocolates and soft drinks – despite an incredibly sweet tooth. But it is not a big deal for him as he insists on leading by example. “I am 110 per cent free of anything refined, processed or un-natural. All these things create an artificial intellect that becomes a breeding ground for all the ill-manifestations that create disharmony. I try myself to be as righteous in making all the choices. As harmony inside is equal to harmony outside.”

– Mumbai Newsline, INDIAN EXPRESS, 28 April 2000


India’s answer to healer Deepak Chopra is none other than Mickey Mehta himself, who does much more than teach swimming and martial arts. In fact, Mickey has trained a whole roster of celebrities in fields ranging from swimming and martial arts to personality development and therapeutic massages. And these celebrities include famous names and faces like Aditya Birla, Helen, Sohail Khan, Padmini Kolhapuri, Ujjwala Raut, Priya Arora, Suman Ranganathan, Suresh Oberoi and many others. Besides, there were the children of celebrities like Salim Khan and Helen, Anuradha Paudwal’s daughter. Padman Khanna’s kids, and currently veejay Raageshwari is training under him after doling out a fat sum of Rs 1 lakh. In December, villain Amrish Puri will also train under Mickey. Some achievement, wot? But Mickey’s ultimate dream, he reveals, is to train none other than the Big B himself, who Mickey says, will come out a more refreshed and relaxed man after training under him.

– BOMBAY TIMES, 18th October 1996


Doubts have been raised recently about the popular Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX and XBX exercise plans

According to Mickey Mehta, to be really productive, any exercise schedule needs a minimum of 10 minutes of warm up. This is almost as long as the entire time span of the 5BX and XBX. The warm up is required for improved blood circulation and to enable the muscles to cope with the additional strain. During the warm up the heart rate accelerates and the body is limbered up. Because the warm up and cooling down provided for are not at all adequate in the 5BX and XBX plan they are not ideal, Mehta says. “There is a very high possibility of the individual injuring himself. Cramps, lower back injuries, ligament tears – all these could be caused as the warm up is not sufficient.” Mehta says the lower back is particularly susceptible to injuries. Bending too hard or coming up with a jerk could cause injury, and, perhaps, untold damage over a period of time.

The XBX and 5BX plans should be followed by people who are already fit or by laymen under careful supervision and montoring. A layman doesn’t know if he’s crossing musculo-skeletal limitations, and may unwittingly head for muscle injuries.” Moreover, if the entire regimen of exercises must be finished in 11 or 12 minutes the person will strive hard to do so and will, consequently, exercise in a tense manner. As a result, due to undue pressure, things could just snap. If the pattern were stretched for an hour or so, it would be more useful.

– Shraddha Jahagirdar-Saxena, TIMES OF INDIA, 10 February 1990


Mickey Mehta is the type of human being who makes me want to spit – out of envy. Manager of the Oberoi Health Club, every muscle in place, this 27-year-old-guru of fitness has a cruel streak in him. Ruthlessly, without a thought for fond hopes for the future, he tells it like it is. There is no way you can get the best out of life without good health. There is no way you enjoy good health, without working hard at it. His message is quite simple – shape up or ship out. And he tells you how to do it.

Holistic approach

“The programmes I conduct at the health club here a combination of everything I have learned, tailored to individuals. Mine is the holistic approach. I attend to mind as well as body. Fitness as a complete subject has always fascinated me and I suppose I was following my instincts.”

– Carol Andrade, AFTERNOON DESPATCH & COURIER, 15 February 1990


The therapeutic value of the massage has been recognized ever since the beginning of medicine, and several techniques are practiced today. Popular among them are those based on the principles of reflexology and shiatsu

The human touch has always had a therapeutic effect on people suffering from either physical or mental strain. In the early fifth century BC, Hippocrates – the ‘father of medicine’ – wrote: “The physician must be experienced in many things but assuredly in rubbing..For rubbing can revitalise a body, alleviate pain/stress; and can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid.”

Today, too, the curative value of the massage is recognized. Over the last 20 years, the science of pressure therapies – scientifically known as shiastsu and reflexology – has developed with the discovery of pressure points, meridians and reflex action points in the human body. These, when stimulated by pressuring and rubbing, activate the flow of ki (inner vital energy) into various zones – thus benefiting the corresponding organs, glands and nerves.

– Mickey Mehta, SATURDAY TIMES


Diet is major determinant of good health and it is completely in your control, unlike the quality of air we breathe, the noise pollution and emotional climate of our surroundings. Nutrition is the only alternate medicine that has tremendous healing and protective power, which works miraculously on your body.

One of the most effective food types is fruits. They are all free from colours, preservatives and emulsifiers. Consumption of these type of foods will make you feel more alive since they are easy to digest and provide all the fibre, vitamins and minerals we need.

Fruits and dry fruits are the natural foods containing substantial quantities of essential nutrients and the best sources of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

Energy boosters:

Fruits are high in fructose (sugar) and water which after consumption not only hydrates the body organisms but also fills it up with energy. It rejuvenates your body.


The fibrous matter of the fruits aid the digestive mechanism of the body. The sugar and organic acids in fruits increase the laxative effect, thus enhance the elimination (bowel movement) process and cures constipation (eat banana, papaya) and also helps in diarrhea due to its binding (pectin) properties eg. apple.


They maintain the acid-alkaline balance in the body.


Fruits are the best sources of vitamins and antioxidants such as vitamin C, A and minerals like sodium, potassium and magnesium. However they contain very low levels of sodium; could be of great help to control hypertension. Fruits are at their best when eaten in the raw and ripe state.


You’ve probably heard, “You shouldn’t eat nuts, they are high in fat.” Now, it’s known that animal fat contributes to heart disease. Although nuts are high in fat, the fat is mostly unsaturated fat, which has a beneficial effect on blood cholesterol levels. Walnuts in particular, are high in alpha-linolenic acid, an essential (n-3 or omega) fatty acid that is protective to the heart and blood circulation.

The protein in nuts is high in arginine, a precursor to nitric oxide, which is important to help keep blood vessels relaxed and open and helps prevent clotting. The minerals especially calcium, phosphorus are essential for strong bones, teeth and sulphur which purifies and activates the body. Thus, an adequate quantity would help the growth of muscular-skeletal structure of the body and also the nervous system.

– By Mickey Mehta, India’s ace holistic & spiritual guru,ASIAN AGE, 19th June2005


….Still bootylicious

Desi actors doin’ the slimming thing aren’t obsessing about weight loss back there

Wife of David Beckham, Victoria, or Posh , as she’s known, went on a diet recently and lost a lot of her butt as a result. In a recent interview, she said, “I have to admit that I have nothing back there. I’ve to stick it out and pretend. Trust me. I look awful naked.”

While Victoria is in a froth about her reduced rear-end , actors back home aren’t as fussy.

Actor Bipasha Basu, who lost a lot of weight on a diet, rubbishes talk that her butt has shrunk. She says her weight loss has been uniform.

Fitness expert Mickey Mehta believes that a good butt “symbolizes the strength of mooladhar (a chakra near the tail-bone) called the seat of kundali. Inappropriate dieting, and a fragmented exercise regime can cause a loss of muscle tissue on your bust and butt.”

– By Rahul Dias, 12th June, 2005, BOMBAY TIMES


It’s time to relegate the business suits to the closet, arm yourself with sunscreen, don the right pair of sunglasses and head for a summer vacation. Fareeda Kanga gives some tips on how to enjoy your vacation without worrying about the effects of the sun.

Swim and stay trim: Swimming is the complete body workout that burns tons of calories without pounding your joints. Don’t know how to swim? Holistic health guru Mickey Mehta claims he can teach anyone the ABC of swimming in 24 hours. According to him, using a combination of Zen philosophy (total surrender of mind and body) and the Samadhi technique (creating a sense of regression into the mother’s womb) even the most water-phobic students students can master swimming. It’s only a matter of time before basics of gliding, pushing and stroke technique get synchronised under his watchful eye. Mehta’s high success rate has earned him a place in the
Limca Book of Records in 1995

“Surrender to the water and befriend it. Rather than you moving, it’ll make you cut through it gracefully,” he promises. Mehta believes the key is to master swimming as an art before tackling it as a sport.” Before trying to swim fast or far, learn to swim slowly with beauty and grace,” he advises.

– Fareeda Kanga, ET VANITIES, Economic Times, 21 May 2005


Pilates has made exercise an, yet challenging mind-body experience. Awaken those ‘powerhouse’ muscles to their true potential..!

According to fitness specialist Mickey Mehta, Director of Health Beyond Fitness, “The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of exercise design to increase physical fitness and strength through the isolation of muscle groups and the slow and gentle repetition of movement. It contains stretching and strengthening exercises that tone muscles, improve posture, provide flexibility, and balance and harmonise the mind and body.”

– Priya Bhimani , L’OFFICIEL , April 2005


A look at some of the makeover artists who’re calling the shots in the Indian television industry.

Mickey Mehta is involved with Channel V’s new offering, Super Singer, another reality show that will shape the destiny of one extraordinary singer. The fitness instructor who has just wrapped up his training sessions with Preity Zinta has been witness to the vast changes in the image makeover industry. He has strong views on the emerging trend of makeovers in the industry. “Ideally, a good makeover artist should never go against the aesthetics and ethics of the programme. I don’t believe in plastic or cosmetic surgery of any kind. If you need to bring a glow on the face, do so with a rigorous exercise schedule coupled with a fabulous diet.”

For pop band Aasma, Mehta prepared a meal plan based on a “Vedic diet, completely vegetarian in nature, with a lot of fruit and vegetable juices, sprouts and hot waterwith ginger and honey, besides organic vegetables”. Along with a healthy diet, a combination of cardiovascular exercises were especially designed for the band.


Want the look? Here’s what it’s going to cost you

Overall Fitness: A holistic approach to good health can sometimes cost even Rs 15,000 per hour

Where to go: Mickey Mehta, Bharat Thakur’s yoga classes

– Abhilasha Ojha, ROUTES: THE GATEWAY MAGAZINE, April 2005


All of us are subjected to time, matter and space and specifically, to factors like light, motion and mass, in the normal course of existence. As a result, we get reduced from being ‘human beings’ to ‘humanoids’. The never-ending chase for unrealistic goals, under high pressure time-frames further deteriorate the quality of our existence. The malfunction of various systems in our body losing out on the ultimate balance of the opposite energies, result in a collapse, ultimately leading to degeneration, erosion and disintegration.

To counter this, one must begin to heal oneself with an integrated approach towards the ficve dimensions of wellness-physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Humans, from the time we are born, are subjected to the force of ‘entropy’, which, in simpler terms, is the ‘universal tendency of orderliness breaking down into disorderliness’, with abuses of the aforementioned kind. As the old adage goes – One never grows old, but when one stops growing, new becomes old.

So how do we continue growing?


There are certain foods that are designed to be digested by the human system. Fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds, grains, herbs, in their most natural, wholesome form, should be consumed seasonally as these have medicinal, healing and regenerative properties for abundant energy.

