Whether our religious, moral and ethical standards allow us, nothing in this world is solely right or wrong, white or black. Good or bad depends on our points of view. It depends on our conditioning, socio-economic, political and religious backgrounds.

Once we understand that all of us emanate from mother nature we would no longer see this duality in everything around us. If we open ourselves to the idea of universality, wholeness, totality and integration, we are subscribing to the idea of eternity. In this ideal scenario the world would be without anxiety, lust, greed, resentment, and vengeance.

One of the best ways to create a healthy relationship with oneself is by understanding that we are neither the body nor the mind. They are both accumulations that we have collected along the way. The way we purify them through our thoughts, the food we eat and our actions decides the kind of lives we build for ourselves.

Stop what you are doing for a minute. Look around you and become aware of your surroundings. Consciously take in everything around you. Most of what is there is taken for granted, as it doesn’t serve your immediate needs. To be aware, centered, to be in the here and now, create moments of limitless duration. Once we appreciate that all we truly have is the present moment, we will start looking at things around us with renewed respect. So while we are here, let’s stop reflecting on our past or scheming of our future as we are missing out on the now. The whole of the cosmos is in you. You are the micro of the macro. All the elements of the universe are inside you. They are you. Simply breathing and observing your breath intently allows you to experience that you and your breath are separate and you will come to appreciate that you are not your body. Similarly, observe your thoughts and once separation emerges, you will realize that it is your mind having these thoughts and not you. Herein comes the actual inquiry. If we are not the body or the mind, what are we?

Through simple breathing techniques, we are allowed a glimpse into our true nature. We are eternal beings and our bodies are mere vehicles of experience, which support us on our individual journeys towards self-realization. Watching your breath can tell you what physical, mental or emotional state you are in. The mere act of watching neutralizes the effects of any imbalance. Thoughts might interrupt you, but keep bringing your focus back to your breath. Slowly you will start getting detached from these thoughts bringing you into the present. Now start using the breath as a tool to cleanse, replenish, and reinforce. Over time you will realize that conscious breathing will become an integration of your being.

Another beautiful way to experience the present entirely is to become acutely aware of our five senses. We hear, but do we listen? We see, but do we observe? It’s this taking for granted, which stops us from appreciating all the beauty that constantly surrounds us. We choose to see only what serves us, and this cursory glance at life only allows us to enjoy a limited spectrum. Let’s use our senses completely. When we see, let’s take in our surroundings entirely and similarly when we hear, let’s keep our ears open for listening to the voices of the refined as well as the disenfranchised. Life is full of beautiful moments. To be fixated on something, which brings us displeasure or pain is in some way doing ourselves a great disservice as we prevent ourselves from also appreciating the wondrous and the divine.

Another tool be more aware would be to eat consciously. Today we eat at our desks while working or watching TV. The food plays second fiddle to our activities. We completely take it for granted that it will provide us the sustenance that we require to be healthy individuals. The way food is prepared and consumed plays a very important role in its integration. We consume food, but are seldom mindful of what we eat. The state of mind we are in while eating also plays a crucial role in its assimilation. Hence it’s always best to be in a calm state of mind while eating and food should be consumed in silence and with reverence as that is what nourishes and sustains us.

Finally a sense of gratitude towards the universe is a crucial piece of the puzzle, which finally completes us and makes us whole. We take for granted so many things, which come our way. Can we ever be thankful enough? If we looked at our lives unprejudiced, we could go on counting our blessings forever. Its only because we live in the world of duality, wherein all experiences are up for scrutiny in relation to others that we experience pain and misery. Let’s start today by sitting down, being aware of our breath, in charge of our senses, contemplative on what we consume and finally grateful for all the universe has provided us with. May our lives be filled with the all-pervasive and omnipresent beauty of the universe.

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