The ones who benefit – your body & all those innocent animals – will definitely thank you for it!

But why Go Vegetarian to do that right? After all, you could just get yourself a six pack or donate to a charity for animals to do that – is that what you’re thinking? Then you couldn’t be more off the mark. To just look fit on the outside does not guarantee overall health. Similarly, what is the point of spending money trying to protect animals when you could just take one small step & make an even bigger difference to their well-being.

If this still isn’t enough to convince you to take the green path, why not read the following reasons which just might help you come to a conclusive – and ultimately beneficial – decision.

Reason 1 – You live longer: Studies have proven time & time again that vegetarians tend to live 15 years longer than non-vegetarians.

Reason 2 – Your heart will be healthier: This is because fruits & vegetables contain beneficial anti-oxidant properties that keep the cholesterol at bay.

Reason 3 – You are less likely to develop cancer: Research shows that the consumption of red meat is directly responsible for breast, colon, skin & prostate cancer.

Reason 4 – You will be more physically fit: Firstly because vegetarians are safe from weight-related troubles like Heart disease, stroke & Diabetes. Also, mostly because their diet contains less bad fat & calories, & more vegetable protein.

Reason 5 – You can detoxify your system: So long as you stick to organic greens, you can avoid illnesses caused by pesticides, preservatives & environmental pollutants.

Reason 6 – Your bones won’t give out on you: Excess protein consumption, which occurs when you’re a non-vegetarian, causes your bones to become brittle. This is because excess protein prevents the absorption of Calcium.

Reason 7 – There will be more food for everybody: Most of the agricultural produce is fed to animals headed for slaughter, to fatten them up. So, by saying ‘No’ to meat, you’re actually ensuring that more people get fed.

Reason 8 – Your back will give you less trouble: Research has found that back trouble starts with clogged arteries. So, by going on an all-Green diet, you ensure that your cholesterol is at a minimum & your arteries remain unclogged.

Reason 9 – Your tummy troubles will be at an end: Vegetarians generally tend to consume more Fibre, which is required for ruffage. Without it, or with very little of it, you’re asking for trouble that generally includes constipation.

Reason 10 – You will become a role model for the younger generation: By becoming one of the essential spokepersons for Health & the protection of animals, how could you not?

After this exhaustive list, if I still haven’t convinced you to Go Vegetarian, I really don’t have much else to say. But I will still pray that you & your children live long, healthy lives!