Always remember to cater to your hunger and not to your appetite. Fulfil it with nourishment and avoid excessive cravings.


Exercise or ‘orderly application of energy for productive physical activity’ is essential to remove all energy blocks, and tenderly challenge the entire musculo-skeletal structure. This results in transcendence of the subject-object duality and in experiencing the transformation into wholeness.

The workouts need to be done on a daily basis, preferably in the morning with thorough warm-ups, slow conscious breathing and contracting every part of the body through yoga or pilates postures, dynamic surya namaskars, slow bouncing activities like jumping jacks, mock skipping for cardio-vascular benefits and boosting stamina and the immune system through lymphatic stimulation, push-ups and pull-ups using your own body weight for strength, power and increasing muscle and bone density and overall muscle tone. Each workout should be finished off with an abdominal workout targeting the lower, upper and mid-abdomen exercises, with slow controlled profound movements. All these will also improve the sense of equilibrium, co-ordination, assist in reaching an ideal metabolic state and give a new lease of life to the nervous system, thereby improving reflexes, responses, alertness, spontaneity, etc.

Last, but not the least, one must either sit or lie down with eyes shut, in a state of pure being, becoming conscious of within and without, thus sinking and connecting with the center of one’s being, where everything comes to a standstill. In this state of bliss, rejuvenation and buoyancy of the spirit grows.

To sum it up, this integration brings about the awareness of being conscious, that one is conscious and that life is completely streamlined and harmonized. In this state, one doesn’t become prey to the predatory systems of the modern era, which makes one wither away with time.

Welcome to anti-aging.

– Mickey Mehta, Fitness expert, TIMES LIFE, 17 April 2005


Thanks to Seventeen, Nisha Mahendra got an opportunity to meet fitness and health expert Mickey Mehta

The experience:

I am quite a fitness freak, and being a professional dancer, exercise has always been important for me. So when I got the opportunity to meet health, fitness and spiritual guru Mickey Mehta, I was going to make the most of it. I met him at his gym ‘Health Beyond Fitness’, an apt name, as it not only tones the body but also the mind and soul. Mr Mehta was extremely warm and friendly. Amidst working on different machines and stretching, he gave me a lot of valuable tips on health and fitness – like the best cardio workout is skipping or doing jack-jumps, instead of just concentrating on the treadmill. I also learnt that in order to get a glowing skin and a fit body, 60 to 70% pf our daily intake of food should consist of raw vegetables! All in all, meeting Mr Mehta was a great learning experience!



Not in the real sense of the word, no. It’s just that Jasmeet Walia is now Jessica Bedi, but you know that already. She’s in an all-new avatar and ready to take on the world. Apart from a physical transformation, she’s also undergone a spiritual transformation of sorts, allowing her to become confident, assertive and dynamic. And it’s thanks to fitness/spiritual guru Mickey Mehta. After our beauty queens and socialites, Mehta is now working his magic on telly stars. Do you hear us complaining? Naah.
– 30 March 2005, MID DAY


Please visit below mentioned link for full press details


For 43-year old Mickey Mehta, the career graph is much longer than most. His first tryst with Bollywood, 23 years ago, was if anything, slightly odd-he was the double for an actress in a fight scene. When he began training, the only Oberoi in Hindi films was Suresh and Company’s Chandu was still a six-year-old in training pants. For Rs 400 a month, Mehta assisted the senior Oberoi through his routines in a rudimentary gym. Today, Mickey charges about Rs 15,000 per session. A fee his latest client, Preity Zinta-who’s been in training for Salaam Namaste-probably has in pocket change. “My clients can afford to pay the price for my expertise. If they’re cheap, then they don’t deserve me,” says the self-described holistic health and spiritual guru.

Mickey insists the fees are worth the services he provides, including meditation sessions, even prayers. “I transform them from paranoid humanoids to wholesome human beings.” While he’s the best judge of what that means, the economic and professional benefits these health gurus enjoy definitely make the sweat worth it. For instance, Ram Gopal Varma has cast his trainer Sherwi as a villain.

– The Sunday Express, EYE, 27th March 2005


Creating brand ambassadors out of so many contestants is not a easy task, A very unique aspect of the extensive training session of the Pond’s Femina Miss India contest (PFMI) is the fitness and nutrition session.

This cathartic session extends beyond toning the body to grooming the mind as well. This is where Mickey Mehta the holistic health and spiritual transformation expert and official nutritionist for the PFMI, steps in. This is Mickey’s 11 year with the PFMI.

“The training takes care of five dimensions of wellness: physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual. The aspirants are taught through Zen philosophies that they have to expand their consciousness to understand that they are not competing but are contesting and participating” say Mickey.

“I firmly believe that the contestants who cry when they do not win the crown are the ones who have not put in their best efforts. They have to realize that it is not the best with the over-confident attitude who wins, but rather it is the chosen one,” assets Mickey. He adds “Miss India is the woman of substance with grace benevolence and beauty one who represents India with Indian values. She unintentionally intimidates other participants in the international contest because she is groomed to be par excellence.”

The healthy mind however needs an effective and inspiring voice to express itself. Erica D’Souza, the official ‘Voice imaging’ trainer for the PFMI teaches the contestants how to enhance their personalities with their voices, build confidence and stage presence and sharpen speech and communication skills.

This contest has a tremendous variety of girls with individual sounds and accents.

“Very few of these girls have been exposed to media. PFMI is the platform where every word you say counts if one speaks intelligently but not clearly, words lose their impact. The contestants have to know that clarity is the essence of speech” says Erica.
– Bombay Times , March 2005


An import of the west, Shalinee Chowdhury masters the turns and twists of this new exercise

“I was looking for a form of exercise that is beneficial yet gentle,” says Rhea Dutt-Pillai,” and I found it in pilates.” Rhea isn’t the only known face to join the pilates bandwagon. What started with Hollywood divas Jennifer Aniston and Madonna, has rapidly caught on with our very own swish set.

Pilates is an exercise programme that combines the fluidity of dance, the flexibility of yoga and the strengthening of benefits of gym-based workouts without the mindless bone-jarring.

Queenie Dhody who goes for pilates classes says, “I had heard about people in Hollywood taking it up. I read up a bit and then decided to enroll.” Dhody, who works out for twenty minutes each day, claims pilates has helped strengthen her core muscles and improve breathing and stamina.

“Pilates is a derivation of yoga sans the transcendence factor,” explains Mickey Mehta, holistic health and fitness guru, “It is more physical and involves coordination, control, stability and balance.”

So what makes pilates a choice for exercise? “Anyone can workout the pilates way – even those with physical limitations such as arthritis, diabetes or an injury,” says trainer Ava Verma, who qualified from the Pilates Institute, London. Mehta adds that “it is also a gradual process of weight loss.”

For Minerva White, resident of Colaba, pilates was a method of improving her posture. ” I joined the pilates classes in order to relieve my backache,” says White who has been attending class for the last six months. “I can tell the difference. I can no longer have a paunch,” says the thirty-nine-year-old mother of two, adding, “My lower back is stronger and I no longer suffer back aches.”

However, there is unanimous agreement that a trained instructor is an absolute must. “Mumbai doesn’t have too many certified pilates trainers,” admits Leena Mogre, CEO of a reputed city gym. Mogre who attended an eight-day pilates workshop in USA claims that it doesn’t make her qualified to teach.

The programme which trainers claim is a “scientific method” needs a patient student. And that it seems are a growing breed.

– Shalinee Chowdhury, DOWNTOWN PLUS, 4 March 2005


Pond’s Femina Miss India announces 23 aspirants from a staggering 9,300 applicants, vying for the prestigious crown. But on whose pretty head will this coveted crown rest? Wait and watch, until March 27

Every breath you take, every move you make, every smile you fake, I’ll be watching you…

The expert panel for the Pond’s Femina Miss India 2005 is mirroring these exact sentiments once crooned by Sting. Whether it is putting the 23 contestants on a strict vegetarian Saatvik diet, or teaching impeccable table manners, or Modulating voices to a perfect pitch, the panelists are keeping them under the scanner.

The ‘finished’ product (products, actually) — a stunning bevy of 23 perfectly groomed beauties that would take on the World and maybe even the Universe — would be for the world to see.

A brief encounter with the participants, during lunch hour, revealed that a ‘Saatvik diet lunch’ had been prepared specially for them. The menu comprised jowar and bajra rotis, veggies sans oil and spices, dal, brown rice, salads and fruits.

Mickey Mehta, the trainer and official nutritionist said, “This is the first time in the world and in history of beauty pageants that a Saatvik diet has been introduced.”

“I used to eat non-veg food regularly. But ever since I’ve been here, I’ve switched over to being a vegetarian,” voices Gwen Athaide, one of the contestants. Amrita Thappar, another contestant, adds, “It tastes just like home-cooked meals. Besides it has done wonders to my skin. It also serves as a detox for the mind.”

To complement the Saatvik diet are yoga and pranayaam sessions with Mickey from 6.30 to 8.30 in the mornings. Says Hufriya Bhivandiwala, another aspirant, “We keep indoors all the time. Mickey’s sessions are carried in open air and sunlight. Besides his workouts don’t feel like workouts and are still beneficial. We do yoga, pilates, agility drills, boot camp and pranayaam which are soothing for the mind.”

The training sessions, currently taking place at ITC Grand Central, in Parel, Mumbai are in full swing and will continue till March 26. The official sponsors this year, besides Pond’s, are Kiah and Swarup Group of Industries.

Ask the contestants if they would be disappointed, if they failed to don the crown and they declare, “There are no real losers or winners. A winner is a winner even before she wins.” Well, spoken in true Pond’s Femina Miss India spirit! Great going, gals!

– Linah Baliga, Bombay Times, Mar 2005

This batch has a lot of potential: Mickey Mehta
By Lata Khubchandani

Please visit below mentioned link for full press details


Each of the 23 aspirants of the Pond’s Femina Miss India 2005 already looks like a winner. But what is the secret behind their glowing radiance?

‘Yatha pinde; tatha brahmande’ …if that sounds like Sanskrit to you; well, it is! Mickey Mehta, the holistic health and spiritual guru, and official fitness and nutrition consultant for the Pond’s Femina Miss India (PFMI) 2005 contest, translates the phrase, “It simply means: As is the atom, so is the universe, and it is this philosophy that forms the basis of the saatvik diet: As is the food, so will be the body and mind.”

In a special ‘food-meet’ held at WG’s Kebabs & Kurries, the exclusive Indian restaurant at ITC Grand Central — the official hospitality partner for PFMI, the svelte contenders gorged on various dishes that were based on the saatvik diet principle.

“This body friendly diet is sourced from the Ayurveda. It comprises food which cleanses, revitalises, and energises the body while calming the mind,” explained Mickey.

Saatvik diet is an extension of the vegan diet, though it has additional restrictions. Executive chef, Ramesh Upadhyay says, “The food includes ingredients which are unprocessed, unrefined and unpreserved. We had to follow detailed instructions to ensure that the food is fresh with minimal loss of nutrients.”

