In Hindu mythology, the devis and devatas are only assigned the singular task of constantly chanting Tathastu (literally translated to so be it). The powers of our intentions translated to words have a profound impact on the lives we manifest for ourselves. Whatever our words might be, ‘tathastu’ is always the response.

Until the recent past, in India it was always necessary for the person in charge of preparing food for the family to be kept happy and given the utmost respect as the intention with which he/she prepared the food would have a direct impact on the quality of the food consumed by the family members. Also the disposition of the person consuming the food is of equal importance. A calm, quiet and generally happy constitution aids in receiving maximum prana from the food served. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to be quiet while eating, undisturbed by the TV or sitting at the dinner table without anger in one’s mind and heart.

The power of thought through the spoken word holds immense possibility. It informs our mood, our thought process, our behavior and through our actions it translates to our destiny. Because of this very reason, we should think happy thoughts. Thoughts that will benefit others, those near and dear to us and the world at large, are thoughts that hold most promise for us as well. A happy constitution is a healthy constitution and there will never be a healthy body where an unhappy mind resides.

People who believe in the all providing benevolence of the universe are oblivious to the pessimism of others and through the power of their thoughts create a reality for themselves with the knowledge that the universal source will provide all that is needed. The most important thing which needs to happen is to make yourself available and having complete faith in this invisible all providing force by having a sense of oneness with the universe at large.

Another key player in manifestation along with intention is gratitude. Being in a deep sense of gratitude creates a vibrational frequency of acceptance and harmony. Being in this state you resonate and project a higher vibrational frequency, which attracts you to more of the same things you are thankful for.

We should start thinking of ourselves as massive magnets and that the thoughts and emotions that we put out create and project a magnetic field, which attracts similar thoughts and situations in our future.

Saying thank you as a matter of course is very different from being truly grateful for all that we receive from the universe. Even when things don’t go our way it is important to find something within the situation, which has worked itself in our favour. This mentality helps us in remaining positive despite situations, which might not be entirely in our control. Another benefit to this situation is that being positive creates an aura around you, which attracts you to more positive people and situations in your life.
While we talk about intention and gratitude it is equally important to understand all that we are unconsciously creating and attracting in our daily lives through our distorted vision. One of the key points in truly embracing a life of good intent and gratitude is realizing the importance of perception as a tool of creation. The way we perceive and react to events and situations are definitive of creation of more of the same. It would be ideal if we understood that every effect is related to a specific cause and nothing happens purely by chance. It is also crucial to realize how so many concepts link to one another and if one was isolated from the other the model would crumble. When we see ourselves as energy beings living in an infinite time and space continuum we start realizing the immense potential of what it is to be human.

To be aware of our breath, to treat our minds with respect, to keep our bodies tuned to the highest frequency, and to radiate love should be the onus of every living being. For only when we start counting our blessings, are we able to realize all that we are thankful for. This life, which for the most part runs on auto pilot mode if switched to manual will reveal itself as being immensely gratifying if perceived with love and compassion for oneself and all others.

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