We need to understand that although the general understanding of junk food is pre packaged or prepared food that has low nutritional value, it is also important for us to understand that hygiene levels play a very important role in determining the quality of the food.
Placing a ban on junk food in colleges without creating adequate awareness through sensitization of students towards the ill effects of the consumption of junk food will be a myopic view on the subject.
Its not a matter of restricting purchases made on campus but should be an endeavor to educate individuals on what is and isn’t good for their bodies. They should be taken through an experiential eating process. They should be made to enjoy colorful vegetables and fruits, nuts. Until the teachers don’t sit and eat healthily with the children the students will not follow suit. Parents should be advised to follow the same at home.
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By understanding basic human psychology we know that as soon as we are told not to do something, it is exactly that which we seek out. Banning junk food on campus would not prevent students from purchasing the same products elsewhere.
Another point of consideration should be the availability of nutritious, healthy yet tasty alternative options at an affordable rate for students to make the shift without feeling an urge to return to junk food.
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Most importantly, the hygiene conditions in the canteens of various universities providing meals should be held accountable to high health and safety standards in order to maintain the integrity of the food prepared.
Providing nutrition markers on prepared foods on campuses will allow students to become aware of the nutritional benefits of the food they consume.
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Children are our future champions achievers heroes we need to empower them with food that is nutritious and promotes their overall wellbeing.

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