This prescription diet for the participants is not only high on health, but also on taste. And we have the contestants’ word for it. “The food is really yummy, and tastes so much like home-made food unlike the regular hotel fare,” said Ira, a PFMI aspirant.

Aushima, another candidate was a bit unhappy though, “I love the food, but am restricted to a particular diet, so I can’t have what is on Shivani’s (co- contestant) plate, which looks more appetising,” she quipped while surreptitiously trying to steal a bite from the latter’s plate.

However, they all agreed that save for the occasional craving for junk food; they are enjoying the diet, and swear by its healthy ‘side-effects’ — the ‘Perfect 10’ figure.

Yes, the ancient Indian diet is definitely making our Indian beauties glow with confidence as they gear up for the beauty expedition. And now will someone pass the rock-salt please…

– Ashish Samanta- Bombay Times, Mar 2005


Will Sunday’s Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon create an impact on the fitness culture of the city’s dwellers? Not really, say some within Mumbai’s health fraternity.

Experts observe that fitness was only a luxury limited to the classes. Clearly, it was absent amongst the city’s burgeoning masses.

According to sports medicine expert Dr Anant Joshi, who has treated Sachin Tendulkar, it was not enough to pick one day in a year to patronise physical recreation. “It is like a New Year Resolution,” he laughed. “It is hailed for one day, but what about the rest of the year?”

While he acknowledged that it was a right step in directing our city’s largely unhealthy citizen’s towards some kind of awareness, Dr Joshi felt that the audience being targeted was miniscule.

“Of course, this year we have the dabbawallahs taking part. But the cream is from the upper-middle and upper classes.

“There is a glamour in events such as this, but the real solution is taking awareness to the grassroot levels, he pointed out.

Fitness specialist Mickey Mehta took Dr Joshi’s point further. “Is there a regulatory mechanism for ensuring that only fit people take part in this marathon?

“Running even seven kilometers is unwanted aggression on the body. Just watch. Once the marathon is over, most participants will spend two to three days recuperating,” he said. “It is still fine for those who enjoy sports, not for everyone.”

But Dr Joshi did offer words of encouragement. “More marathons at regular intervals will create more awareness and participation.

Agreeing to this point was former India cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin – the brand ambassador of marathon – saying That creating awareness needed long-term vision.

But he added a note of caution: “While there should be a concerted effort in this direction, the involvement of too many people will spoil the outcome. Fitness is after all up to the individual”

Mehta and Dr Joshi summed up that it is only when a fitness culture is inculcated at the school and college levels, can the city’s health graph grow.

Both experts also slammed the fitness programs being initiated in gymnasiums and health clubs.

“Fitness development should never be given time-frames. It has happen on its own,” Mehta pointed out. “Besides, fitness has not just the physical dimension, but psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions as well.”

Asked about what the government’s involvement should be, but Dr Joshi said ministers and chief ministers needed to actually take part in events like the marathon. “They should not just inaugurate the event and do a few laps. They can create an impact. Mehta, however, said the government was too busy with other issues. “They have no motive in sports,” he said.

– Chitrabhanu R Kadalayil, SUNDAY MID DAY, 16 January 2005


Quit procrastinating! Get onto your nutrition and fitness goals with this special 2005 Health Chart created by health guru, MICKEY MEHTA

What does it mean to be a healthy person? Health involves working with a healthcare provider, doctor or others to do the recommended screening tests. Health involves being informed about your own body and regular examinations of how you live your life, so the things that are most important to get regular time and attention. Finally just as health involves connecting to the outside world, health also involves looking inside, nearsightedness, which is nothing but mental health, spiritual health, or religious health. Exercise, nutrition, rest and meditation will lead you to attain health. To get started, target yourself at a 3 months, 6 months and 12 months fitness programme.

Avoid the following:

  • Skipping meals, fast foods, whole milk products, processed foods, salt-free diets, liquid diets, crash diets, fad diets and appetite suppressants
  • Very high impact training
  • Barefoot training

– ROUGE, Times of India, 8 January 2005


India’s ace holistic health guru, MICKEY MEHTA, dishes the dirt on ‘fad diets’

Wowing to our lifestyle conditions, eating habits, genetic inheritance or health disorders, at some stage in our lives each of us has turned to a diet to save us from the clutches of those ugly, unwanted pounds. So now you have low fat, zero fat, low carbs, no carbs, high protein and co. to depend on. End result: we lose the physiological functional balance of our body.

A common man/woman being unaware of the nutritional values in food and their required allowances to the body, very easily becomes the victim of these myths or fad diets in order to lose weight. In doing so, he/she ignores the deteriorating effects of such actions on the body and mind. And thereby becomes an unknowing victim to the myths and misconceptions about food and dietary patterns, which are easily available off the shelf in the market.


FICTION: Low fat foods are low in calories, so it helps you lose weight.

Fact: To cater to the demand for low fat foods, manufacturers are now producing many items that can be advertised as low fat. Trouble is, when you look at the label, the high carb content is often comprised of sugars of one kind or another. It could be have many other different types of sugar in it. Even some of the more conservative health “experts” agrees that a diet high in sugars is unhealthy. Foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, aspartame as the main sweetener, could lead to gastric discomfort in some people.

FICTION: Zero fat food is the best for your heart and the quickest way to lose weight

Fact: Fat is an essential component of diet and serves a number of functions in the body. Fat is a concentrated source of energy, twice more than protein or carbohydrates. Presence of fat is required for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Apart from this, there are other fats as essential fatty acids, derived from vegetable sources are required for structure and functions of cells. In your diet, one-third the calories should come from fat.

Note: We all need a balance between protein, fat and carbohydrates, and this balance seems to vary. But a balanced diet is the key to good health.

– ROUGE, Times of India, 25th December 2004


Once disapproving of beauty contests, India is now a veritable Miss World factory, with anxious mothers, exhausting training and Botox all playing their part. Malavika Sangghvi reports on why India smiles better.

In a suburban hotel in Mumbai, 30 pretty girls clad in leotards are making decidedly unladylike noises and faces as they heave themselves up and down the stairs, crawl on their knees across the lawn and lunge until their faces turn blue.

It is only seven in the morning, and the girls have a good two hours to go before they will be given a short break to have their vegetable juices and vitamins. Their trainer, a muscular man called Mickey Mehta who bears an uncanny resemblance to Freddie Mercury (in fact, he hails from the same community of Zoroastrians), is proud of the fact that he cuts the girls no flak. ‘ We’re working on her abs,’ he says with a proprietary air, pointing out the flab around one girl’s hips. At one he screams: ‘Get focused,’ even as he exhorts a third to ‘breath deep and concentrate’.

None of the girls seem to mind; in fact, they seem to have left not only their egos, but also their inhibitions behind on this balmy November morning. The hard work is not in vain. They are Indian beauty-pageant finalists, and three of them will go on to win the Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss India Pacific titles the very next year.

– Malavika Sangghvi, HARPER & QUEEN, November 2004


To look at health as ‘wholesome’ is to follow a programme that focuses on all the five physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual – collectively. When beginning such a programme, the objective should be very clear. It is for cleansing the body, refining, nourishing, rejuvenating, revitalizing, energising the self, and also for strengthening and bringing it to the right proportionate shape and tone.

Following a Diet Plan

  • For rejuvenation of the self, avoid food that is processed, refined with additives, artificially sweetened and coloured, and deep fried. No tea or coffee is allowed. In other words-stick to the naturals.
  • Remember – what you eat is what you become!
  • For those on a moderate weight-loss programme, begin the day with two glasses of fresh vegetable juice comprising lauki, tomatoes, spinach and fenugreek leaves and a half lemon. The juice should be unstrained, unrefrigerated and without seasoning.
  • For breakfast – one bowl of sprouts with your favorite seasoning is sufficient.
  • Lunch should comprise of any no-oil vegetable with two simple small chappatis (made of jowar / bajra, and not wheat) And mind you, it’s ‘no grease’ strictly. The evening snack can be had at 4.30pm, and it’s a bowl of sprouts again. As for dinner, make a conscious effort to complete this meal by sunset or latest by 7pm – this is very important. And keep it cereal free. Have a clear soup with a no-grease vegetable. You can have a salad if you like. There should be no food intake after this.

The writer Mickey Mehta is a holistic healer & spiritual guru, and one of India’s best-known fitness experts.
– WEDDING AFFAIR, Volume 6 Issue 3, 2004 ARPER


  • I wannabe a wannabe Sailing Gautam’s dhow at night Coffee with Karan and Guddu at dawn Breakfast with Parmesh and Hurley and Hawn I wannabe a wannabe Hair streaked and cut by Danny Ramona and I doing sea weed facial Art of Living class with Rhea, manicure with Annie
  • I wanna be a wannabe Shobhaa, Simi, best friends mine Always wearing Shahab and Tarun Always carrying Prada and Loius Vuitton
  • I air-kissing, SMS-sending wannabe Courier bringing invites by dozen From Alex, AD, Kishen and Mark I smoking cigar with Ash after dark
  • I buying Hussain, I BUYING Menon Keeping big car, small dog in house PDA, IPOD, small phone, big office Also latest Apple, along with mouse
  • I going England, I going France Eating, drinking, doing dance Champagne, oysters, foie gras Night in Paris-morning Provence
  • I looking god, keeping fit wannabe Anjali, Jamuna, Mickey and Cory Botox, massage, cycle and gym Yoga, tai-chi, reiki between Anil my friend Kumar, Vijay, Anand and Anu Calling me home, giving me wine I so happy-know not what to do
  • I one hundred per cent certified wannabe Always picture in the press From all wannabes in whole world I say Mumbai wannabe wannabe is best.

– Malavika Sangghvi, Bombay Times, 04 November 2004

HUP…..2,3,4, !

Holistic health guru Mickey Mehta recommends exercises for children….

As children have a low tolerance level for strength-training programmes, they should focus on stimulation lifting techniques and not heavy weight training. A few general guidelines should be followed before they start exercising:

  • Warm up and stretch before resistance training
  • Allow one or two ‘rest days’ between workouts
  • Focus on form and technique
  • Drink plenty of water at room temperature water before, during and after workouts

– TIMES OF INDIA, 14 November 2004


India’s ace holistic health guru, MICKEY MEHTA clues you into how to stay hail and hearty through the festive season

DIWALI is a festival of diyas or a festival of goodies: mithai, chocolates, fried snacks, soft drinks, alcohol, etc. An ingestion of such festive foods, infest our bodies with loads of toxins and have a disintegrating and degenerating effect on our body and mind. It can lead to serious physical dysfunctions such as obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems and kidney irregularity, indigestion, acidity, insomnia and the intensification of emotional imbalances. Main ingredients found in these foods are sugar, refined flour, salt and chemical additives that enhance flavour and colour – and extend shelf life. Their constant ingestion will lead to immense imbalances in our physiological state and bring collapses in the body’s mechanisms.

Serious observations show that there are two complimentary dietary processes that go on in the human body: nourishing and cleansing. If we do not regulate them with proper dietary habits, the body gradually builds up toxins. Therefore, one needs to detoxify and cleanse the whole system, since sweets, chocolates and alcohol have abused your body.

