Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Be Stronger Live Longer

About the program:

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s Be Stronger Live Longer programme is all about creating magic with the lives of senior citizens. Reversing their age, alleviating their ailments and bringing about radiance, vibrancy and celebrations. Life with a purpose, life with a cause with new objectives, looking forward to living only to celebrate, only to add value.

Highlights of the Programme:

The programme is all about energising the lungs, strengthening and conditioning the heart, improving the digestive system, improving growth hormones, cellular regeneration and revitalising energy liberating at every level. Nervous system sharpened up. Cognitive strengths improved, reflexes responses alertness all in place. A proper nutritional plan with a herbal natural nutritional supplementation, proper lifestyle, regulated breathing, laughter, singing, emotional catharsis, psychological equilibrium, education, enlightenment etc. Multifaceted light activities with resistance, flexibility and neuromotor exercises are recommended to increase balance, agility, coordination and gait. Meditation, breathing techniques help older adult to be agile and prevent falls which  often  undermine independence.

Benefits of the Programme

  • Uplifting moods and getting them in high spirits to look forward with optimism and not looking behind with regret.
  • Stall the ageing process, let’s renew ourselves. Become new again, young again.
  • You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.

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