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The inspiration behind Medas Touch.
In the words of it’s creator. “I want Wellness to be the World’s Religion No. 1”.

I will take every initiative to work towards making this a disease-free world.

When that happens, every day will be like a celebration not just for me but for all of us.

I want everybody to get energized. When you do that, your potential gets maximized and optimized.

It’s what I call ‘Getting Mickeymized !!!’

Medas Touch is my contribution towards making this happen.” – Dr. Mickey Mehta.

Medas Touch is a one-of-its-kind karmic and spiritual revolution for human evolution.

It’s purpose being, to bring about an awakening through the stimulation of tactile, taste, audio, olfactory and visual senses.

This experiential transformation happens as a result of the convergence of all the senses and
their integration, translating into intelligence
and merging with the intelligentia.

Thus bringing about an emotional buoyancy, a perfect psychological equilibrium and spiritual enlightenment.


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