– ROUGE, TIMES OF INDIA, 13 November 2004


Combat stress the healthiest way possible – by eating happy foods! India’s ace holistic health guru, MICKEY MEHTA, shows you how.

Don’t to avoid stress

  1. Don’t eat sugar in any form (though the body craves for sugar in stress) such as jam, sugar, honey, jaggary. Indian sweets or cake.
  2. Avoid protein sources from non-vegetarian products as they build up toxin levels in the body besides they are very high in fat.
  3. Avoid fatty fried snacks like samosas and farsan, and products like cheese, whole Milk, curds, thick shakes, ice-creams.
  4. Avoid starchy vegetables including potatoes, yam, peas, etc.
  5. Avoid excess fat consumption such as oil, butter and ghee.
  6. Avoid junk food like potato chips, burgers and pizzas.
  7. Avoid canned foods as they contain lots of sodium which increases hypertension.

– Rouge, TIMES OF INDIA, 30 October 2004


Mickey Mehta, a leading Holistic Health and Spiritual Therapist is one of the biggest internationally acclaimed ‘Health and Fitness’ icons in India. His few achievements include the Limca Book of Records for his “Learn Swimming in 24 Hours”, Health programmes on TV, a Global Ambassador and Official spokesperson for Himalayan mineral water and much more. In this tete-a-tete interview with Shaili Kamra, he provides a deeper insight into the evolution of this fitness icon…


Turning point in life…

In the year 1976, martial arts was at its peak with the movie, ‘Enter The Dragon’. My cousin brother was very involved in this. He went on to do black belt and much more and also taught the same in suburbs. Nevertheless, seeing them practicing, I use to emulate them in the private confines of my home. I used to sweat so much that there used to be a pool of water around me. This initiated my first spark towards health and fitness.

Natural and healthy nutrition…

Natural nutrition is all about eating the right food, wherein 80 per cent of it is raw. This is because raw food is vibrant and alive

Spirituality and health…

Minus spirituality, health goes for a toss. This is because your organic totality can be attained only when the spiritual component is alive. You could be fit (shape, size, strength, stamina), but not healthy.

Alternate and dangerous methods people adopt to maintain themselves…

These are fads and illusions that people cannot live up to. This is why most centers like this cannot sustain. They have to create hype or bring in new fads to keep up the interest of the people.

The non-vegetarian culture…

Non-vegetarian food to talk about on grass root level is unethical because you are killing and eating. Millions of animals are being killed everyday. If from the hygiene point of view, the WHO is now endorsing non-vegetarian food as the most toxic diet ever on earth.

You have created a record for teaching swimming in 24-hours…

Teaching swimming in one day is no big deal. 75 per cent of the body is water, 80 per cent of the brain is water, nine months we’ve stayed in water, and so we have an affinity to water. One needs to re-establish this affinity if it is distributed by any anxieties, phobias or negative experiences. Once you establish this, the mind and body relaxes in water and then floats on it. The person’s movements then decide as to what swimming style suits him or her. The will power and keenness of the person to learn is what really matters.

THE WORK-MIND-SOUL ZONE On the work front…

I have inter-weaved ideologies, philosophies and the essence of the Vedas, Yoga, Zen, Tao, Tantra, and the like using their applications to help transform lives and lifestyles for the better.

Prior to the quest for ultimate fulfillment…

I was a martial arts instructor to various institutions and also worked with various international hotels in India and abroad as a Health Club Manager, which lay foundation for my fruitful endeavour which then lead me to the path that I am treading today with transformation, transcendence and constant evolution for a never ending quest to ‘Heal the world’.

The concept of ‘Health Beyond Fitness’…

With 21-years of professional experience backed by studies and extensive research, I evolved the concept of ‘Health Beyond Fitness’, which covers an exhaustive spectrum of expertise in physical fitness, mind science and spiritual growth through revolutionary methods. My effort of ‘Health Beyond Fitness’ and prime objective is to liberate the human society from suffering of diseases, ailments, surgeries, trauma of pain (of hospitalization) and make this life fulfilled with love, peace and harmony, through transforming of the gross and transcendence of the subtle.

THE SOUL-MIND-BODY ZONE The social angle…

Recently, I served YPO’s (Young Presidents Organization) at the Reliance Petrochemicals Jamnagar YPO retreat and also did an exclusive workshop for YPO’s Calcutta, conducted a health awareness workshop for the CXO IBM meet at Bangalore and am still a regular speaker at various Rotary Clubs and have also been a speaker to IMC ladies wing. Right now, I’m engaged in a major global movement underway for spreading vegetarianism and a world free of smoke and alcohol, for prevention of abuse to the ecology thus protecting Mother Nature.

Your gurus…

It’s been seven years that I’ve deeply delved into mind science and spiritual evolution. Some gurus have been a great inspiration to me like Maharishi Mahesh Yogiji, Deepak Chopra, Osho. Also Ms. Vijaya Venkat , one of the leading nutritionists has been my mentor.

The key to manage stress…

Attitude is the key to a stress free life. Stress exists only in perception and not in reality and in the mind that is not present in the present. One must believe and have conviction in what one does.

Message to readers…

Make the best of life that you live and every moment that is packed in life. Don’t see how many moments you have in your life, but how many lives you have in every moment.

– ONTRACK SUBURB, July 04 – July 10, 2004


Channel (V) Get Gorgeous, presented by LG CDMA and powered by Elite, goes on air this Thursday, July 1, at 8.00pm. The 13-episode series aims at offering drama and excitement of a nationwide search to identify the women of 16 years and above who have what it takes the potential to get gorgeous.

The chosen 16 will be taken to Goa where an expert panel consisting of renowned finess instructor Mickey Mehta, ace lens man Sameer Parekh, well-known choreographers Tanya and Aparna, designer Aparna Chandra and make-up expert Ambika Pillai along with Hemant Trivedi will be all set to transform these 16 beauties into India’s next super-models.

– exchange4media Mumbai Bureau


“My priority is health beyond fitness. Fitness is the lowest denomination of health. I believe health is the pinnacle of wellness.” Says holistic and fitness guru Mickey Mehta. Mickey has attained a state good health through “cleansing, purifying, refining, culturing, cleansing and rejuvenating.” For over two decades, Mickey has been practicing conscious breathing, which he does through the day. “Breathing and meditation is a part of my life. It’s rejuvenating and makes you total, vibrant and dynamic.” His gym regime comprises stretching, contractions, agility drills, postures and meditation.

It’s been five years since he turned vegetarian due to ethical reasons and started following a strict saatvik diet. “I wanted my body to be sacred for my soul to reside in. I eat wholesome, natural food and abstain completely from alcohol, nicotine, tea, pastries etc,” Expounding on the benefits of turning of turning vegetarian Mickey says, “I feel more evolved, enlightened and my energy levels have soared. I also practice cosmic nutrition – breathing fresh air, gazing at planets and giving and taking energy from the earth.”

The principles of organic wellness, which Mickey adheres to refer to the togetherness of mind, body and soul. “Perceptually, the mind and the body are different but in reality they are one. There’s a lovely line that goes, I’m not the body, I’m not the mind. I’m the one who has the body and the mind.” Stress is something he refers to as “a psychological artifact – something that does not exist in reality. As a principle, I breathe, eat, rest, exercise, meditate and pray right. This is the procedure for what I’m striving for – transcendence – to go beyond karma.”

– Kanaka Singh, BOMBAY TIMES, 25 May 2004


If beauty is more than skin-deep, Mumbai debates whether models should enter pageants after plastic surgery..

The Lakshmi Pandit controversy in the recent Ponds Femina Miss India beauty pageant has brought the rules of beauty pageants into focus. Pandit returned her crown after it was alleged that she was married, flouting rules stating all contestants had to be single.

Contestants can be disqualified on various grounds like lying about age, marital status or address. They can also be debarred if they indulge in ‘improper’ conduct after winning the contest.

But if natural beauty counted at all, a cosmetic surgeon’s appointment book would not be littered with names from the glamour world. Says holistic health trainer Mickey Mehta, “Corrective cosmetic surgery is more to bring the participant on par with other contestants, not give him/her an added advantage. In the case of athletes, dope is unethical because it is very dangerous, altering even your mental balance and in certain cases, leading to death. Besides, it is not just beauty, but intelligence, personality and confidence that the participants are judged on. Cosmetic surgery does not alter those.

– Hemal Ashar
MID-DAY, 4 April 2004


Holistic health trainer Mickey Mehta says he helps his clients develop an organically mentally and spiritually balanced body.

Trriing! Trring! “Be in utmost passivity. Let quiteude be your state. Let your mind dissolve into awareness progress into consciousness. Let Consciousness take you beyond nothingness, hollowness, emptiness and wholeness and may you be in blissful harmony. ” This is not a discourse by a religious scholar but the voice mail of Mickey Mehta, one of India’s finest and highest paid holistic health therapists whose “blood is deep into spirituality, deep into faith, deep into prayers”

Fitness and spiritual trainer and advisor to Femina Miss India (Femina Elite Model and Femina Look of the Year) Grasim Mr India and Mr International , Ford Super Model beauty and personality pageants, Mehta says “Beauty is not just skin deep. The quality, characteristics, personality of a woman are far beauty, This is what I inculcate in all Miss India Contestants, I tell them to be vibrant, have deep gravity, charisma and aura, be simple, humble human beings, ever supporting causes and becoming brand ambassadors against poverty, against abuse to ecology and other such issues” A perfect body according to him, is that which is “Organically , healthy, mentally in equilibrium, spiritually evolved and integrated” And a perfect woman is the one who is absolutely deeply compassionate and loving, caring who genuinely knows how to woo a man (not superficially), very warm, very patient, ever accommodating, ever forgiving, ever so sweet….” Mehta promptly admits how difficult it is to find such a woman.
– Rashna Ardsher,
Parsiana May 2003


Health Education Library for People enters the Limca Book of Records, for longest running series of talks on health awareness

Dr Hufrish Suraliwala, the lady who started it all is a practising dentist. She has found HELP in the Limca Book of Records, for the longest running series of talks on health awareness. Not that the Limca Book is a totally new area for Suraliwala since she is a consultant to its medical sciences section. But to have organized the most talks to ever take place.that’s no mean feat.

Says Dr Suraliwala, “The emphasis is on quality. We hand-pick our speakers, selecting those who are the most prominent in their field of expertise. Recently we had Mickey Mehta, the holistic health exponent, conducting a talk. He is so popular that we had to invite him for the third time to give a talk” says Suraliwala

– Georgina L Maddox
INDIAN EXPRESS, 25 February 2003

Talking HELPS: Experts

HELP Talks, run by the Health Education Library for People at Kemps Corner, has gained entry into the Limca Book Records 2003 edition for the longest running series of talks on health awareness in the country.

