You are a package of gross physical energies, a bundle of ephemeral mental energies and an ocean of universal spiritual energies.

In life, a powerful gearshift of energy happens as you start maneuvering from food to workout to regulation of the breath to chanting to meditation. Life has to be lived through various notes and we experience the pinnacle of human evolution, when it is experienced in its highest notes- namely through conscious breathing, meditation and most importantly the unparalleled intoxication of chants.

The intoxication from the fragrance of a flower, chirping of birds, sweetness of mangoes, satiety of coconut water, touch of your beloved, mesmerizing glory of sunsets, sensory sublimation by chanting, hormonal high of workouts, manifestation of your destiny via meditations is what brings a mortal human to experience the high of life.

This intoxication of creatively indulging in the above can help you become a poet, or an artist or express yourself in any other beautiful manifestation of creativity. This addiction of INTOX hooks you on to life and living, sharing and giving, blessing and forgiving. This will keep reinstating your belief that the more positivity that goes out of you-in thought, word and deed, will keep coming back to you multi-fold. This will always keep a smile on your face, love in your eyes, hands eager to reach out and a heart that beats for one and all.

Life is a lounge, and this idea of INTOX is an absolute indulgence; keep sipping from different aspects of it to experience diverse elixirs of life and take the ultimate flight of ecstatic joy of being alive.

I have designed this system of INTOX to help you rise higher and higher across different dimensions of life so that you are able to fly beyond and break the shackles rooted in the ordinary and to taste the extraordinary elements of life.

Lets go back to being old school when the open air gyms were called “akhadas” and the sight of some one rotating the hanuman gada or the mace, someone doing indian squat or baithak or the desi pushup or dands, would be so intoxicated with its innumerable repetitions due to the feel good factor of such a creative workout. But herein lies the caution; eroding your body’s capacity, which is otherwise designed to last you ten decades would be compromised, as it would go against the concept of conserving and preserving one’s energy. Lets embrace the mantra of working out at a slow pace while maintaining rhythm and with intermittent intensity.

Then experience the high it generates versus the current obsession with huge workouts and huge meals leading to huge bodies/brute strength. This is not the high we are taking about.

Have you realized that a simple stretch, agility drills for 30 minutes could be so intoxicating!!

ISKON is one of the biggest spiritual movements in the world today. One of it’s leading proponents, A. C. Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada has reportedly quoted that in this Kali yuga a surefire way to attain liberation would be through chanting. All over the world the Hare Rama Hare Krishna’s are known for their chanting through busy streets bringing a sense of peace and harmony in this otherwise frazzled world.

The energies of the higher self could be made available to deal with the issues threatening mankind, such as breakneck speed of work, wanting it all and more and never being enough, insensitivity to life around, selfishness being at its peak in mankind’s existence, thus leading to acrimony, hostility and disharmony.

If this hour doesn’t make you seek creative solutions then else when?

OK for a moment lets forget your higher self and just drown your worries in chanting, which will make you feel intoxicated and fill you with momentary peace and joy.

Million moons back all we knew was to take a wooden stick, dip it in a pot of honey and lick it to bring so much happiness to the mind and joy to the soul. Simple things made big differences. Today ask someone who owns a honey factory about the same and he would feel differently about it.

Then again millions of moons back we were happy at the beginning or end of the day, jumping into running rivers or still lakes, which would ease us of our daily tensions and bring us immense fulfillment. But today with swimming pools in our backyards, the country club membership or the hotels you frequently visit put together would fail to give you the same fulfillment.
So where do we dip now? For outside wherever you see there is no room for even placing your small toe. The crowd, the clutter, the infinite mutter. There is a place yet untouched, which has been left so pure and pristine with our own ignorance. So much so that it is right within us and yet we don’t know. Stop wherever you are!! Freeze!! Shut your eyes and let your life be on a roll from here on.
This will be your ticket to a night flight to Venus.

There is no better intoxication than to feel-loss-of-eyes.

Cut off!! Shut off!!
You don’t need any other make over.
Let INTOX take over.

Enter the elevator, and there is a fragrance, which throws you out of gear. The tip of your nose literally becomes an arrow trying to seek its source. Something in a very brief moment has hit us hard and caught our attention and left us wanting more of it. Such is the power of fragrances from bottles. You’ve breathed that for sure but now may I suggest sometimes just after the rains breath in the fragrance of the moist mud, wet grass or alternately peel off an orange and dip your nose deep inside it’s skin and if that is not enough take jasmine and breathe in it’s fragrance. All this will take you on a high never imagined.

Now let’s cut to simply breathing in and taking in the blend of all the fragrances around us whether we catch them or not or whether they hit us or not and lets open up all our senses. Let the journey of your clinical consciousness leading you to cosmic consciousness be established.

Such is the power of breathing and the effects of its high.

When life is in the docks,
Pull up your socks,
Breathe in deep and INTOX.

Get Illuminized, Get Mickeymized!!!

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