Says the medical information manager of HELP, Dr Hufrish Suraliwala “These talks are aimed at making Mumbai’s citizen’s savvy patients by empowering them with authentic health information provided by leading authorities of different medical specialities”

Mickey Mehta, one of the regular holistic health speakers and a consultant to HELP believes “A holistic natural approach is where nothing is disregarded, and the focus is not fragmented on an ailment or disease or symptom, but instead focused on the wellness in totality. It deals with the organic unity of the body and not just cure, but the growth of the health fountain within”

– DOWNTOWN PLUS, Times of India, 28 February 2003


Healing naturally

Therapist Mickey Mehta’s holistic healing sessions at HELP, Om Chambers, Kemps Corner are drawing in the crowds. The last session also witnessed overwhelming response. Says captain DP Malhotra, who attended the last session, “The breathing exercises have reduced the numbness that I was feeling in my left jaw by around 40-50 per cent. And the breathing exercises have also considerably controlled negative emotions.”

– Sudeshna Chatterjee
DOWNTOWN PLUS, Times of India, 24 May 2002


The Youth Wing of the World Zoroastrian Organisation (WZO), India, had been contemplating a seminar on health for quite some time. We had first been thinking of having a cardiologist address us. But we gave up on the idea as at our age we have more problems of the heart than heart problems per se. So we unanimously agreed on having a seminar on fitness and nutrition.

Fitness guru, Mickey Mehta and Iyengar yoga instructor Zubin Zarthostimanesh very promptly and graciously agreed to oblige and share their experience with us. The venue chosen was the Cusrow Baug Pavilion.

Mickey Mehta has a record for teaching swimming in 24 hours. This has got a mention in the Limca Book of Records. Mickey is instrumental for the svelte figures of models, beauty queens, business barons and other celebrities.

In an animated discourse, he emphasized the importance of vegetarianism and healthy living. With a missionary zeal he urged the gathering to avoid dairy products and instead eat fibrous foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. He threw light on the power of prayer and how the phonetics of prayers & religious chants can soothe troubled minds.

– Dr Hufrish Suraliwala
Jame-E-Jamshed, 10 September 2000


Attaining a perfect-10 figure is no easy task. AINDRILA MITRA shows seven easy ways to burn the extra kilos faster

You’ve often wondered how to muster that surfboard tummy, the bootylicious rear and toned limbs. To get there is no easy feat, especially when time is a constraint. Rewind: the innumerable trial and error exercise patterns, yoga, Pilates etc! But what most women overlook are the essential factors that help burn fat faster, repeat, real fast…..


As Mickey Mehta, holistic health guru elucidates, “Ingestion results in blood gush which is withdrawn during working out. Therefore it is imperative to keep the stomach more or less empty before exercising.”


“Breathing regulates the metabolic rate,” says Mehta. So regulated inhalation and exhalation should be followed.


If you’re wondering whether to hit the thread-mill just after you’ve completed a heavy session of weight training, then don’t think twice! As Mehta mentions, “Always go by bio-feedback. Cardio actually helps to cool down after weight training. It’s advisable to walk on the thread-mill at an easy pace, depending on fatigue rate.”


Don’t you get bored donning the same top, the same pair of denim, similar hair-dos everyday? It’s human tendency to detest monotony and it’s true with exercises as well. Mehta says, “Continuing the same exercise over a long period of time may lead to flat response. So there has to be a break in the pattern. The body always responds more to something that’s new, be it motion or exercise.”


A slouch is never an attractive element, and if it becomes a deterrent to getting rid of the extra flab, it’s definitely a no, no! Mehta explains while slouching one doesn’t hold oneself up. Then the posture expends energy, which increases BMR.


Training in intervals can be very effective. There are two ways to losing fat: the low-intensity-long duration cardio and the other one is to cut down on the duration and follow a high-intensity work-out to lose body fat. This increases the cardiac output.


Is it enough just to cycle for hours on end, with no real effects showing on your body? Here in, comes the significance of light weights. Twelve repetitions are must per exercise. One can use one’s body weight as well for exercising chest, triceps and back through push-ups, says Mehta. That way, the muscles also get stronger.

– ROUGE, 24 December 2005


Behind every actor there’s a personal trainer calling the shots. Sushmita Biswas reports

Mickey Mehta

Yashraj Studios likes to make sure that its stars look trim. So when Salaam Namaste was being shot, Mickey Mehta was told to make sure that Preity Zinta looked her perky best.

“Aditya Chopra briefed me about the character Preity played and thus, began our 45-days gruelling schedule where I transformed her both physically and mentally,” says Mehta. Swimming and underwater aerobics, for which Mehta is famous, formed part of Zinta’s schedule.

Others who keep shipshape with Mehta include top industrialists Anil Ambani, Kumaramangalam Birla and Vindi Banga and movie stars like Bipasha Basu, Mallika Sherawat, Suresh Oberoi, Diana Hayden and Aryan Vaid to name a few. He has also trained Miss India contestants and is the official fitness instructor to serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin and reality shows like Fame Gurukul.

Mehta who’s a judo instructor and a swimming coach likes to mix his disciplines. He throws in everything from meditation and yoga postures to free-hand cardiovascular bouncing drills. He’s also likely to use Pilates training, abdominal workouts along with pranayama and suryanamaskars. The fee for this holistic package comes close to Rs 20,000 an hour. He has four gyms in Mumbai, and is planning to open more all over the country.

A strict disciplinarian, Mehta even dropped actress Priyanka Chopra from his schedule when she was competing for the Miss India title. “I don’t like students who opt for short-cuts to fitness. You cannot have a great figure without going through a rigorous training session.” he says.

Mickey Mehta’s stressbusters: Meditation, discipline and a positive attitude.

– GRAPHITI, The Telegraph Magazine, 18 December 2005


Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic disease that affects the joints, particularly the hands, feet and knees, but other parts of the body can also be affected. The joints ache and swell, which leads to bent and deformed joints, resulting in restriction of movement, stiffness and extreme pain. It is observed that warm water or a hot tub relaxes tense muscles, reduces pain and stiffness in the joints and enables the body to exercise with ease. Water exercises are a gentle way to work joints and muscles. Warm water raises your body temperature, causing your blood vessels to dilate and increase circulation. As water enables joints to have free movement it also acts as resistance to help build muscle strength.

A spa or pool provides buoyancy that helps you to relax and exercise your joints. Pools offer more space than hot tubs, allowing for more vigorous exercises, including strengthening and aerobic exercises.

After entering a spa or pool, relax and enjoy the soothing water. Wait till your muscles and joints feel more comfortable and relaxed. Slowly begin your exercise routine. Allow enough time after exercising to relax muscles again before getting out of the water.

Precautionary advice

Extremely hot water is not safe. Mild heat is just as effective and easier for the body to tolerate.

Remember that individuals react differently to heat; if you start feeling light-headed or nauseous, get out of the water immediately.

If joint swelling, stiffness or pain increases, discontinue exercise and consult your doctor. Never consume alcohol while in the hot tub. These may cause drowsiness or a change in blood pressure.

– By Mickey Mehta, a spiritual guru
ASIAN AGE, 12 December 2005


Carol Gracias: Model

What’s your experience with diets?

Before I started modeling, I put myself on a diet. I did lose weight but I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. The diet Mickey Mehta put me on really worked well for me. I could basically eat whatever I enjoyed, but in moderation. It was wholesome food without the unnecessary oil and spices. Right now I’m following a diet my model friend Ignatius has put me on. I can eat everything, except whatever disagrees with my blood group, namely sweet corn and chicken.

– Parizaad Khan, INDIAN EXPRESS, 11 December 2005.


  1. Upper abdomen crunches: Raise one leg mid air. With the opposite hand, support the back of the head and raise it to the knee of the raised leg. Alternate legs.
  2. Mid-abdomen crunches: Raise both legs and cross them at right angles to the body while you lie flat on the mat. Stretch both arms and touch your toes.
  1. Lower abdomen crunches: Lie flat on the mat and look up to the ceiling. Bend each leg, one at a time, and cycle horizontally.

MID-DAY, 23 November 2005


A healthy pregnancy requires a rich supply of protein, vitamins and minerals for both mother and child. If one builds up good stores of nutrients in the months and years before conception through a healthy, balanced diet, the additional demands of pregnancy can be met with modest adjustments. Certain nutrients become particularly important during pregnancy. They are folic acid, calcium, iron and extra calories. On an average, expectant mothers should have 150 calories more per day in the first trimester and 350 calories more per day in the next two trimesters. Low calorie intake during pregnancy can result in a breakdown of stored fat in the mother, leading to the production substances called ketones in her blood and urine.

– The writer Mickey Mehta is a spiritual guru, ASIAN AGE, 21st November 2005


You yawn, stretch your arms behind your head and stare at the ceiling. You have been in bed for a few minutes. There is peace all around. The room is dark. Everyone is asleep. It’s an expansive moment for your mind. The mind seems to fill the entire room. Okay, its been 20 minutes now. The novel meditative moment has passed. Now your mind seems to be filling up like a bowl that’s been left outside in a torrential downpour. You can’t seem to slow down or empty out your mind. So many things to think about, not the least of which can answer why you can’t fall asleep?

You are tired, but cannot sleep. Beginning to feel agitated you become physically restless. Each passing moment lends itself to increasing frustration. Now your mind has jumped ahead to tomorrow, lining up all those things that need to be done knowing that you’ll only do so by dragging this haggard, exhausted and fatigued body around for the entire day. This process goes deeply into the night.

Any of that sound familiar? Most adults have experienced insomnia or sleeplessness at one time or another in their lives. An estimated 30-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia, and 10% have chronic insomnia. By definition, insomnia is “difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both”


  • Inability to slip into a deep state of relaxation in sleep
  • Hyper flickering mind in bed
  • High irritability
  • End of the day mood swing
  • Emotional unrest


  • Inappropriate eating habits
  • Lack of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • Abuses: Drugs, smoking, alcohol, tablet abuses
  • Unfulfilled relationships
  • Overwhelming work pressures
  • Peer pressure for fast material growth
  • Super great aspirations, poor deliverance and opportunities


Insomnia can be dealt with effectively by introducing and practicing these easy steps as you are getting ready for bed. Take a hot shower, settle in dim lights, listen to soothing music/bhajans/discourses or chanting mantras or prayers. Loosen up the body, shut your eyes and relax your breathing. Now visualize a quiet still lake under a starlit sky. Breathe deeply, let the internal dialogue quieten, feel any resentment or hurts fading away. Continue breathing slowly and deeply.

Follow these dietary habits:

  • Poppy seeds (khas) in food
  • Wild rice or whole/brown rice
  • Bajra/jowar chappatis
  • Avoid consuming sweet potatoes and desserts at night

– Mickey Mehta, SWITCH Outsource This!, 16th Nov – 15th Dec 2005 (Vol.1 Issue3)


Exercising during pregnancy will not only ensure an easy delivery but will also make it easier for you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. Yoga, stretches, sit-ups and meditation are your best bets.

The body experiences dramatic physiological changes during pregnancy. To help have an easy, short labour and a quick return to your pre-pregnancy weight, expectant mothers should follow an exercise routine. Women who are physically active before pregnancy can modify their exercise programme, but those who were inactive before pregnancy should wait for the second trimester to begin new activities. It is a good idea to check with your gynecologist about your exercise programme.

Weight lifting, twisting and jarring movements are a no-no. Listen to your body, do only what feels comfortable and if anything hurts, stop immediately. Drink plenty of water before, during and after exercise. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and wearing loose-fitting breathable clothing.

– The writer Mickey Mehta is a holistic guru, ASIAN AGE, 14 November 2005

In the spotlight…

Making significant strides to kowtow in a country enveloping 56 nationalities and 50,000 rivers, Sindhura Gadde, Pond’s Femina Miss India World 2005, is all geared to contest for Miss World 2005 pageant in Sanya, People’s Republic of China. Will she bring in the dusk or the dawn back home? Here’s a potent mixture to discern if India stands to outshine.

Visibly confident, focused and elated this dusky lass from Vijayawada has the savvy poise to make an Indian impression at the pageant. Equipped with a career in the media and fashion industry, walking the ramp and facing the camera have been her deal in life. Sprucing her skills and strengthening her inner beauty is a strong team of experts who have imparted what it takes reach for the crown.

A lot of her composure can be attributed to Mickey Mehta, holistic health and spiritual guru who instilled virtues which maketh a woman of substance!

– Nimisha Tiwari, 8 November 2005, Times News Network


Women often express feelings of discontent about their body image, which in turn may contribute to the initiation and / or maintenance of eating disorders and exercise addiction in middle life. Women fail to accept certain biological facts about midlife transition which are genetically based as females are born with more fat cells and slower metabolic rates than males.

All women above 30 years should consume sufficient calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals because that would give them strong bones, glowing skin and lustrous hair which will keep them looking young.

– By Mickey Mehta, ASIAN AGE, 7 November 2005


Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle will ensure that you are plagued with a number of health-related problems, so beat premature aging by working out daily

Women are the back-bone of the family, therefore they can’t afford to neglect their health. If you don’t take care of yourself you will gain weight, have very low stamina and sometimes PMS too. And all these ailments will begin to plague you in your 30s itself due to your lifestyle rather than age. Physiologic aging has various effects on the human body and alters body image, particularly in women.

So in order to age healthily, create a strong platform well before you turn 40. Being a housewife is great as you the luxury to flex and manage time as per your convenience. To enhance wellness and avoid health problems resulting from physical inactivity, stress and poor diet, commit yourself to exercise regularly for 30 minutes to begin with.

– The writer Mickey Mehta is a spiritual guru, THE ASIAN AGE, 31 October 2005.


There is more to water than just a splash of refreshment, Mickey Mehta writes about the spiritual joys of water – the eternal elixir

Water is one of the five universal elements and is very spiritual in nature. It helps humans transform and transcend.

Water has properties, elements and characteristics to trigger healing processes, soothe frayed nerves and calm the otherwise hyper and restless mind. Water contributes towards five dimensions of wellness.

– The writer is a holistic health expert and spiritual guru

BOMBAY TIMES, 30 October 2005


What is food has no calories, you could eat as much as you want and still not gain weight? Madhavi Trivedi explores the possibility

What are negative calorie foods?

“Fads, illusions and researchers will keep coming and going in the world of science,” agrees holistic health guru Mickey Mehta. “What is constant are the principles of a Vedic ‘satvik’ diet. When raw food is consumed in its unaltered state after cleaning, it delivers energy to the body, simultaneously healing regularities and the state of dis-ease.’ Fruits and vegetables are precooked and predigested by nature – they are sun cooked foods that take nothing more than 30 minutes to 1 hour to breakdown, digest, assimilate and put it into elimination process.”

– TIMES WELLNESS, 23 October 2005


A few lifestyle changes can bring tremendous relief. Jogging, walking, yoga, Pilates or aerobics – exercise relaxes the body’s endorphins (pain healing hormones), helps to relieve stress and sleep better.

Ginger juice, a good digestive decreases the severity and frequency of headaches. Consciously choose your food well, avoid sugary foods, fried foods, caffeine and aerated drinks.

During breaks use break away zones to stretch, unwind with meditation, relax with different yoga asanas, de-stress with pranayam breathing techniques or just deep breathing in open spaces. Intentionally keep away from smoking zones, passive smoking does bring on headaches.

Minor changes integrated in your everyday lifestyle will internally strength you, in the process transforming your being.

– Mickey Mehta, SWITCH Outsource This!, 16th Sept – 15th Oct 2005 (Vol. 1 Issue 1)


Facing the right direction might make you thinner!…

Human beings are influenced by the forces of the cosmos (primarily the solar and lunar energies). Harmony with the energies establishes a state of balance and good health. The sun is our source of light and heat. As it sustains life, it enables the human body to consume calories for everyday living. Thus, heat not only warms the body but also increases our metabolism (BMR) to burn the excess fat. As normally observed, the pace of our life is at its peak in the morning and starts declining by the evening. Come twilight, the body begins the process of repair, conservation and restoration of energy to recuperate from stress, both mental and physical. This recuperation is influenced by the lunar energies. According to shastras, the sun symbolizes the East and the moon the West. We use the knowledge of these energies and directions to maintain our biorhythms.

– The writer Mickey Mehta is a fitness instructor,DNA, 11 October 2005


We are what we eat. Our lifestyle and the nature of work always influence our eating habits. Many executives and entrepreneurs don’t follow a healthy eating pattern because they skip breakfast most of the time, drink too many cups of coffee and tea and frequent restaurants for lunch and dinner. In addition to this they smoke, drink and consume fried and salty snacks.

Due to the nature of their work, stress levels and undisciplined eating habits, their health can very soon deteriorate. They need a food plan that can take care of and improve their physical and mental health

– The writer Mickey Mehta is a spiritual guru, THE ASIAN AGE, 10 October 2005


Pond’s Femina Miss India 2005 finalist Vaishali Desai is on her way to make her mark at the Miss International Contest in Japan. Smita DeSouza spoke to her about her preparations.

Even as we write this, Pond’s Femina Miss India finalist Vaishali Desai hasn’t gotten over the excitement of being chosen to represent her country at the upcoming Miss International pageant.

Mickey Mehta has given her imperative pointers to help maintain a holistic health regimen and get in touch with spirituality to help her stay calm during stressful moments.

– FEMINA, 28 September 2005


Fitness expert Mickey Mehta too has had his share of the Barbie Brigade. “Several kids who are only 4-5 kg overweight come to me to lose much more as they want to look skinny like the models they see on television.” he says. However, Mehta makes sure they don’t fall into the trap. “We educate them about body mass index and counsel them. I help them lose only the excess weight and tone their bodies,” he says.

– By Payeli Ghosh, TIMES OF INDIA, 23 September 2005


“Water resistance is the finest and softest,” says Mickey Mehta ,holistic health and spiritual guru who also offers a premium aqua aerobics programme.” Aqua aerobics is second to yoga and improves tone, stimulates the nervous system, is kind to the ligaments, and facilitates strength in injured muscles and joints.”

– TIMES WELLNESS, 11 September 2005

‘The Indian drought at international pageants might end’…

When it comes to winning beauty pageants – poise, elegance, and wit seem to be the prerequisites. Vaishali Desai has all of them and natural beauty to boot, all of which will go a long way to impress the judges when she competes in the Miss International pageant in Tokyo.

Pond’s Femina Miss India finalist Vaishali Desai is in a tizzy. She’s busy giving herself the last-minute makeover touches now that she’s been selected to take part in Miss International been selected to take place in Tokyo. Bombay Times spent some quality time with her as the Bangalore beauty perfected her smile, chose her dresses, and fine-tuned her make-up.

Vaishali is all prepared for it thanks to her holistic health and spirituality instructor Mickey Mehta who has helped her stay focused with physical training and meditation sessions.

As she packs her bags and gets ready to fly to Tokyo the Air-India way, she makes a bold statement, “Just wait and watch, the Indian drought at international pageants might end this time!”

– Avinash Kalla, BOMBAY TIMES, 10 September 2005


Two men admit to behaviour that doesn’t fit their social standing


About four years ago, BBC was interviewing me for a show on new age health. During the interview I was very buoyant and camera friendly making a good impression on the crew. When the shoot stopped for a break, I felt the urge to go to visit the toilet. But I forgot that the mike clipped on to my shirt was still on. So after I returned to the set, I found the crew doubling up in laughter. They had heard all the noise I made inside, including the splashing of water, the sound of the flush and every little ‘phut phat’ I did there.

– Mickey Mehta, fitness guru, Times Review, September 4, 2005


I am trying to shed the image of a fitness guru, because that doesn’t define me. As far back as in school, I was active in martial arts, which integrate body, mind, and soul. In college, I learned what I call ‘cosmic nutrition’ from Vijaya Venkat. I understood how to absorb sunlight and moonlight, how to smell flowers, smell the mud, how to listen to the chirping of birds. That way, you draw nourishment from every sensory experience, from love, from a creative idea, even an emotional upsurge.

Health is more than mere fitness. It is a process of self-healing; it is organic soundness, balance and equilibrium. Fitness can be destructive. You can be strong of appearance but weak of health. Your stamina may be great, but one infection can put you down if you are immuno-compromised.

Unfold as a being. Your each unfolding is a unique experience of evolution and enlightenment.

– The writer is Mickey Mehta, a Mumbai-based wellness guru
DNA.Sunday, August 28, 2005


But don’t poke someone’s eye out while doing so. Faye Remedios offers some basic pool etiquette

Lazily splashing around in a pool, or sipping on a chilled drink beside it sound like tempting ways to spend a weekend. That is, until people whack you in the eye while trying some fancy manoeuvre, or hogging the poolside chairs for hours. Simply follow our pointers to avoid turning into a nuisance yourself while soaking in the waters.


Hygiene is an important aspect to consider. “Make sure you shower before entering, to neutralize odour and perspiration,” says holistic health expert Mickey Mehta, who has appeared in the Limca Book of Records for teaching people to swim , in under 24 hours. Ideally toe nails and fingernails should be trimmed. And if your hair hangs below your shoulder, wear a cap. “Otherwise, loose strands come in the way of other swimmers, which is very annoying,” he points out. All jewellery, like bracelets and necklaces, that can scratch people, should be removed.


Be careful that you don’t dive or jump onto the path of oncoming swimmers. “While this should only be done in pools which are more than 15 or 20 feet deep, always check to see that no one’s below you, before diving,” says Mehta. In general, don’t kick and swing arms around. “Especially when attempting the back stroke, most people don’t bother to look where they are going and keep bumping into others, which is not on at all” Mehta adds.


“Moving around in the nude is considered obnoxious behaviour by many people,” seconds Mehta, “Make sure you wear a swim/trunks or at least cover yourself with a towel.

– MIRROR BUZZ, 20 August 2005


Warming up prior to any exercise, physical activity or sports prepares the body and mind for more strenuous activity. You can structure the warm up of 15-20 minutes as follows:

  • Aerobic activities
  • Dynamic stretches
  • Exercise specific or sports specific activities

These are the key elements, which should be included.

A good warm up should begin with light aerobic physical activities for 5-7 minutes and result in a light sweat. For example, jogging, running, cycling, jumping jacks, climbing up staircase etc. Then do dynamic stretches and slow controlled gentle movements through the limits of your range of motion. These should last for about 5-10 minutes.

Dynamic stretching involves moving parts of your body and gradually increasing speed of movement. In dynamic stretches, there are no bounces or ‘jerky’ movements. By performing these stretches your limbs achieve a greater range of movement. This is essential to prevent muscle and tendon injuries.


  • Leg swing forward and backward
  • Leg swing side to side
  • Lower leg calf raise
  • Arm circles

Lastly, exercise or sport specific warm up is more specific towards the type of exercise programmed for that day. Activities should reflect the type of movements and actions which will be required during the exercise.

– The writer is MICKEY MEHTA, India’s ace holistic and spiritual guru
22nd August, 2005 ASIAN AGE


Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav was in Mumbai recently. After work he found himself fatigued and needed a massage. His PA contacted fitness expert Mickey Mehta. The one instruction from Lalu was that the masseur should only be a Bihari. Until this moment, Mickey had no idea that one of his team members was from Bihar. As soon as he realized that he actually did have a masseur from Bihar, the person was sent to Sahayadri guest house, where Lalu was staying. In case you were wondering, Lalu’s massage took 4 hours.

– BOMBAY TIMES, 20th August 2005


Small breasts do not necessary imply sagging morale. Likewise, big busts do not have to be an embarrassment. NITYA ALWANI-SATYANI goes below the seams

Whoever said ‘size does not matter’ has never faced the challenge of making mountains out of mole hills under the bra. Or the embarrassment of concealing a cleavage, that creeps out to greet the audience, at the most inopportune time.

An increasing number of women, in this breast obsessed world, agonized because they don’t ‘fit in’. Some because they cannot even wear a chase t-shirt without causing men to forget that there is a face attached to their abundant chest, and others, because they can wear the most seductive top but still end up looking as flat as stale soda.


Exercising right

Mickey Mehta, health guru

“Certain isometric exercises help increase bust size. It can be done with a medicine, Swiss ball, or even a pillow. Hold the ball horizontally between your palms, close to your chest and take a deep breath. Exhale and press the ball as hard as you can. Keep the ball suspended for a few seconds then release and breathe again. Repeat 4-5 times.

Another successful remedy is to massage the breasts with warm mustard oil regularly (at least thrice a week)

Red signal: Mehta cautions against obsessive weight training. Bench press and other weights do help in firming the muscle but often cause a decrease in size, because overuse of weights results in increase of male hormones. This causes women to lose heir feminity and changes their body and features,” warns Mickey.


Exercising right

“Volume of the bust cannot be reduced but breasts that sag can be firmed through exercise. This is important as skin that has already important as skin that has already expanded, often sags following weight loss,” says Mehta.

“Do vertical push-ups against the wall or with your knees on the floor, which helps cut the body weight in half. Or stimulate push-ups action. Take a deep breath, hold arms in front of you. Exhale and push outwards. This creates a resistance from within and helps in firming.”

– ROUGE, 13 August 2005


Who are the people behind the hottest bods in Bollywood” Radhika Mittal and Chandrima Pal step into the world of power yoga and Pilates to find out.

MICKEY MEHTA: Preity Picture

Mickey Mehta goes for focused fitness

“People hire me for specific events or programmes,” affirms Mickey Mehta, master of holistic fitness and veteran of over two decades. His hands are already well smeared well smeared with success and star dust, having trained the likes of Anil Ambani, Kumaramangalam Birla, Diana Hayden and Mallika Sherawat.

But prod him a little and he’ll tell you that it is the perky Preity Zinta who is ‘star’ student. Mehta first worked with her when she approached him to teach her to swim. But for the forthcoming flick Salaam Namaste, the goal was more focused. “I had 45 days to give her a slimmer toned and, most importantly, younger look, ” he reveals, “We had to reach her ideal body-fat ratio.”

Mehta is not your run-of-the-mill trainer. And his price tag, along with his client list, is proof of his exclusivity – it is said he charges close to Rs 15,000 an hour. But he sure tries to give you your money’s worth. His training for Zinta began with a customized nutrition plan and a diet programme designed just for the actress. With this he also created a special workout programme and a session of meditation. “I don’t take on people who are not serious about fitness,” he declares. In fact, he’s quite critical of Priyanka Chopra’s lack of sincerity even as he praises her naturally slim body.

“I pay exclusive attention to my clients, workout with them and, while they are at it, I meditate with them. All the time they have to keep their eyes closed.”

The tough taskmaster, however, has been impressed with Zinta. “She is a sensible woman and she knew she had to surrender to the programme. I am very happy with the way she looks in the film.”

– MIRROR BUZZ, The Times of India, 13-19 August, 2005


Suryanamaskar is a rhythmic combination of yogasana and pranayama. This asana is done at sunrise as well as sunset. It’s a combination of 14 asanas, gives excellent results. Do start with a small prayer, invoking the SUN GOD.


  1. Stand straight facing the sun, with both feet touching.
  2. Bring the hands together, palm-to-palm, at the heart.
  3. Inhale and raise the arms upward. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above the head.
  4. Exhale slowly, bending forward; touch the earth keeping the hands in line with the feet, head touching knees
  5. Inhale and move the right leg back, away from the body in a wide backward step. Keep the hands and feet firmly on the ground, with the left foot between the hands. Raise the head.
  6. While exhaling, bring the left foot together with right. Keep arms straight, raise the hips and align the head with the arms with the arms, forming an upward arch.
  7. Inhale and slowly lower the hips to the floor, (hips should be slightly raised above the ground) and bend backward as much as possible
  8. Exhale and lower the body to the floor until the feet, knees, hands, chest, and forehead art touching the ground.
  9. Inhale and slowly raise the head and bend backwards as much as possible, bending the spine to the maximum.
  10. While exhaling slowly and keeping the arms straight, raise the hips and align the head with the arms, forming an upward arch.
  11. Slowly inhale and bend the left leg at the knee at the knee taking a wide forward step. Keeping the hands firmly rooted, place the left foot on the ground between the hands. Lift the head upwards.
  12. Exhale slowly and keeping hands firmly in place bring both feet together to align them with the hands.
  13. Touch the head to the knees, if possible.
  14. Inhale slowly and raise the arms upwards. Slowly bend backward, stretching the arms above the head. Return back to position 1. (One namaskar is of 14 steps as given above) This exercise can be repeated 10 times.

Note: Time consumed to perform one namaskar is not important. Do it correctly. Body posture and breathing pattern is very important. Learn from a yoga teacher, then practice on your own.

– The writer is Mickey Mehta, India’s ace holistic guru, ASIAN AGE, 25 July 2005


Mickey Mehta is a renowned holistic health and fitness icon in India. 360 Degree looks at customized natural and realistic methods from all over the world to ensure complete fitness through nutrition, yoga postures, breathing, meditation, equipment training which gives you a 360 degree complete health program. The regular package include excess weight management plan, pre and post pregnancy plan, child development plan, diabetes management plan and the senior citizens life-renewing plan.

29, Kohinoor Bldg,
Hughes Road,
Mumbai – 400 007
Tel: (022) 2380 4621 / 2380 4981

Source: INDIAWALI BRIDES, Monsoon 2005, pg 81


Fitness expert Mickey Mehta who is part of the Sony daily Fame Gurukul has been motivating the reality show’s participants through self-guided creative visuals. To perform this technique, the participant has to close his or her eyes and live out their performance in their mind. This supposedly allows their talent to simply flow when on stage and they actually live the performance, feeling every moment of it and enjoying it. This also helps the participants overcome their nervousness and shyness. He also insists on meditation, allowing them to connect with their inner self while enriching and mentally empowering them

– 23rd July, 2005, MID-DAY


Always begin your exercise with a warm-up session. Warm up is a small preparatory session of 10 to 15 minutes of exercises and stretches, that help to gear up your body for exercise. It prepares your body physically and mentally for the upcoming physical strain.

Normally people feel lazy to warm up before they begin exercising. Although there are many benefits of warming up, most fitness freaks and athletes spend little or no time in warming up. Warm up; as the name implies, increases the body temperature by increasing the blood circulation in the body since cold muscles and tendons are more prone to injury than warmed-up ones. This temperature elevation reduces the potential of muscle and connective tissue injuries. In addition, blood flow to the muscle aids in the delivery of fuels required for muscle performance. The benefits of warming up are categorized in 3 areas as physical, physiological and psychological. They are as follows:

Physical changes:

  • It provides a transition from rest to strenuous exercise.
  • Lubricates the joints and increases its flexibility and mobility.
  • Warms the connective tissues.
  • Prevents injury.
  • Charges the circulatory system.
  • Enhances the neuro-muscular coordination.

Physiological changes:

  • It strengthens the physiological functioning of the body.
  • Activates respiratory and nervous system.
  • Excites the hormonal system.
  • Improves cardiovascular and muscular systems.
  • Reduces the muscle viscosity.
  • Increases rate of chemical synthesis of contraction and recovery.
  • Increases capacity of Myoglobin.

Psychological changes:

  • It prepares you mentally for upcoming exercise.
  • Increases confidence levels.
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, tension.
  • Warming up creates a constructive outlet in your body for negative feelings.
  • Creates a feeling of freshness.

– By Mickey Mehta, India’s ace holistic and spiritual guru,THE ASIAN AGE, 11 July 2005

“Have Realistic Goals And Targets “…

Mickey Mehta calls himself a holistic guru and not a fitness expert. To him, being healthy is important and that includes strength, stamina, tone, size and energy. His take on fitness is more on the holistic lines with great emphasis on the well being of the entire body. He’s been in the fitness line for over a decade and his celebrity clients are the likes of Anil Ambani, Kumaramangalam Birla, Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, several other beauty queens and industrialists, lawyers, politicians. One of his remarkable achievements is the fact that he can teach you to swim in just 24 hours! “Its all in the mind. We can rid ourselves of several fears by thinking positively,” he says.

Slim and petite, Mickey Mehta was deeply into exercising from his school days. He’s a black belt in martial arts, a great swimmer, is into therapeutic massages and has studied nutrition and diet. So his expertise on fitness includes all of this, spirituality and holistic well-being. “Any exercise programme which has a mix yoga, meditation, right breathing techniques and workout works wonders,” he says.

Mickey is dead against the new theory of body building. “You cannot make a Sylvester Stallone out of a Bruce Lee. Each body is made differently. Those who take all kinds of supplements to build muscle are damaging their body in the long run. I even know of people who take scoops of powders as fat burners. That’s lethal. One cannot challenge the natural structure of a body,” he warns.

He also advises people not to be obsessed with the body because this will make one go to any length to achieve it. “One set back and the whole body goes for a toss. Each individual is different, made differently, so devise a fitness programme accordingly. Be realistic and have realistic, achievable goals.” He says.

Talking of the various new forms of exercises that are being taught these days, he says, “Newness is the mantra. If fitness studios don’t reinvent themselves with new kinds of exercises like kick-boxing, different types of yoga, dance aerobics,,,it will shut down. They are nothing but a combination of the same old stuff.”

– This is the first of a regular series of fitness columns written by Mickey Mehta for the readers of Asian Age, July 2005


Herbs like tulsi, wheat grass, aloe vera, alpha alpha, ginseng and many more contain various medicinal and therapeutic agents. In addition to nutrients to bolster your immunity, herbal remedies, can also suppress viral and candida infections.

Garlic is a powerful, natural antibiotic, while ginger and basil have strong anti-infective abilities. Stimulating herbs such as ginger and Siberian ginseng can improve vitality and energy.

Daily consumption of these food types will nourish your body with nutrients that will help revitalize the physiological functioning of the body. Thus it will rejuvenate your health with extra vigor and strength.

– By Mickey Mehta, ASIAN AGE, 26th July 2005


Fancy being on the silver screen? Well sharpen your acting skills, perfect your PR and sign up for dance lessons. And oh, before you sing the dotted line, get yourself a body like one of our bodylicious stars


Mickey Mehta,holistic health guru and spiritual advisor trained Bipasha Basu for her Ford International Super Model contest

“With a body like Bipasha’s, you’d have to put it through a lot of abuse before you could get it out of shape. Bipasha is naturally fit and her body naturally responds to exercise and fitness. For a overall sleek and toned look like hers, I recommend equipment-free training. Ideally I’d suggest a boot camp like training because that sort of regimen is more effective, keeps the body fitter for longer if you do have to go off working out at any point and is a lot more interesting. I’d suggest a combination of calisthenics, pilates and yoga. To add spice to the regimen, a little swimming also could be done.”

– Sandhya Menon

DNA, 27th August 2006

Strike an asana to lose weight

You may not sweat it out, but yoga will still help you lose that bulge

Yoga has a broad holistic approach towards life. It teaches you a new lifestyle and a healthy way of thinking. Yoga is a fluid process, which has an ability to transform the worst of diseases into balanced health just like water has the ability to break down the strongest rock over a period of time. Although it’s a very slow and subtle process, it’s powerful and effective and offers tremendous healing effects.

Weight loss through yoga works on physical, physiological and psychological levels. It strengthens, stimulates and synchronises the immune, endocrine and nervous systems. Thus it regulates the elimination of fat through a healing process.

Yoga stimulates the endocrine system, which is responsible for the secretion of hormones in our body. Yoga asanas help stimulate sluggish glands to increase their hormonal secretions.

Though you do not sweat off any pounds during yoga-asanas and meditation, a daily practice of yoga brings your body in a state of wellness

– By Mickey Mehta

DNA, 11 May 2006

MICKEY MEHTA (Fitness Trainer)

On his personal regime

“I love exercising and working out. I especially love stretching out because stretching exhilarates and promotes blood circulation in the body. I meditate and do yoga. Also it’s very important to be optimistic and eat healthy. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits. Learn to be happy.”

– Prachi Modi, SWITCH Outsource This!, 16th Aug 2006 – 15th Sep 2006

Mickey Mehta’s 8th prodigy makes it at the international beauty pageant

Tanya Vakil becomes the 8th international pageant winner trained, groomed, metamorphosed by India’s ace holistic guru Mickey Mehta. At the Miss Tourism International pageant held in Heyuan, China she bagged 1st runner-up position

The others who have made it big on the international scene in the recent past under the able guidance of Mickey Mehta are Manpreet Brar, Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza and Aryan Vaid.

Tanya, a 22 year-old interior designer by profession was a complete novice to the modelling industry. She approached Mickey Mehta to make a shot at the glamour industry. Mickey spotted a winner in the little girl who he had coached for swimming 10 years ago. She showed great potential and in just 3 months time he groomed, metamorphosed and transformed her into a pure winner of sorts.

Her height being just 5’7″ was a major draw-back at the Miss India pageant. She stood 4th at the Ponds Femina Miss India 2006 but took away 2 titles – Miss Catwalk and Miss Iron Maiden (Miss Super-fit)

3 months of rigorous training of physical culture, mental empowerment, emotional wellness and spiritual evolution gave her the winning streak and the edge it needed to shine continuously. She was super-charged on the spiritual and philosophical fronts to unleash her full potential whilst answering questions and being noticed and appreciated throughout the pageant.

– JAME-E-JAMSHED, 19th November 2006

Mickey Mehta: Meditation, prayer and breathing, are the three most important routes to good health

Health is nothing but organic wellness. I have come to realize that using meditation and prayer is the best healing technique. Exercise can only be a very secondary technique for achieving physical wellbeing. When I train people, I start at the physical level first, then move up to the mental level and then, finally, to the spiritual plane,” says Mehta. “Good health to me is when every small instrument and component of the body works in unison,” he adds.

– By Deepti Khanna Bose

BUSINESS TODAY, November 19, 2006


Kickstarters, energy providers, stress busters or just plain pass time – what’s brewing at Mumbai’s work places? LIFE@WORK pits coffee against tea to figure out which beverage is your healthiest bet

Is coffee a good pre-workout beverage?

Even though coffee gives you instant energy, it isn’t advisable to drink coffee before a workout. People who want to lose weight and shape their bodies in haste, indulge in these diet-exercise regimes. It leads to disastrous results.

– Mickey Mehta, health expert

MID DAY, 22nd November 2006


From yoga to sports to a workout in the gym, each type of exercise offers you a bouquet of benefits.

Holistic Health Guru Mickey Mehta gives you the comparative analysis…

PHYSICAL: Yoga orchestrates all the systems of the body and makes them one. From cleansing to stimulating to healing to rejuvenating and regenerating.. It does this on the bio-chemical level. It flushes out toxins and improves the digestive and elimination problems. Yoga also benefits the musculoskeletal system by challenging every muscle, ligament and bone with gentle resistance. It tones up the muscle, stretches and burns the flab and increases the body’s tenacity. It invigorates the central nervous system. Swimming and Pilates give about 25 per cent of the benefits that yoga does. Today’s gym workouts involve all kinds of harmful things ingested to boost performance like steroids, fat burners and hormone boosters. Sports, too could be damaging if not done under proper supervision.

PSYCHOLOGICAL: Yoga is the only form of exercise that results in the analytical and creative sides of the brain working in tandem. It clears confusion, enhances self-esteem and uplifts you spiritually. Swimming refreshes, calms and soothes you and cleanses your aura. Sports are valuable when played with fulfillment – not victory – being the yardstick of excellence.

EMOTIONAL: The happy hormones yoga generates give you a surge of positivity, empower you and give you a vision without limitation. While the chemicals ingested by today’s gym enthusiasts tend to make you irritable and mean, yoga makes you gentle, philanthropic and conscientious.

– By Priya Pathiyan

TIMES LIFE!, 10 December 2006

Experts Speak

If you can afford it, I think it is best to go in for branded fitness wear as these Clothes are designed to fit body well and are available for the different seasons of the year. It is best to stick to cotton or other variants of cotton like lycra. Today you get many designs which allow for movement and are partially elastic. Perforations in t-shirts help to keep the body temperature down during the summer. Women should wear cotton tracks and loose round neck t-shirts and men can wear perforated t-shirts with knee-high shorts.

– Mickey Mehta,

Times of India, What’s Hot, 1st June 2007


Let your body type dictate how you tone up and lose weight

Now a days in our society our ideals are film stars and fashion models. Appearance (looks and body image) plays a very important role in creating a first impression, which is everlasting.

There are basically three body types and each has a specific personality associated with it. The ectomorph is very lean with little body fat and usually very little muscle mass. These individuals tend to be like the endurance athletes such as marathon runners or the tall, very lean super-models with striated bodies.

The mesomorph’s body has a broad and heavy bone structure and easy to gain muscle mass. A typically advantageous frame with fast responding body.

The endomorph is characterized by a soft, round body and of large stature. They compared to ectomorphs put on muscle mass easily and also tend to be heavy with a high percentage of body fat.

Obviously no one is purely one body type or another. We all have traits from each category. One needs to analyse one’s body type and then set goals rather than wasting time, energy and money behind unrealistic goals in fitness.

Our body can only adapt to changes slowly but cannot change the basic structure altogether. The very idea of changing to another body type means consumption of steroids and supplements, which are synthetic, unnatural and manufactured in the laboratories. In the long run the side-effects are degenerative and destructive to health.

Analyzing your body type, you can programme the exercise pattern to suit your aspirations of having a perfect body which could be like film stars or models.

– Mickey Mehta,

DNA, 7th January 2007


How hard can it be to do jumping jacks in the pool? That’s what I was thinking before I stepped into the artic waters of the rooftop pool at Crunch, a gym in Lower Parel. I had turned up for a session of aqua aerobics designed by Mickey Mehta, who describes himself as a holistic health guru. I changed my mind as soon as Nrendra Thekedar, one of Mehta’s instructors, began his drill. My first task was to jog up and down the length of the pool. Despite determined efforts, I could only cut through the water at the speed of a turtle on land. But if Thekedar is to be believed, practice makes you zip across effortlessly.

Mehta insists that aerobic exercises are more effective when done without the proper use of props: evidently, things get more strenuous that way. But since I was a beginner, Thekedar gave me a couple of dumbbell-shaped floats. I had to hold them to my sides below water and cycle with my legs on the spot.

But at the end of a session, I felt thoroughly worked out. My body felt deliciously stretched and I left the pool feeling limber as an acrobat. “The water improves the muscles, stamina and flexibility,” Mehta explained. “Even swimming with proper strokes is aerobic. It’s one of the finest aerobic (exercises) after yoga.” The work-out also helps people with weak limbs, motor problems and injuries, Mehta said.

While aqua aerobics is hugely popular abroad, we’re yet to catch on to it. Mehta has been running aqua aerobics classes since 1993

Mickey Mehta’s 360* Gym,

29 Kohinoor Bldg,

Hughes Road,

(2380-4621) Call for details

– By Pronoti Datta

TIME OUT MUMBAI, January 26 – February 8, 2007

Mickey Mehta, holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta’s 360° Gym

While they push us to go that extra mile, fitness experts are not immune to common aches and pains. But since they know their bodies so well, they have formed their own panacea for it.

Every human being, when subjected to time, matter, space, light, motion, mass, causation and effect, is subjected to stress and is vulnerable to a state of disease. Holistic health professionals maybe able to balance these aspects, but we don’t live in the most ideal of conditions.

My weak area is my lower back. After 27 years of exertion and endurance, I have to pay attention to it and soon I will be able to fix it. It’s caused by over-strain – I used to be into extreme martial arts and also heavily into weight-training. The problem started in 1995 and the long hours of strain have begun to show.

But I believe surgery is not the only solution. I do yoga and Pilates and see an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Onkar, who gives me hot and cold compresses, five days a week.

– Mickey Mehta,

MUMBAI MIRROR, April 15, 2010.